1857 Greenup County Deaths

1857 Greenup County Deaths
Contributed by Scott Wiesman

Please join me in thanking Scott for his contribution !

The columns are as follows:

Name                           Age                  DOD              Birthplace                Parents

Elizabeth Zornes            3yrs                15 Oct            Greenup Co. KY       John Zornes
Gurge Dumet                 1yrs                30 Oct            Greenup Co. KY       Harry Dumet
Lucy McLease               4yrs                16 Sep            Greenup Co. KY       Daniel McLease
George McLease            4yrs                20 Sep            Greenup Co. KY       Martin McLease
Charles W. Davis            1m                  15 Sep            Greenup Co. KY      James Davis
Charles Alexander           3yrs               20 Oct             Greenup Co. KY      Fle???? Alexander
Nancy E. Patrick            21yrs             not given           Greenup Co. KY      Emanuel Patrick
Charles Craycraft            55yrs             21 Aug             Greenup Co. KY       John Craycraft
Isabella Curry                 39yrs             21 Aug             Greenup Co. KY        John Miles
Hezikiah Morton             59yrs             25 Jan              Clark Co. KY             Jonathan Morton
John Vanali                      1yrs             12 Aug             Greenup Co. KY       Hezikiah Vanitig
Ruben Thompson            15m               10 Oct              Greenup Co. KY       David Thompson
Mahaley Smith                50yrs              5 Mar              Carter Co. KY           Reason Virgin
Milton Smith                     9m               19 Jun              Greenup Co. KY        George W. Smith
William E. Mathias           5yrs              28 Nov             Greenup Co. KY         Ruben Mathias
William Craycraft            51yrs               7 Jan               Greenup Co. KY        John Craycraft
Willis Crump                  55yrs               8 Nov              Greenup Co. KY        Holley Crump
Rachel McAllister            4yrs             not given            Greenup Co. KY       John McAllister
Irvin Baker                      40yrs(?)         25 Oct              Geenup Co. KY         not known
Francis Waring               83yrs              1 May       Prince Georges Co. MD    Thomas Waring
Rebeca Warnock              9yrs           25 Jul                 Greenup Co. KY      William K. Warnock
Albert Warnock                3yrs            20 Jun                Greenup Co. KY     William K. Warnock
Willlima Burtram               3yrs             9 Oct                Greenup Co. KY     Jacob Burtram
James Tingler                   3yrs            15 Jun                Greenup Co. KY    Soloman Tingler
Mary E. Coburn                5yrs            12 Aug               Carter Co. KY         Martin Coburn
Melrina Bertram              24yrs            25 Aug               Greenup Co. KY     Samuel Ratcliff
Julala Bertram                  3yrs            15 Aug               Greenup Co. KY      R?ddon Burtram
2 infants                         5hours           6 Apr                 Greenup Co. KY      R?ddon Burtram
Sophia McGinnias             3yrs            4 Apr                 Greenup Co. KY      Harry McGuinnias

Note from Scott:
The above is transcribed from microfilm found in the Kentucky Dept. for Libraries and Archives in
Frankfurt, KY. Roll#994036 Greenup Co. KY vitals 1852-1910.  It was hard to read.  There are
mistakes.  You are encouraged to see the original.

I have omitted color.  All listed were white with the exception of Rachel McAllister.  I have omitted
sex, and occupation, condition, cause of death and residence.  All residence were listed as
Greenup Co. KY with the exception of Melvina Bertram and Julala Bertram who's residence was
Carter Co. KY.                           

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