4th Grade York St. School, Newport Ky. circa 1900

4th Grade York St. School
Newport Ky. circa 1900

submitted by Kerry Kirk

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4th Grade York St. School, Newport Ky. circa 1900

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Row 1 (front)

? Marz, Albert ?, August Lohmayer, Earl Williams, Ted Marz, Walter Dressing, John Dressing

Row 2

unknown, Elsie Ashenblack(possibly Elsie Ashenback), Norma Black, Mary Machinot, Marie Grizzle, Mary Campbell, Kathrine Schnider, Katie Wilson, Helen Davis, Ebeth Hedger, Grace Turner

Row 3

Sadie Havens?, Elsie Linstedt, Alma Marsh, Ethel L??ader, Ruth Schuster, Margret Eckert Bessie Winstel, Isabela Biltz, Alma Puff, Emma Haasner, Alma? ???, Jessie Knight

Row 4

Susie Wyner?, Albert Tiemiyer, Arthur Tiemiyer, Charlie Barker, Walter Hughes, Earl Grey Charlie Marz, Wilbur Ehlen, Robert Simms, Edith Manix

Row 5 (back)

Louis E?sivesler, Harold Grouse, Thomas Velkley, Walter Ziegler, Roy ?itt, Leonard Alb?? John Sullivan

This school picture belonged to Grace Turner Harris (last child in row 2.) The names above were written on the back of the photo. If you can help with identification please email me.

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