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Whether it's an obituary from an obscure newspaper or a birth record from your own state capital, everybody needs a little help every once in a while. That's what this page is about. Is there a certain piece of information to finish your puzzle? Request it here. This page is meant to be used for "Favors" and very little or no money should be involved, with the obvious exception of the costs of obtaining the information and delivery. This page is meant to be answered by friendly researchers, who may need a favor in return. For those of you who are answering a favor, please contact the "asker" at the e-mail address listed before complying with the favor to arrange exact instructions.


Does anyone happen to know the names of the parents of Albert (Al) E. Elliott born around 1871 in Hancock Co. married to Margaret A. Arnold in October of 1897. Their children were Guy Gilbert, Thomas Arnold, Albert Fielden, and Elizabeth Brooks. Any information is greatly appreciated.
Sincerely - Paul Elliott

Could anyone help me find out about the following newspaper articles?

My great great grandmother Maggie Huntley Hardie left Hawesville and travelled via England, Paris and Naples in 1874 to work as a missionary in India. She was there for about a year before health problems forced her to convalesce in Scotland, where she met my great-grandfather and ultimately settled there.

She sent back a series of colums which were reprinted in a local paper, and I have copies of about 14 of them, evidently from a scrapbook kept by my grandmother. It appears that they were printed in a newspaper called the Plaindealer - but whether it is a Kentucky Plaindealer or a Hawesville one - I cannot say.

I would like to know the following:

  • What was the exact newpaper in which they were printed?
  • Were there more than 14 articles - and if so, where might I get copies of the missing ones?
  • Is there a source where I could get better quality copies of what I already have, so that I could fill in some missing words?

    An example of one of her articles is headed "For the Plaindealer" INDIA CORRESPONDANCE, Day dreams and Home News - The Heated Term and how they Cool It - Hindoo Lingo - The Women - There Curiosity and How they Dress - Worshiping the God of the Small Pox"  The dateline is Mynpurie, April 19th 1875, but it would obviously be printed some weeks or months later. Articles were usually signed M H H or Maggie H Hardie.

    Could anyone help me with the above queries? In return, I'd be delighted to do look-ups in the Register Office in Edinburgh when I next visit in the summer, or would be happy to help with contacts etc in my current location of Cheshire in England.

    Thanks very much indeed for any help you can give.
    Please reply to Sarah Galbraith.
    With best regards,
    Sarah Galbraith

  • I need a big favor.  My great grandmother was Honnora Huff who married Commodore Perry Phillips.  Commodore died at age 40 and is buried in the Roseville Cemetery near the Ohio County line on the road to Fordsville. Honnora's name is on the tombstone but gives no date for her death.  My favor is:  can someone fill me in on what happened to her after Commodore's death?  Is she buried with him or did she remarry and be buried elsewhere.  My only surviving Phillips relative in the area is Drexel Phillips of Fordsville and he does not remember the info I need.

    Appreciate any help.

    Your Favor Here

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