The Davis Cemetery

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Davis cemetery is on Big White Oak Rd, or State Route 2070 about 5 miles off of Route 7. Go past Carr Baptist Church two tenth of a miles and cemetery will be on your left. About 450 feet off the road is a black top drive. Use that drive. It is well taken care of with fence around it.


Row 1 starting on the north west end.

Jessie Davis-van Allen

Prisclla Alexander Oct. 6, 1833 Feb 27, 1922

WM Alexander * co. Ohio S.S. no date

Mary L. Davis Dec 20,1842 Apr. 9,1920

A.S. Davis Co.E. 22 Ky, inf.

Mildred Davis 1872-1890. stone leaning over.

Luke A. Davis 1870-1898-stone leaning over.

Julia Ann webb 1888-196 until we meet again, daddy with Christ in Heaven.

William Alexander 1865-1946 we will meet again.

Matilda Alexander Dec 15, 1875 -Dec.27,1909 at Rest

Annie C, 1896-1978. Hirem Miller1892-1938. 32nd. Div co. E 128th. Iny

George E. Davis 1880-1956

Ethel M. Sept 25,1900 May6,1992. Gabee Ratcliff July 4,1891 Apr.3,1984. Pvt us Army world war one

Wife mother and Grandmother, Bernice P. Bradley sept.20,1921 June 221997


Row two

Ella (mom)1884-1954. Dad John Williams 1877-1933. At rest.

Four unmarked graves field stones.

E.W. no name or date

Eunice Daughter of Wm.&Julia Webb Oct 20,1905-Apr2,1914.

Fieldstone not mark.

Clarene Bend Asue Davis Lurn. Apr22,1896-Aug11,1898. hard to read.

Ja Davis 1873-1946. Jessie 1877-1930. our hope John 3-16 for God so Loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that who so ever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Elby L. Davis 1898-1947

Eayn Orey 1901-1984


Row Three

John H. Craft Feb.8,1922-June21,1932

Mary E. Craft Apr.7,1876-May 9,1922

6field stones unmark

Nelly Alexander no date

Fieldstone 1

Walace son of Wm. and Julia Webb nov.4,1915-nov. 11,1916 has soon fades tender flower.

Leslie Davis 1913-1915.

Adeline 1893-1975 Edward DAvis 1889-1961 Foot marker says "Mother and Father".

Bes Dingus Osborn 1895-1965 Foot marker grandmother.

Leona S. 1916-1961. Alfred E. Davis 1911-1964. foot markers mother and father.

Homer Osborn Aug. 16, March 13,1987. world war two 1941-1945 us navy.


Row Four

Myrtle Brown 1908-1990

Bessie R. 1896-1951. Roby Y. Brown 1900-1960 Foot marker mother and father

Andy L. Allen Dec 13,1898-nov18,1949 Loving Father

Jason R. Blankenship apr20-1893 July 12,1921

one fieldstone unmark

Henrietta Graff 1924-1990 Loved by all who knew her

J.H. Howerton 1887-1944, N. A. Howerton 1886-1949

Edward McMeans 4 Ky. Inf. sp. am. war

Julia Brandblett 1882-1919

Dorthy Ramey 1904-1945

One unmarked Grave fieldstone.

Abby Moore his wife 1846-1920-Thomas Craft 1854-1919. Sleep in the arm of Jesus.Tom and Abby

Della Craft 1888-1923

George Craft 1876-1963

Esther Craft 1954


Row Five

H.L.Dick Imel 1924-1993 Masonic Elblem on Head stone.

Judie Imel 1884-1948 Jerry Imel 1881-1963

Clyd Imel 1914-1947

Ted Imel 1908-1949

Peter Fannin 1874-1951 Della J. Fannin 1874-1931

Leonard Earnest Webb, our Baby Nov. 26,1944-sept.18,1947

Earnest R. Howerton March 7,1921-Dec.8, 1979 Dad in Loving Memory.

Joyce Whitt Clark May 21,1948-Jan 16,1970 in Loving Memory

Mary K. Miller 6.28.1919-5.27 2001 Arnold J. Miller 1912-1979 in Loving memory

Arold J. Miller ss us army world war 2 1912-1979

Ruth Howerton Trouff 1917-1994 in Loving memory Sister


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