1859 Greenup County Deaths

1859 Greenup County Deaths
Contributed by Scott Wiesman

Please join me in thanking Scott for his contribution !

The columns are as follows:

Name                         age                DOD                 Birthplace                  Parents

Bruce Mullen                11m               7 Oct           Greenup Co. KY             John Mullen
Samuel McAllister        2m                15 Feb          Greenup Co. KY             Joseph McAllister
Harry Birch                   6dys             22 Aug          Greenup Co. KY             Martin Birch
Martha A. Martin          14yrs             20 Feb          Greenup Co. KY             B. Martin
John Haney                  40yrs            31 Aug          PA                                 unknown
Sarah Abrams              32yrs            19 Jan           Greenup Co. KY             A. Vanodon
Anna Rouse                 33yrs            11 Oct           VA                                Thomas J?????
Colves Babbet              10yrs             4 Feb            Greenup Co. KY             William Babbet
John                           18yrs                Nov            Greenup Co. KY             J. E. Winan
John N???                   57yrs             8 Mar            VA                                not given    *married to Frances Warring
Nel                             13yrs            10 Feb            Greenup Co. KY            William Barsley?
Amos                        28yrs              1 Mar            Greenup Co. KY            James Stewart
Mary A. Campbell        42yrs           not given          Greenup Co. KY            Vincent Powell
Caroline A. Davidson    18yrs            16 Jul             Greenup Co. KY             Jerimiah Davidson
Elis Pratt                      6yrs            23 Oct            Greenup Co. KY            George Pratt
Elizabeth McCormack  64yrs           28 Oct             L????? Co.                   Chandler
Margaret A. Valance    30yrs            13 Mar            Greenup Co. KY            Meridith Bush
John Valance                3dys           10 Mar            Greenup Co. KY             S. Valance
Henry B. Hardwick         2m             21 Oct            Greenup Co. KY             S. Hardwick
James A. Warnock       37yrs           3 May             Owen Co.                      not given
Florence                       1yrs           10 Mar             Greenup Co. KY            William Barsley?
Jennie                          6m             10 Feb             Greenup Co. KY            William Barsley?
Mariah                        18m             20 Feb             Greenup Co. KY            William Barsley?
Cloay?                         4yrs             1 Mar             Greenup Co. KY             William Barsley?
Nancy Womack            2dys            1 May             Greenup Co. KY            S. Womack
William Frettz               1dys            7 Sep             Greenup Co. KY             John Frettz
John W? Brown             1dys          16 Aug             Greenup Co. KY            C. Brown
Sarah M. Buckley          2yrs           17 Nov             Greenup Co. KY            B.F. Buckley
Crawford Scott              65yrs          10 Oct             PA                               Robert Scott
Charles Artis                10m             15 Aug            Greenup Co. KY           John Artis
Mary C. Biggs              6yrs              7 Jan             Greenup Co. KY           Benjamin L. Biggs
Rebecca Manson          12yrs          12 Aug             Greenup Co. KY          Nathan Manson
John M. Parslow            4m              10 Sep           Greenup Co. KY          W. Parslow
Harriet                         14yrs           29 Aug            Greenup Co. KY           Mary H. Warring?
John W. Antez             20yrs           26 Jun            Scioto Co. OH              Hiram Antez
Rebecca Antez             11yrs          22 Jul              Greenup Co. KY           ????? Antez
Ben                             4m              25 Jun             Greenup Co. KY          Joseph Martin?
No Name                      7dys           16 May           Greenup Co. KY           George Darby
Cynthia A. Morris         26yrs           13 Oct             Morgan Co.               William Morris
Charlotte Kelley           1yrs             10 Jan             Greenup Co. KY          Robert Kelley
Albert Ramal               13m             20 Jul              Greenup Co. KY         George Ramal
June Williams              22yrs            9 Nov             Greenup Co. KY          Ramon Williams
Julia A. Logan             40yrs            25 Feb            Fleming Co. KY          Richard Shales?  *married to Abram Logan
no name                       7dys         not given           not given                    James Logan
Sarah A. Robertson       19yrs          17 Sep           Cumberland Co. PA     John A. Robertson
Mary Stone                  21yrs          12 Apr             Greenup Co. KY         Ara?? Stone
Mary Martin                  21yrs         20 Jul               Greenup Co. KY         not given              *married to David Martin
no name                       14dys        15 Apr              Greenup Co. KY         Elijah Hall
Valentine Hood             1m            15 Dec              Greenup Co. KY         Mary Hood
George Swearingen      34yrs          15 Feb              Logan Co. VA            not given
Jerry Zoland                 10yrs         13 Oct              Scioto Co. OH            William Zoland *Place of Death Scioto Co. OH
Mary L. Innes               3yrs           not given           Greenup Co. KY         Thomas Innes
not known                     1dys         not given           Greenup Co. KY         Benjamin Burns
Millard Allen                  8m           not given            Greenup Co. KY         John Allen
Ellen Reynolds             14m          15 Jul               Greenup Co. KY          S. Reynolds
Elizabeth Roberts         34yrs        31 Dec              Greenup Co. KY          John Bush
Jonathan Horn              35yrs        30 Dec              Greenup Co. KY          not given
Joshua F. Johnson       15m           14 Jul               Greenup Co. KY          Robert Johnson
Martha Lawson             22yrs        12 Dec             Greenup Co. KY           Co???? Hart
Maggie Higley               6yrs         7 Sep                Greenup Co. KY          L.M. Higley
Usah Martin                  10m         21 Nov              Greenup Co. KY           Richard Martin
James M. Cooper          1yrs        20 Jul                Greenup Co. KY           G.W. Cooper
Sarah J. Lee                 14yrs       25 Apr               Greenup Co. KY           Greenberry Lee
Permilia Freeman         76yrs       15 Mar               Deleware Co. KY          not given
Leonard Warring           24yrs       15 Jan               Greenup Co. KY           James Warring
Clayborn Roberts         70yrs        10 Aug              Charlotte Co. VA          Thomas Roberts
Ammanda Womack     10m          3 Aug                Greenup Co. KY          James Womack
Benjamin F.  B??????   4dys        27 Jan               Greenup Co. KY          Thadius Be?????
Sarah E. Bush              6yrs          3 Jul                Greenup Co. KY           George Bush
Henry C. Woodruff        8yrs           5 Jan               Greenup Co. KY           Isaac Woodruff
Harrison Hunt               43yrs        29 Jul               Bath Co. KY                 Ruben Hunt
John Stone                  80yrs        30 Jun               North Carolina              not given
Delila Stone                 78yrs        12 Jul               Greenup Co. KY           James Mason

Notes from Scott:

These were transcribed from the Kentucky Vital records for Greenup Co. KY for the year 1859 as found on microfilm
at the Kentucky Dept for Libraries and Archives 300 Coffee Tree Rd. Frankfort KY 40601.  Roll  # 994036.

I have omitted the sex,condition,occupation and cause of death columns. Also the county of death and residence as
they are all Greenup Co. Ky except Jerry Zoland as notated.  The other notes are from the remarks column.

Some names are hard to make out.  I have done my best.  You are encouraged to see the original.
Those with just a first name are marked "Black" on the record.  For some reason for this year only
one parents name is given and the birthplace of parents is blank for all.  Where a ????? appears
I just could not make out the writing.


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