Elijah Clay Cemetery
The Elijah Clay Family Cemetery
Located on a farm at the end of Barnes Road
approximately three miles northwest of Williamstown.

Clay, Walter - Son of C. T. & S. J. Clay - Aged 11? Yrs. 11 mos. 16 days - February 21, 1885

Clay, Jesse C. - Aged 37 yrs. 4 days - May 4, 1891

Clay, Elijah S. - Husband of Mary J. Clay - April 8, 1820 - August 12, 1859

Clay, Mary J. - Wife of Elijah S. Clay - Aged 90 years - May 30, 1913

Clay, Charles Thomas - 1859 - 1898

Note: On Sunday, December 22, 1940 a memorial marker was erected in honor of C. T. Clay.


1859 - 1898
Son of Elijah Clay,
Son of Britain, Son of Charles,
Son of Henry (1714 - 1764),
Son of Henry, Son of Charles,
Son of Captain John Clay who
Arrived at Jamestown in 1613.

Surveyor's Note: "There are two graveyards a few yards apart. Charles T. Clay and Walter Clay are in one and the others are in the Elijah Clay graveyard. There are several sunken places and at least six fieldstone markers.

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