The Holley Cemetery

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Holley Cemetery lays on a ridge between mud lick and bee hollow. Go up mudlick off of big white oak (also named state route#2070,off rt#7). Go up mudlick abt 1 mile. The hollow opens up to the right. Go right abt 600 feet cross a little creek. Go to top of hill turn left go abt 500 feet and there is the cemetery. It is overgrown,and a jungle like place. I have been trying to get a road built to it. Robert W. Carpenter Judge Excutive Room 102 Courthouse Greenup, Ky 41144 said they would build a road but as yet no road.


Row 1

1 Elizabeath Anderson. b.2/20/1921-d?

2Mary M.Holley Anderson.B 5/ /1841 d.02/21/1908

3Samuel Finley Anderson.b1850 d?

4May Anderson.b02/22/1919-d.04/22/1919

5Ralph Anderson.B.1914 -d.1936

6 Roy anderson.b02/22/1919--- d.04/22/1919 ??

7 Samuel Colgrove.b.11/4/1841 -d.1892-1900

8 Ellen Frances Holley Daniels.b 06//01/1839 -d02/11/1929

9 John Robert Daniels.b 12/ / 1833 -d 04/18/1909

10 Rebecca Brooks Daniels.b04/01/1866----d06/26/1916

11William Henry Daniels10/03/1859--d.01/04/1937

12 Joe Henry Daniels.b 05/ /1887 -d.1900

13 Teddy Roosevelt Duncan.b.03/01/1901 d.11/30/1902

14Mary Francis Anderson Holley.b.12/ / 1875--d.?

15 James Glispie.b.03/22/1868-d.09/28/1944

16 William C.Glispie.b03/23/1898-d01/15/1920

17Thomas Glispie.b?-d.?

18 Harr small baby.b?-d.?

19 Thomas Andrew Holley.b 05/17/1868---d.06/11/1941

20 Alice Brown Holley.b06/10/1865---d06/11/1913???

is alice buried in Holley cemetery.

21Thomas H. Holley.b1843-d1891

22 William C.Holley.b abt 1835 -d abt 1870-1880

23Thomas Holley.b abt 1813--d aft1881

24Nancy Jenkins Holley.B abt 1813-d aft 1881

25 Cynath Ann Anderson Johnson.b abt 1873-d aft 1938

26 Joe Johnson.b./09/1882-d.?

27Andrew Lawson.b 05/17/1838 --d01/09/1912

28Mary Ann Cremeans Holley Lawson.b 02/13/1839-d.02/

15/1916-I think Mary was married to William Holley First and is the mother of

Thomas Andrew Holley,

29 A.L.Lewis.b?--D?

30 David Lewis.b abt 1857--d ?

31 Gideon Lewis.b 04/03/1844--d.11/15/1894

32 Marietta Lewis.b 03/10/1881-d08/15/1886

33 Charles Lewis.b ? --D ?

34 Melseneie Jefferson Scaff.b abt 1851--d 08/ / 1940

35 Youel Scaff.b.abt 1882--d1934

36 Hannah Lewis Williams.b 08/14/1841 --d03/12/1922

37Thaddeus Williams.b 06/02/1840 --d11/05/1917

one offthe Lewis was a pvt. in ky inf.

also Thaddeus williams was a old army man also. this list was given to me by Daryl Duncan. Thank you Daryl.

Herschel Skaggs.

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