Nelson Family Cemetery

Nelson Family Cemetery
Compiled by Virginia Ackman Halmhuber
1 mile east of Groves Cemetery
(parenthesis are researchers notes)

J.E. Dunn born 1854

Melissa J. Dunn born 1846 died 1915 (wife of JE Dunn)

Mary Ellen Crosthwait born 1858 died 1884

Doran Crosthwait born 1882 died 1885 (son of Mary Crosthwait)

Wiley J. Hickman born 3/31/1925 died 10/9/1993
(omitted possibly living) born 1917

Elizabeth C. Walker born 1927 died 1963 (wife of Charles Walker)

Aunt Laura Rogers born 1868 died 1939

James W. Nelson born 1865 died 1932

Eliza A. Rogers Nelson born 1874 died 1949 (wife of James Nelson)

Verdie B. Nelson born 1906 died 1962 (son of James Nelson)

Bessie M. Nelson born 1907 died 1978 (wife of Verdie Nelson)

Mary Ann Nelson born 12/12/1844 died 11/23/1914

Q. Nelson born 6/25/1819 died 5/20/1907

Charles Freudiger born 3/16/1915 died 9/21/1984
(omitted possibly living) born 1/28/1935 (wife of Charles)

Henry M. Spears born December 15, 1868 died February 15, 1918 (2nd husband of Lucy Jane Nelson)

Lucy Jane Nelson Spears born May 30, 1856 died August 27, 1946 (daughter of Napoleon Bonaparte Nelson and Nancy Ann Burroughs)

William Noah Groves born November 16, 1846 died March 31, 1880 (1st husband of Lucy Jane Nelson) (Son of George Groves and Rebecca McLain)

Hettie N. Groves born April 19, 1877 died May 31, 1896 (daughter of Lucy Nelson and William Noah Groves)

George W. Groves Co. D 7th KY Cavalry born no dates.(born arnd 1820 died 9/25/1890) (Son of John E. Groves and Priscilla Shipp, husband of Rebecca McLain and Mahala Wolfe)

Walter Frank Groves born 1874 died 1959 ( Son of William Noah Groves and Nancy Nelson)( father of Ralph C. and Erm)

Ralph C. Groves PFC 421 Base JQ & AB SQ AAF WWI born April 1, 1894 died June 9, 1963 (son of Walter F. Groves)

Luther Calvin Groves born 1879 died 1952 (son William Noah Groves and Nancy Jane Nelson)

Bertha Antrobus Groves born 1891 died 1968

N.B. Nelson Born 1823 died 1910

Nancy A. Nelson born 1832 died 1917 (wife of NB Nelson)

?? N. Dunn (son of JE Dunn) born 4/6/1884 died 10/13/1885

William N. Dunn (son of JE Dunn) born 12/9/1877 died 3/18/1885

Theodore Nelson born 1876 died 1961

Catherine M. Nelson age 44 yrs (daughter of Plunkett) died 6/2/1894

Sarah Nelson (daughter of Kendall) (wife of Robinson Nelson) born 9/8/1799 died 1/8/1889

Robinson Nelson born 5/2/1789 died 12/10/1859

Ozro G. Nelson born 4/2/1884 died 10/20/1885 son of AR and Emily Nelson

Clarence Nelson born 9/29/ 1888 died 3/17/1890 son of AR and Emily Nelson

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