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Contributed by Dick Pratt
Please join me in thanking Dick for his contribution!

November 11th, 2004

Dick writes:
I recently made a trip to Greenup and wanted to add a small contribution to the cemetery info.

This information is for the surname of Pratt. Lott H. Pratt and his younger brother John Pratt, were born in Vermont, and migrated to Greenup County. It is suspected that they spent a short time in the French Grant in Ohio, before ending up in Greenup County, but no documentation actually exists.

The brothers arrived in Greenup County prior to 1820, and established a tannery and shoemaking business that flourished until the early 1850's. The town they founded around their business was named "Liberty" and was located near what is now called Lynn. At one time, there were approximately 40 homes surrounding the tannery/shoemaking factory, as well as a church/dwelling that John Pratt built to house some of the tannery workers. The site is now called the "Old Liberty Farm" located on Liberty Road.

There are three graves in an open area, where the family home of John Pratt stood. One grave is unmarked and unknown, but is most surely a family member. Two stones, lying down and still readable, mark the burial sites of John Pratt and his wife Eliza Pratt. They are as follows:

       JOHN PRATT                               ELIZA
             BORN                               wife of
    ______  10, 1800                            JOHN PRATT
              DIED                                      BORN
       JULY 26, 1849                            MAY 19, 1804
                                                JUNE 22, 1894
                                                Our mother is gone
                                                She lies beneath the sod
                                                Dear mother tho we miss you much
                                                We hope you rest with God

There is another small Pratt Cemetery located in the Argillite area, on the Od Manuel Virgin Farm, on Rt 1459/Low Gap Road. It is located on the top of a steep hill, next to some other small family cemeteries. There are three stones in this small cemetery. I know that there are more graves here, but no others are marked, that I have been able to uncover as of yet.

The oldest is that of Nelson Pratt, son of the aforementioned Lott H. Pratt, and nephew of the John Pratt of the Liberty tannery. This Nelson Pratt is my G-G-G-Grandfather. His stone is knocked over and broken in three main pieces, but is readable, thusly:

                                        NELSON  PRATT
                                        DECEMBER 15, 1855
                                            40 YRS. 8 MOS.
                                             & 18 DYS.
                                Amiable and beloved husband, farewell; thy
                                years were few, but thy virtues were many.
                                They are recorded not on this perishing
                                stone, but in the book of life in the
                                hearts of thy afflicted friends.

The second stone here is that of John Pratt, son of Nelson:
                                        John Pratt
                                        CO  G
                                        22 REGT
                                        KY INF
                                        Oct 12  1843
                                        Feb  14  1912

The third stone is the wife of John Pratt, and four infant children, all on the same stone:

                                      Virginia L. Pratt

                        LAURA                           LIZA
                       1866---1867                     1871---1873

                        PHILLIP                 OLA
                       1870---1870                       1875---1877

                                TILL WE  MEET  AGAIN

This stone has also been knocked off of it's base and is lying on the ground.

Nelson Pratt had a daughter, Julia Ann, who died at the age of 14 months, on August 20, 1855, just 4 months before Nelson's own death. I would imagine that she is buried in this small Pratt Cemetery also, but there are no other markers.

Dick Pratt


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