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J Murphy
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Last updated: 10 Apr 1998

Below is the list of volunteers and the source(s) they are working from.  I
have also included a listing of the source books.  Those with asterisks are


NAME                            SOURCE

Jo Arnspiger                    HJCK

Debbie Atchley                  Lyon Co.

John Brandt                     KY:HotS Vol 5

Betty B. Card                   HK-JCK

Liz Castro                      KY:HotS Vol 1, Hardin*

Jackie Couture                  HMMCK

Susan Elliott                   HDCK

Barbara England                 HK-JCK?

Holly Fee-Timm                  se KY - open

Beulah A. Franks                KY:HotS Vol 7*, 8-a*




                                HKK Vol 3



Ellen FranKs                    miscellaneous southern

Jerri Fryar                     own biographies

Patricia M. Gibson              HUCK

Joann K. Gordon                 HRCI

Sandi Gorin                     KY:HotS Vol 1, 2




                                HKB Vol 2









Joyce Hayward                   HHCK

Brenda Jerome                   KY:HotS Crittenden

                                KY:HotS Caldwell

                                KY:HotS Graves*

Bob Kipke                       MRoWK vol 2

Sue Kirkman                     HACK

William Lacefield               HDMBAK*

Jeff Murphy                     KY:HotS Vol 1, Hancock*

                                KY:HotS Vol 3


Bill Oliver                     BCotCoK

Carole Palmer                   KY:HotS Vol 4, Spencer*

                                MRoWK vol 1

Malissa Robertson               KY:HotS ed 8b

Susan Swindell                  HFCK

Jo Thiessen                     BOGHSC

Nancy Trice                     KY:HotS Hopkins

William Utterback               KY:HotS Calloway


Here is a list of all sources.  Those with asterisks have been assigned,

but are not necessarily completed.

*KY:HotS   Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin.  9
           vols.  1880-90.  Reprinted as Kentucky Genealogy and Biography,
           McDowell Pub.

*BenLinn   From the Filson Club is the story "Benjamin Linn ... John Ritchie
           ... John Gilkey and a story of an early distillery in Kentucky.
           Dated Jan 7, 1985 by M.L. Coomes

*WCSE      Souvenir Edition - The Williamstown Courier, Williamstown, Ky., 
           May 30, 1901, reprinted September 19, 1981 by the Grant County
           KY Historical Society

*HC-C&J    History of Kentucky, by Lewis Collins, and J.A. & U.P. James, 
           published 1847.  Reprinted by Henry Clay Press, Lexington,
           Ky., 1968.

HKK        History of Kentucky and Kentuckians, three volumes, by E. Polk 
           Johnson, Lewis Publishing Co., New York & Chicago, 1912.  Vols 
           II and III contain biographical sketches 

*HK-JCK    History of Kentucky, five volumes, edited by Judge Charles Kerr,

           American Historical Society, New York & Chicago, 1922.  

           Biographical sketches in Vols III, IV, & V.

*BCotCoK   Biographical Cyclopedia of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, John M.
           Gersham Co., Chicago & Philadelphia, 1896.  Reprinted by
           Cook-McDowell Publications, Owensboro, KY, 1980, and by Southern
           Historical Press, Easley, SC, 1980.

BEoK       Biographical Encyclopedia of Kentucky, J.M. Armstrong & Co., 
           1878, Cincinnati, Ohio.  Reprinted by Southern Historical Press, 
           Easley, SC, 1980.

*L&LoK     Lawyers and Lawmakers of Kentucky, By H. Levin, editor, 1897.
           Reprinted by Southern Historical Press, Easley, SC, 1982.  808 pp.

HC-C&C     History of Kentucky, by Lewis Collins and Richard W. Collins, 
           two volumes, 1874.  Biographical sketches appear in Vol. II.
           Reprinted by Kentucky Imprints, Berea, KY, 1976.

*HFK       Historic Families of Kentucky, Thomas Marshall Green, 1889.  
           Reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Company, 1996.

