Dupuy, Gray and Greenslate Cemetery in Greenup County, KY
Greenup County, KY
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Dupuy, Gray and Greenslate Cemetery

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Off Route #7 on Sweeney Curve, Malonetone, Greenup County, Kentucky

A. J. Hunt
Stone broke in half, scalloped edges with four upside down crosses, hand pointing up in middle of top of stone, readable part of stone says Not Forgotton, top half of stone grown into tree.

"Andrew Jackson Hunt 10/14/1825 to 5/10/1867 Cemetery listing records *Son of Reuben and Hannah Jarvis Hunt Jr.
Emily Hunt
Emily F. wife of A.J. Hunt born July/23/1823--Died 7/11/1871
Stone like A.J.'s with four upside crosses, small hand pointing up and branched tree right under hand.

*"Emily Pugh "
Rebecca Hunt
Rebecca wife of Carlisle Hunt
Died july-31-1862 age 47 years-3mos-20 days
Stone rectangled, hand pointing up, tree around hand.

*"Rebecca Craycraft born April -11-1815 daughter of John and Sarah Craycraft"
Carlisle Hunt
Born October -14-1814--died October- 24-1865
Stone scalloped edged, four crosses, hand pointing up ward, Masonic temple symbol under hand, scolls to the side of stone.

*" Carlisle Hunt son of Reuben and Hannah Jarvis Hunt Jr."

Between the four large stones of A. J Hunt, Emily Hunt, Rebecca Hunt and Carlisle Hunt--two in the front and two in the back, are three very small white square stones are A. J Hunt, C.F Hunt and R.H.Hunt
Jimmie Hunt
S. of C. & R. Hunt Cemetery listing Records
No Stone
*Harrison Hunt
born 1815 and died 7-27-1859
Son of Reuben and Hannah Jarvis Hunt Jr.
No Stone
*Sarah Ann Hunt born 1822 and died 1881
Wife of Harrison Hunt and daughter of John and Sarah Craycraft.
No Stone
Martha Oliver
Daughter of Rebeca & Carlisle Hunt
Died Dec-29th-1839,age 5 years-10 months &23 days
Tall stone with weeping willow tree on top of stone.
James Madison Gray
Stone top layer of stone broke off, top of stone sacred to the memory of James Madson Gray born August the 10th m.o.f. overbold - 1808 and died Oct 11th 1837

"8-10-1808 Cemetery listings Records"
"Son of Thomas Lloyd and Elizabeth Osborn Gray"
James Greenslate
Died April-20-1845-aged 39 years-4 months-24 days
Stone tall thin-James Greenslate in half circle on top of stone

"Son of John and Jane Clark Greenslate"
William James Meek
Died May-15-1881 Aged 15 years
Tall thin white stone, with william on top of stone with bold letters.
Elizabeth M. Daughter of Jessee & Ann Dupuy
Died Dec-31-1834 age 11 yrs
W.C.D. bouth when I wake up alive, small thin gray stone, oval top with weeping willow tree on top
Eliza Craycraft
Wife of James Meek
Sept 6-18?? age 25 yrs-2mos-16 days
Tall white stone broken in half, top half leaning against tree, bottom half leaning againt another tree, draped curtain with scrolls on top
Virginia Craycraft
wife of Robert Craycraft
born June 1837 and died May- 12- 1877
Stone laying on the ground broken in half, tall thin stone.
Sarah Craycraft
Mother on top half of stone with Sarah Craycraft under the word wife of Capt. Wm. Craycraft
born Oct-12-1803 and died Nov-4-1887
Thin gray stone, broken bottom of stone leaning against tree under Williams stone.

"Sarah Littlejohn"
William Craycraft
born August-22-1805 died Jan'y -7-1856
William Craycraft in bold letters on top of stone, stone thin Gray and broken on bottom half leaning against tree over top of Sarah's.

"Son of John and Sarah Craycraft"
Baby McCalister
First side of stone broken ZZ, second side Baby McClister Jan-23-1825
Holding hands on top of stone

* Info recieved from Joesph Amburgey Oct-1997 and later found via records and census.
Submitted by Denise Miller, GGGranddaughter of Reuben and Barbara Ann Greenslate Craycraft.

A special thanks to Denise Miller - [email protected] for submitting this data to the Greenup County KyGenWeb.

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© Copyright 1998 Denise Miller

Denise Miller - [email protected]

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