1856 Greenup County Deaths

1856 Greenup County Deaths
Contributed by Scott Wiesman

Please join me in thanking Scott for his contribution !

The columns are as follows:

Name                               age             DOD              Birthplace              Parents

Edward Gibson                   42             24 Sept         Fayette Co. PA       not given
not named                       infant           23 Mar          Greenup Co. KY      George Halbert
not named                       infant                Jul            Greenup Co. KY     John C. Kouns   (Black)
James F. Kitchen             infant            24 Dec         Greenup Co. KY      David Kitchen
Elizabeth Owens              infant             3 Apr           Greenup Co. KY      Squire Owens
Susan VanBibber             40                  1 Sep         Greenup Co. KY       not given
Elizabeth Hollingsworth    35                not given       VA                          not known
not named                       infant            29 Jul           Greenup Co. KY      David Wilson
Elizabeth Chaney            26                 8 Aug           Greenup Co. KY      not given
Mary Ann Clutz               infant             25 Aug         Greenup Co. KY      Robert Clutz
Lorris                             32                 8 Sep            Greenup Co. KY      Cassandra Barltey?  (Black)
Poray                            4                   not given        Greenup Co. KY      Cassandra Barltey? (Black)

Note from Scott:
This was transcribed from the microfilm found at the Kentucky Dept for Libraries and Archives 300
Coffee Tree Rd. Frankfort Ky 40601.  Roll # 994036  Kentucky Vital Record for Greenup Co. for
the year 1856.  Some of it was hard to read.  You are encouraged to see the original.

This was it.  Not much for 1856.  I have left out the color (although notating for black), sex, occupation
and condition.  Only Edward Gibson and Susan VanBibber are marked as married.  Elizabeth
Chaney is marked as a widow.  Edward Gibson is a store keeper, and Lorris a farm hand.  I have
also omitted the cause of death.  Edward Gibson died at Sandy Furnace and Elizabeth Hollingsworth
at Greenupburg.  Everyone else in just Greenup Co.  Residence for all was Greenup Co. except Edward
Gibson from Lawrence Co. KY.


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