Skirvin Family Cemetery
The Old Skirvin Family Graveyard

Located in Dry Ridge on Warwaw Road at the intersection
of Osborne Road, Approximately one and one half miles from
Kentucky 22 on the Old Jesse Conrad Farm.

Carnes, Sarah Jane Skirvin - February 2, 1832 - no date
Note: Carnes Family Tradition states that Sarah Jane Carnes, daughter of William Skirvin and wife of John Carnes is buried here in an unmarked grave. Death date is unknown.

Foree, Mary Louise - wife of Jpseph Foree - January 16, 1830 - May 11, 1857

Foree, William- son of J. & M. L. Foree - September 12, 1855 - July 26, 1866

Skirvin, Mahala - October 24, 1808 - April 25, 1875

Skirvin, William - May 15, 1803 - June 3, 1873

Skirvin, Joel - circa 1813 - June 20, 1864

Note: Virgil Chandler, Sr. states that Joel Skirvin's grave is located about two miles down Osborne Road on a farm. Joel and Anderson Simpson, A Hardened Union man, were murdered during The Civil War. Joel was a brother to William Skirvin listed above.

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