Nichols Cemetery in Greenup County, KY

Nichols Cemetery

(located on Rt # 1, Greenup, Co., KY)

*World War II Veteran
1.Akers, NellieJan 11, 1921----
2.Akers, ClydeJan 20, 1921Sept 20, 1984
3.Akers, John18771942
4.Akers, Mary1867----
5.Clark, Mary Ellen18801965
6.Elam, John H.*Mar 11, 1908 Aug 21, 1962
7.McKenzie, Manford18741943
8.McKenzie, Melcena18791934
9.McKenzie, UlamJuly 22, 1899Dec 08, 1945
10.McKenzie, Hattie18761950
11.Mullins, Gregory D.Mar 12, 1960Dec 25, 1991
12.Pennington, Ida Mae19121968
13.Pennington, Ernest19021981
14.Scaggs, ViolaFeb 13, 1893Dec 17, 1920
15.Smith, Ruth N.19021964
16.Mr. and Mrs. J.E. SullivanInfant daughter Feb 20, 1918
17.Mr. and Mrs. J.E. SullivanInfant daughter Sept 07, 1930
18.Mr. and Mrs. J.E. SullivanInfant son Nov 03, 1925
19.York, Billy Joe19281929
20.Nichols, Henry18581916
21.Nichols, Ruben18841940
22.Nichols, Ruby Eileen19241978
23.Nichols, Emma J.18621905
24.Nichols, Beverly DawnDec 07, 1969Dec 11, 1969
25.Nichols, Bonnie19341995
26.Nichols, Emma19351995
27.Nichols, Robert C.18721952
28.Nichols, Mary18781952
29.Nichols, Norma L.1914----
30.Nichols. Roy C.19021957
31.Nichols, Elva18961976
32.Nichols, George W.18961968
33.Nichols, James Robert*June 21, 1919 June 17,1976
34.Nichols, MaeMay 10,1925Feb 1995
35.Nichols, Edward M.*19171982
36.Nichols, Burl*Feb 19, 1922 Sept 27, 1980
37.Nichols, Virginia M.19261986
38.Nichols, Dana R.19271985
39.Nichols, Robert19041975
40.Nichols, Mary J.19031989
41.Nichols, Curtis19301965

A special thanks to Joyce Hamilton - [email protected] for submitting this data to the Greenup County KyGenWeb.

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