Name of Deceased
1855 Greenup County Deaths
Contributed by Cindy Lowe

Name of Deceased Age Sex MS Occupation Place of Birth Names of Parents or

Owners of Slaves

Time of death 1855 Cause of death Remarks Additional remarks – do not appear on original
Amanda Davis 4 F S   Greenup Job Davis December 26 Croop    
Nelson Pratt 40 M M Farmer Greenup Lott Pratt Dec 15 consumption A good citizen  
Julia Ann Pratt 14m F S   Greenup Nelson Pratt Aug 20 fever    
Mary Sartain 61 F S   Maryland Not known Aug 30 cancer old maid  
Elizabeth Stewart 82 F W Farmers wife Pennsylvania Not known Sept 19 Dysentery Flux fever x'd out Wife of Matthew Stewart dau of James & Caty Githens
Nancy Abrams 15 F S   Greenup Basil Abrams Sept 15 Head Dis of    
Elizabeth Stewart 48 F M Farmers wife Greenup Moses Fuqua Aug 10 Fever   Wife of John G. Stewart dau of Moses and Cynthia (Collins) Fuqua
Lucy Breedin 37 F M Farmers wife Harkins Co. TN Thomas Biggs May 28 Consumption    
James R. Breedin 8 M S   Greenup Sampson Breedin Nov 21 Croop The mother and son  
Rebecca Stewart 58 F M   Mason Co. KY Gabriel Phillips Sept 16 Lung D husband and wife Bleeding of the..crossed out
Charles Stewart 78 M M Farmer Pennsylvania Henry Stewart Oct 12 Lung Dis of complaint x'd out  
Margaret Osborne? 42 F M Farmer Carter Co. KY Owen Maglone Oct 15 Fever    
Elizabeth Thompson 66 F M Farmer Culpeper Co. VA James Gibs July 26 Eresipelis   Wife of William Randolph Thompson
Nancy A. Clifton 9 m F S   Greenup James Clifton Aug 15 Dysentery Flux x'd out  
Henry Tingler 3 M S   " Soloman Tingler July 16 Dropsy    
John W. Downs? 24 M S   " James Downs? March 27 Fever A fine young man  
Elza Downs? 4 M S   " James Downs March 31 " 2 brothers  
Sarah A. Jacobs 2 F S   " Jackson H. Jacobs March 30 Whooping cough    
Lydia Cook 3m F S   " John Cook Aug 6 Dysentery Flux x'd out  
William L. Long 2 M S   " Charles Long April 12 "    
Mariah Hitchcock 18 F S   Scioto Co. Ohio Smith F. Hitchcock May 20 Fever    
John B. Foster 63 M M Farmer Greenbrier Co. VA Nimrod Foster Sept 1 Fever    
David A. Jamison 56 M W Carpenter Not known Not known by me Oct 12 by accident Shot himself  
Nancy Dortch 19 F S   Greenup George Dorch Sep 20 Eresipelis    
Leona M. Davison 10m F S   " Thomas Davidson Apr 7 Flux    
Robert Laughlin 51 M M Farmer " Not known by me Aug 4 Flux   Husband of Judith Fuqua
Robert Killen 3 M .   " Wm. Killen July 26 "    
Wilson Stark (black) 12m M .   " C. (illegible) Starke Sept 5 ? "    
Samuel A. Underwood 62 M M Farmer Mason Co. KY Isaac Underwood June 4 Consumption    
John Martin 57 M M Farmer Virginia Ben? Martin March 27 Pleurisy    
Mary Ruggles 1 F .   Greenup James Ruggles Oct 7 Flux    
Nancy Pierpont 41 F M   Harkins Co. TN Not known Feb 16 Flux    
Lott Pierpont ?mo M .   Greenup Lott Pierpont July 23? Fever    
              Oct 31 Consumption    

Note: On the original record there are 12 columns. I eliminated the Residence column as all are listed there as Greenup Co. KY EXCEPT David A. Jamison whose residence is listed as Missouri. I eliminated the Place of Death column as all are listed Greenup. There was one last row, which was illegible on my copy. The last column of additional remarks did not appear on the original, but was added by me.

MS column reflects the marital status. On the original record, this column is titled "condition". S=Single;

M=Married W=Widow or Widower