*FS&TC     The Register of the Kentucky State Historical Society, Frankfort, 
           Ky. May, 1920, Vol. 18, No. 53. "Famous Steamboats and Their 
           Captains on Western and Southern Waters.  (Conclusion) by Ella 
           Hutchison Ellwanger. pp. 43-44. 

*HACK      History of Adair Co., Kentucky, Judge Rollin T. Hurt, Adair Co. 
           News, 1919.  Republished as Notes on Adair Co., Kentucky, John 
           Avroe Steele.  Republished by Michael Watson, 1994.

*HBSHNCK   History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison, and Nicholas Counties, 
           Kentucky, ed. by William H. Perrin, O.L. Baskin & Co., Chicago, 
           1882.  Reprinted 1979 by Southern Historical Press.  Reprinted 
           1968 by Guild Reprints, Inc.

MotLOV     Memoirs of the Lower Ohio Valley, two volumes, Federal Publishing
           Company, Madison, WI, 1905.  Reprinted in one volume by 
           Unigraphic, Inc., Evansville, IN, 1971.

HotOFCatC  History of the Ohio Falls Cities and their Counties, Vol. I, L.A.
           Williams & Company, Cleveland.  Reprinted by Unigraphic, Inc.,
           Evansville, IN, 1968.

*MRoWK     Memorial Record of Western Kentucky, two volumes, Lewis Publishing
           Company, Chicago & New York, 1904-05.  Reprinted in one volume,
           Cook-McDowell Publications, Harford, KY, 1979.

*ToLA      The Times of Long Ago, Barren County, Kentucky, Franklin Gorin, 
           J.P. Morton & Company, Louisville, 1929.  Published originally 
           in the Glasgow Weekly Times, 1870's.

*CoCKY     County of Christian, Kentucky, ed. William H. Perrin, F.A. Battey 
           Co., Chicago, 1884.  Reprinted by Unigraphic, Inc., Evansville,
           IN 1972.  Reprinted by The Reprint Co., Spartanburg, SC, 1979.

*HDCK      History of Daviess County, Kentucky, Inter-State Publishing Co.,
           Chicago, 1883.  Reprinted Unigraphic, Inc., Evansville, IN, 1974.
           Reprinted McDowell Publications, Utica, KY, 1980.

HIECK      The History of Irvine and Estill County, Kentucky, by E.C. Parks, 
           1906.  Reprinted by the Estill County Historical and Genealogical
           Society, 1984.

*HFCK      History of Fayette County, Kentucky, by Robert Peter, ed. by 
           William H. Perrin, O.L. Baskin Co., Chicago, 1882.  Reprinted by 
           Southern Historical Press, Easley, SC, 1979.

HFrCK      The History of Franklin County, Kentucky, by Lewis F. Johnson, 
           Roberts Printing Co., Frankfort, 1912.

CC&oC      Chronicles of Cynthiana and Other Chronicles, by Mrs. L. Boyd, 
           Robert Clarke & Co., Cincinnati, 1894.

*HKGC      A History of Kentucky Embracing Gleanings, Reminiscences, 
           Antiquities, Natural Curiosities, Statistics and Biographical 
           Sketches of Pioneers, Soldiers, Jurists, Lawyers, Statesmen, 
           Divines, Mechanics, Farmers, Merchants, and other occupations 
           and pursuits By William B. Allen, Author of the Kentucky 
           Officers' Guide.  Published 1872 by Bradley & Gilbert, Publishers, 
           Louisville, KY.  Reprinted 1967 by the Green County Historical 
           Society in observance of the 175th Anniversary of the 
           Commonwealth of Kentucky and Green County. 

*HHCK      History of Henderson County, Kentucky, by Edmund L. Starling, 
           1887.  Reprinted Unigraphic, Inc., Evansville, IN, 1965.

MHL        Memorial History of Louisville from the First Settlement to the 
           Year 1896, two volumes, ed. J. Stoddard Johnston, American 
           Biographical Publishing Co., Chicago & New York, 1896.

*HJCK      A History of Jessamine County, Kentucky from its Earliest 
           Settlement to 1896, by Bennett H. Young, Courier-Journal Job 
           Printing, Louisville, 1898.  Reprinted by Cook-McDowell 
           Publications, Hartford, KY, 1979.

