1860 Greenup County Deaths

1860 Greenup County Deaths
Contributed by Scott Wiesman

Please join me in thanking Scott for his contribution !

Note from Scott:

1860 Greenup Co. Kentucky Federal Mortality Schedules

The order of this information is name, age, sex, condition(married or single),
place of birth, month of death and occupation.

This is a list of people who died in Greenup Co. KY between June 1st 1859
and June 1st 1860.

R. McAllister         60   m           Ireland  Oct   farmer
John Wesley Artis     22   m             OH     Jun   colier
Rebecca A. Artis      12   f             KY     Jul
Margarett Brown?      13   f             KY     Aug  black/slave
Martha Coram?         65   f             NC     Aug
Lucinda Cunnigdon     21   f             KY     May
Lucinda Cunnigdon     23   f             KY     May
Carrie Davidson       20   f             KY     Jul
Cornelius Goodman     55   m      m      TN     Jan  day laborer
Jane Hackworth        30   f      m      PA     Jul
John Haney            36   m      m      PA     Aug  day laborer
Hiram Kiffer          40   m      m      KY     Mar  day laborer
Elizabeth McComic     63   f      m      OH     Oct
America Mead          35   f             KY     Apr  black/slave
Margaritte Montgomery 52   f      m      KY     May
M.E. Moss             21   f             KY     Apr
Samuel Palmer         56   m      m      PA     May
Thea? Maria Palmer    60   f             NY     Feb  
William Phillips      38   m      m      PA     Jan   farmer
E???? Rye             60   f             VA     Aug
Ellen Savage          86   f      m      VA     Aug
Ellen Ward            31   f             PA     May
Ba? O Waring          60   m      m      KY     Mar   farmer
John Winn             20   m             KY     Nov  mulatto/slave
Mary J. Womack        21   f      s      KY     May  black/slave
G.W. Yates            26   m      m      PA     Jan  day laborer

Another note from Scott:

There was one whole page of this enumeration which was to washed out
to get anything off of for transcription.  If you seek out the micro-
film maybe you can make it out.  This transcription is only of those
over the age of 10 years. 

I have ommited disease or cause of death columns and number of days ill.
These were also broken up into townships/subdivisions.  I have place
them in alphabetical order.

A copy of the microfilm may be found at the Boyd Co. KY library in
Ashland, KY.


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