1876 Greenup County Deaths

1876 Greenup County Deaths
Contributed by Scott Wiesman

Please join me in thanking Scott for his contribution !

The columns are as follows:

Name                        Age     DoD            Place of Birth            Parents                                   Fathers        Mothers
                                                                                                                                                 Birth              Birth

William Green              4m     14 Aug      Greenup co. KY        James and Eliza Green                  PA       IN
Eliza Green                35yrs   17 Aug       IN                           James and Ellen Gasker                VA        VA
Sherman Horn              3m     17 Aug       Greenup                  Thompson and Caroline Horn          KY       KY
Ollie Pratt                    5?      27 Jun       Greenup                   J. and E. Pratt                               KY       KY
William Wills              70yrs   14 Jul        KY                           J and M. Wills                               UNK    UNK
Alice Hall                   30yrs     7 Dec       KY                          G.W. and Sarah McGlone              MD       VA
Robert Kellen             16m     15 Oct       KY                           R. and M. Kellen                            NC       VA
Sarah J. Ratcliff          28yrs   18 Feb      KY                            E. and C. Patrick                          UNK      KY
Bertha M. Thompson   17m         Nov       KY                            T. and N. Thompson                       KY       KY
Louis A. Zuhavs            4m     22 Oct      KY                            A. and A. Zuhavs                         Russia     KY
Ella Fooley                  15m    30 Aug      KY                            J. and E. Fooley                           VA         KY
Godfrey Nippint            34yrs    4 Nov(?)   OH                           G. and S. Nippint                        France     France
Kattie Warner                3yrs   16 Oct      KY                           L. and L. Warner                            Ky          KY
A???? Barber              17m      16 Oct     KY                            W. and M. Barber                          KY          VA
Joseph Collins             33yrs    28 Mar     KY                           J. and E. Collins                             TN          TN
Solomon Brown           16yrs    29 Jun     KY                            G.R. and C. Brown                          KY         TN
Alfred Hannahs             5m           Jul      KY                            P. and S. Hannahs                          KY         KY
Perry Fillmore               3m            Jun    KY                             C. and L. Fillmore                          OH          KY
not named                    10dys  20 Mar     KY                            S.P. and M. McFelty                      VA          VA
not named                     3dys   28 Nov     KY                            G. and E. Hannahs                         KY          KY
Alfred A. Hannahs         17m     11 Jun     KY                             G.W. and M.J. Hannah                  SC(?)       KY
A???? Harding               53yrs    3 Sep     KY                            J. and M. Young                            VA           VA
Lillian Henttinger               8dys  1 Sep     KY                             M. and L. Henttinger                      KY           KY
John A. Ray                  16m      11 Oct   KY                             L.L. and J. Ray                              TN            VA
Elizabeth Stevens          7m        22 Oct   KY                            G. and A. Stevens                           KY          KY
Sarilda Pruett                26yrs(?)     May   KY                             A. and E. Hood                              KY           KY
Lydia Virgin                   38yrs    2 Oct     KY                             A. and S. Meadows                        VA           KY
Ignatius Miller                53yrs   26 Jul      VA                             D. and C. Holt                                PA           PA
Sarah Underwood          83yrs    22 Dec   KY                             W. and H. Miller                              PA          PA
Thornton Reeves            3yrs     27 Aug    KY                              L. and H. Reeves                           OH          OH
Elizabeth Meadows        41yrs    1 Aug     KY                             R. and E. Morris                             KY           KY
George N. Shepard          2yrs    10 Jun    KY                             L.R. and E Dowdy                           OH          KY
Carie DeBord                  8yrs      7 Dec   KY                              Alfred D. and Helen DeBord             KY           KY
James DeBord                14yrs   ?????    KY                              James and E. Dansson                   KY            KY
Victoria Payne               22yrs   11 Nov    VA                           W.D. and L. Dingus                            VA           VA
Luke Powell                   54yrs   14 Dec   KY                             Vincent and Mary Powell                  VA           VA
Benjamin K. McKnight    16m       6 May  KY                             H.D. and E.C. McKnight                   OH           OH

Note from Scott:
This is a transcription of the 1876 deaths for Greenup Co. Ky from the microfilm found at the KentuckyDept. for Libraries and Archives 300 Coffee Tree Road Frankfort, Kentucky 40601.  Roll#994036.  I have done my best to transcribe
accurately but the microfilm is very poor.  You are encouraged to see the original.  I have left out the condition column,
cause of death and also the place of death and residence as they are all Greenup Co. KY.  There are a couple missing
as I just could not decipher them.


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