Greenbriar School 1913 - Grayson Co. KY

Greenbriar School 1913
Grayson Co.

submitted by Larry Grimes

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Greenbriar School 1913

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Teacher: Olevia Crume.

The following was submitted with the picture from Larry

Olevia graduated from Bowling Green Teachers College. However, she took an exam without ever attending college and received a "3rd Class" teachers certificate, dated May 21, 1908, good for 1 year. After that she taught school, saved her money to get the additional schooling she needed to keep teaching. Her first teaching job was at the Chapel School in Tousey, Warren County, Kentucky, during the 1908-1909 school year. She boarded with Melvin and Harriet Young (parents of her future sister-in-law, Eva) and walked one mile to school. Fitzhugh Bratcher, the future husband of her sister, Beulah, was one of her pupils. Olevia remembered him "and his big brown eyes." The Youngs let Olevia have a riding horse to get back home to Spring Lick on weekends. When Arthur Crume was born, Olevia's sister Buelah met her at the gate to tell her about his birth when she came riding home.[Reference: Letter from Beulah Bratcher to Elsie Grimes, February 9, 1989.] On May 21, 1909, she received a "2nd Class" certificate good through July, 1911. In 1909, she began teaching at the Lone Star school near Falls of Rough, Grayson County, Kentucky. She received a "1st Class" certificate, dated May 26, 1910, and good for four years. We are not certain where she taught that year. The next year (1911-12) she taught at the East View School (also called Possum Trot School) in Spring Lick, Kentucky, and lived at home. (Her father, Jacob Crume, gave a part of his farm to the Carter School District when the school was built there.) Her sisters, Dolpha, Nona, Beulah, and Elsie Crume are pictured in the 1911 photo held by Elsie (Duncan) Grimes. Also pictured are her first cousins, Anna Rea, Alverda Mae and Merle Dale Crume, daughters of Joseph Lee and Cordlia Crume. Alvin Duncan was among her pupils at the Green Brier school in the 1912-13 academic year. Alvin was the brother of her future husband, Clarence.

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