1854 Greenup County Deaths

1854 Greenup County Deaths
Contributed by Scott Wiesman

Please join me in thanking Scott for his contribution !

The columns are as follows:

Name                                    Age             DOD               Birthplace                         Parents

George L. Powell                     3yrs           4 Sep             Greenup Co. KY               John M. Powell
William C??????                    40yrs         24 Dec             Maryland                          not known
infant                                     21dys            Apr              Greenup Co. KY               John N. Smith
Missouri P. Stewart                  2yrs          1 Nov              Greenup Co. KY               Robert Stewart
infant son                                2dys         30 May            Greenup Co. KY               Alexander Bradburn
David Jemison                        65yrs         30 Oct             Bourbon Co. KY               David Jemison
Margaret Jemison                   61yrs         31 Oct             Maryland                          not known
Sarah Miller                             2yrs           1 Jul              Greenup Co. KY               Ignatius Miller
Artimus Miller                          1yrs           3 Sep            Greenup Co. KY               Ignatius Miller
infant                                      2wks        15 Nov             Greenup Co. KY               Ignatius Miller
Jane Miller                            22yrs           6 Nov              Greenup Co. KY              John Anderson
Robert Logan                        15m           16 Aug             Greenup Co. KY               Abram Logan
Basheba Hosley(Horsley)       16yrs          2 Aug              Greenup Co. KY               James Hosley (Horsley)
Mahala Curry                        22m           12 Feb             Greenup Co. KY               Hugh Curry
Clarinda Wooton                   19yrs         22 Oct              Greenup Co. KY               Ian? Wooton
James A. Riggle                     5m           23 Sep             Greenup Co. KY               Andrew Riggle
Mary A. Thompson               13yrs           3 Sep              Greenup Co. KY               Alfred Thompson
Alfred Thompson                  11m            26 Sep             Greenup Co. KY               Alfred Thompson
Sarah L. Phillips                  11m            15 Jul               Greenup Co. KY               Edmond L. Phillips
Sarah Belcher                     18m            15 Oct              Greenup Co. KY               Richard Belcher
Frances A. Nelson               12m            15 Nov             Greenup Co. KY               John Nelson
Henry H. Roberts                  9m            22 Aug              Greenup Co. KY              Charles Roberts
Alexander Genans                3m             5 Sep               Greenup Co. KY              Saey Genans
Charles Craycraft                  3yrs          15 Sep              Greenup Co. KY              Hugh Craycraft
George Paynter                    7yrs            7 Aug              Greenup Co. KY              Jonathan K. Paynter
Louisa Paynter                     2yrs            2 Aug             Greenup Co. KY              Jonathan K. Paynter
Maria Paynter                     41yrs          28 Aug              Greenup Co. KY              Holley Crump
William R. Carter                44yrs            6 Dec              Greenup Co. KY             not known
Rachel Roberts                   18m            17 Jul               Greenup Co. KY             Marcus Roberts
Jackson Percifield               22yrs           8 Aug              Greenup Co. KY             Valentine Percifield
Frances M. Christman        13yrs          23 Nov               Greenup Co. KY             Charles Christman
William Baker                      1yrs          20 Oct              Greenup Co. KY             Charles Baker
Samuel Seeley                   75yrs         26 Apr               Vermont                        not known             (residence Scioto Co. OH)
Ann W. Collins                   46yrs          8 Sep               Lewis Co. KY                 William Cardingley
Lewis Oliver                        64yrs        23 Jul                 New Jersey                    not known   (blacksmith)
Hiram Brown                      36yrs         27 Sep               Ohio                              not known   (residence Scioto Co. OH)
Louisa Anderson                33yrs         20 Dec              Greenup Co. KY               Ruben Hunt
Delilah Valance                  60yrs         30 Jul                 not known                       not known
Sarah A. Warring                32yrs          3 Mar              Greenup Co. KY                 Thomas T.G. Warring
Eliza Campbell                     6yrs        20 Aug               Greenup Co. KY              HIram Campbell
Hiram Jones                       14m          11 Sep              Greenup Co. KY               Andrew T. Jones
Jacob Pierce                       14m          7 Sep                Greenup Co. KY             Charles Pierce
Henry Nichols                      20m        14 Aug               Greenup Co. KY              Joseph Nichols
Lucy Foster                          2yrs        19 Aug               Greenup Co. KY              John Foster
Ellen Osborn                         2yrs        20 Jun               Greenup Co. KY              Edward Osborn
infant son                              3m           1 Nov               Greenup Co. KY              Shelton Jacobs
Catharine Hout                    38yrs        15 Sep               Germany                         not known
William Hout                       18dys        15 Jul                Greenup Co. KY              John Hout
Christian Hout                      21dys       19 Jul                Greenup Co. KY               John Hout
Emeline Nelson                    17yrs        26 Mar              Pennsylvania                   William Nelson
John Seaton                          7m          10 Aug              Greenup Co. KY               John Seaton
John McAllister                      1yrs        23 Sep              Greenup Co. KY              Havey McAllister
Mary Patton                         70yrs        15 Aug              Mason Co. KY                 not known
Alice Rye                             18m          12 Oct              Greenup Co. KY              Henry Rye
William Brammer                  18m          18 Dec              Greenup Co. KY              C. M. Brammar
James McMullen                   62yrs        15 Oct              Kent Co. Deleware           James McMullen (saddler)

Note from Scott:
The above is a transcription of the Greenup Co. Kentucky Deaths for the year 1854 found on microfilm
at the Kentucky Dept. for Libraries and Archives in Frankfort KY.  It was difficult to read.  I'm sure I made
errors.  You are encouraged to see the original.  Roll# 994030.


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