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Kentucky Biographies

J Murphy
In Memory of Jeff

Webster Co., KY

Archibald, Lorenzo A.
Bailey, G.W.
Bailey, H.C.
Bailey, John G.
Baker, George M.
Baker, James
Baker, W.T.
Barnhill, James W.
Bassett, John A.
Beard, Johnson H.
Beeson, Charles F.
Bentley, A.E.
Beymer, Charles A.
Bishop, E.G.
Brame, Andrew J.
Brill, Gregory
Brooks, Willis Cornelius
Bruner, Robert Tabb
Burdon, John Lemaster
Campbell, George W.
Chandler, James M.
Chandler, William M.
Clark, Gilbert N.
Clark, James M.
Clark, William B.
Clayton, P.D.
Coffman, James Perry
Coffman, Richard Franklin
Coleman, William S.
Compton, Theodore M.
Corbett, Joseph
Couch, L.J.
Couch, Powhatan J.
Countzler, Peter
Crews, D.H.
Crowley, Edmund G.
Crowley, W.D.
Doris, C.A.
Duncan, William G.
Eakins, Isaiah
Edwards, Algernon
Franklin, James W.
Givens, Henry
Givens, John W.
Givens, Thomas K.
Griffin, P.H.
Griffith, William H.
Hall, L.B.
Hardwick, C.C.
Hearin, Ellis
Hicks, James J.
Hicks, Shelby
Holloman, Harvey B.
Horner, Stephen R.
Jackson, T.J.
James, Benjamin C.
Jenings, Benjamin
Jenkins, William Hall
Justice, J.A.
Korb, Lewis
Lisman, W.C.
McGaw, John P.
Melton, James
Melton, James L.
Mitchell, Joseph
Montgomery, John, Jr.
Montgomery, Thomas G.
Moore, Sidney Carter
Moore, W.I.
Morehead, David
Morrow, Will A.
Mounts, Campbell T.
Nall, George W.
Niswonger, Alexander
Northen, William S.
Orsburn, John W.
Orsburn, R.M.
Osburn, Isaac
Owen, Frank A.
Palmer, James D.
Parker, George
Parker, John C.
Parker, John H.
Parker, William Randolph
Patterson, John W.
Payne, Thomas B.
Petry, Henry
Poole, William W.
Powell, J.A.
Price, B.H.
Price, J.D.
Price, Thomas E.
Pride, Charles H.
Pullam, Benjamin B.
Qualls, James Henry
Reynolds, John Wesley
Rice, J.L.
Rork, William G.
Rudy, Jacob A.
Russell, F.M.
Russell, W.J.F.
Smith, Charles Morehead
Smith, John W.
Sokolski, H.
Soyars, James T.
Spencer, Charles W.
Stiman, Frederich W.
Strother, Henry
Tapp, Robert Calvin
Taylor, Pigman
Timmons, J.E.
Towry, George H.
Watson, Allen
Watson, B.
Whitson, Henry H.
Whittinghill, D.C.
Williams, James C.
Williams, Sylvester H.
Willingham, J.A.
Winstead, Bush D.
Wise, Henry H.
Womack, Oliver C.
Woodson, John J.
Wynns, John D.

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