Sipes School, Grayson Co. KY - year unknown

Sipes School - year unknown
Grayson Co.

submitted by Aaron Duke

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Sipes School Students

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1. Earl Bractcher, 2. Lennie Edwards, 3. Henie Wilson, 4. Delbert Edwards, 5. Jenie Wilson, 6. Lillie Decker, 7. Raymond Downey, 8. Arnett Edwards, 9. Arland McCormick, 10. Alva Oller, 11. Porter Renfrow (Aaron's grand uncle), 12. Louis Payton, 13. Taplia Renfrow (Aaron's grand uncle), 14. Shelton Payton, 15. Opal Payton, 16. Flossie Renfrow (Aaron's grandmother), 17. Geneva Bayze, 18. Goldie Carwile, 19. Fannie Beatty, 20. Alice Edwards (?), 21. Ollie Renfrow (Flossie's cousin), 22. Gillis Oller, 23. Alberta McCormick, 24. Ira Decker, 25. Oscar Barton, 26. Alma Edwards, 27. Ella Wilson, 28. Unknown, 29. Roberta Edwards, 30. Unknown, 31. Darcy Wilson, 32. Eva Carwile, 33. Willie Renfrow, 34. Rusell Renfrow, 35. Fred Beatty, 36. Bloemer Edwards, 37. Rasye Barton, 38. Rollie Barton, 39. Oltes Barton, 40.Shelby Payton, 41. Annie Payton, 42. Unknown, 43. Unknown, 44. Homer McCormick, 45. Horton Barton, 46. Alphie Wilson, 47. Bell Carwile, 48. Russell Carwile, 49. Jesse Beyers (teacher), 50. Unknown

If you can help with the identification of anyone in this photo please email me.

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