Bardwell HS Senior Class 1934 - Carlisle Co., KY

Bardwell HS Senior Class 1934 - Carlisle Co.

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Bardwell HS Senior Class 1934

The print that was cut off at the bottom reads, BARDWELL, KY SR. CLASS MAY 1934.

Front Row:
1. Tom Patterson? (my dad had the name of Tom Utterback written on the back of the photo for this guy.), 2. u/k girl, 3. u/k girl, 4. Jack Gardner (Principal), 5. u/k girl, 6. J H Johnson and 7. Eugenia Ray?

Row 2:
1. u/k girl, 2. u/k boy, 3. Dorothy Cain, 4. Edith Bobo, 5. Curran Shepherd?, 6. u/k girl, 7. John E Martin, 8. Bonnie Boyd.

Row 3:
1. Jessie Stovall, 2. Eddie Mantle, 3. u/k girl, 4. Robert Gooch, 5. u/k girl, 6. Kelsie Martin, 7. u/k girl.

Back Row:
1. Edith Boyd, 2. Smith Duncan ?, 3. Odell Shepherd, 4. Dorothy Ellis, 5. Read Davis, 6. u/k girl, 7. Dick Bobo, 8. Martha Bodkin

If you can help with the identification of anyone in this photo please email me.

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