1870 Greenup County Deaths

1870 Greenup County Deaths
Contributed by Scott Wiesman

Please join me in thanking Scott for his contribution !

Note from Scott:

1870 Greenup Co. Kentucky Federal Mortality Schedules

The order of this information is name, age, sex, condition(married or single),
place of birth, month of death and occupation.

This is a list of people who died in Greenup Co. KY between June 1st 1869
and June 1st 1870.

Ellen Bari??a          14    f           KY    Mar
Louisa Black           60    f     m     KY    Jul
Berry Brown            84    m     w     VA    Apr   farmer
David Bryson           36    m           KY    Dec   farm lab.
Mary F. Bryson         35    f     m     KY    Apr
Charles Bush           29    m     m     KY    Feb   farm lab.
Susan Crump            23    f           KY    Feb
Elizabeth Davisson     44    f     m     KY    Jun
Sanford Donny          22    m           KY    May   farm lab.
John Fielding          15    m         Ireland Oct
Owen Fielding          43    m     m   Ireland Oct
Thomas Floyd           34    m     m     WV    Jul   teamster  
Nancy A. Goodman       30    f     w     KY    Mar
Nancy Hardin           50    f     m     KY    Jan
Sarah Holbert          35    f     m     WV    Aug
Harvey Holmes          30    m     w     KY    Mar   farm lab.
Ann Holt               55    f     m     VA    Jun          
Ann Holt               58    f     m     VA    Jun
Jesse Hull             18    m           KY    Jun
Robert Lockbridge      62    m           VA    Jun
Rebecca Massie         51    f     m     WV    Nov
John McFarson          45    m         Ireland Feb   miner
A. Miller              29    f     m     OH    Mar
Cynthia Miller         30    f     m     KY    Jun
Minerva Miller         32    f     m     KY    Jul
Burvis? Morris         33    m           OH    Apr   collier
Anderson Nelson        35    m           WV    May   furnace lab.
Elizabeth Nelson       38    f           KY    Mar
Elizabeth Nelson       59    f     m     KY    Apr
Virginia Nelson        45    f     m     WV    Feb
Timothey Norman        46    m     m   Ireland Aug
Richard Payne          89    m     w     VA    May   carpenter
Sarah Rodgers          51    f     m     PA    Nov
Nellie E. S???st       11    f           KY    Nov
Mary Sharp             63    f           NC    Jan
Catharine Smith        89    f     w     PA    Mar
Sarah Smith            60    f     m     WV    Jul
James Sutherland       71    m     m  Scotland Aug   moulder
Mary Swearngen         57    f     w     KY    Apr
Cyrus VanBibber        70    m     m     WV    Sep   farmer
Elizabeth Ward         68    f     m     PA    June
Dan Williams           39    m     m     OH    Aug   teamster
Margaret Williams      21    f     m     PA    Apr

Another note from Scott:

These are only those who were enumerated as over the age of 10 years.
I have omitted the cause of death and number of days ill column.  I
have also omitted the race/color column and it also asked if the persons
parents were foreign born.

These schedules were broken up into townships/subdivisions.  I have
placed them in alphabetical order.

A copy of the microfilm may be found at the Boyd co. KY library in
Ashland, KY.


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