HLCK       History of Lewis County, Kentucky, O. G. Ragan, Jennings &
           Graham Co., Cincinnati, 1912.  Reprinted Unigraphic, Inc.,
           Evansville, Ind., 1979.

HMMCK      A History of Masonry in Madison County, Kentucky 1812-1913, 
           compiled and written by Robert R. Burnam, 1914.

*HMCK      A History of Muhlenberg County, by Otto A. Rothert, John P. 
           Norton Co., Louisville, 1913.

*BOGHSC    The B.O. Gaines History of Scott County, two volumes, B.O. Gaines,
           B.O. Gaines Press, 1905.

*HTCK      History of Todd County, Kentucky, ed. J.H. Battle, 1884.  
           Reprinted by Southern Historical Press, Easley, SD, 1979.

*HTCHB     History of Trigg County, Historical and Biographical, ed. W.H. 
           Perrin, F.A. Battey Pub. Co., Chicago, 1884.  Reprinted by The 
           Reprint Co., Spartanburg, SC, 1979.

*HUCK      History of Union County, Kentucky, by Charles J. O'Malley, Courier
           Printing Co., Louisville, 1886.  Reprinted by Unigraphic, Inc., 
           Evansville, IN, 1969.

*HKB       History of Kentucky Baptists, 1769-1885, two volumes, by J.H. 
           Spencer, 1886.  Available from AGLL, P.O. Box 244, Bountiful, UT 

*JHBSLA    The Jubilee History and Biographical Sketches of Liberty 
           Association, by G.R. Ford, Printed and Published by Times 
           Publishing Company of Smiths Grove, KY, 1916.

*HMCI      History of Macon County, Illinois with Illustrations Descriptive 
           of its Scenery and Biographical Sketches of Some of is Prominent 
           Men and Pioneers.  Brink, McDonough & Co., Philadelphia, 1880.  
           Reprinted 1972 by the Decatur, Illinois Historical Society.

*HDMBAK    A History of the Daviess-McLean Baptist Association in Kentucky,
           1844-1943 by Wendell H. Rone.  Probably published in 1944 by
           Messenger Job Printing Co., Inc., Owensboro, Kentucky.  Used
           by permission.

*HRCI      HISTORY OF RUSH COUNTY, INDIANA: From the earliest time to the 
           present, with biographical sketches, notes, etc.  Illustrated; 
           Chicago: Brant & Fuller, 1888.

*SHGRMBC   A Sesquicentennial History of the Green River Missionary Baptist 
           Church 1836 - 1986, Written and Compiled by Wendell Holmes Rone, 
           Sr., For the One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Founding 
           of the Church, 1987. By permission of author.


Sources outside Kentucky:

*HLOWCI    History of Lawrence, Orange and Washington Counties, Indiana From 
           the Earliest Time to the Present; Together with Interesting 
           Biographical Sketches, Reminiscences, Notes, Etc.  Chicago, 
           Goodspeed Bros., & Co., Publishers, 1884. Weston A. Goodspeed, 
           Leroy C. Goodspeed, Charles L. Goodspeed.

           Industries and Institutions by Warder W. Stevens.  With 
           Biographical Sketches of Representative Citizens and Genealogical 
           Records of Many of the Old Families.  Illustrated, 1916, B. F. 
           Bowen & Company, Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana.


Here is a list of sources we wish we could use, but can't due to copyright

History of Kentucky, four volumes; Vol. I by Temple Bodley; Vol. II 
Samuel Wilson; Vols III & IV are entirely biographical sketches, S.J.
Publishing Company, Chicago & Louisville, 1928.

A Sesqui-Centennial History of Kentucky, four volumes, Hambleton Tapp,
Editor, and Frederick A. Wallis, Supervising Editor.  The Historical
Record Association, Hopkinsville & Louisville, Ky., and Little Rock, Ark.,
1945.  Biographical sketches appear in Vols II, III, & IV.

A History of Anderson County, begun 1884 by Major Lewis W. McKee, concluded
1936 by Mrs. Lydia K. Bond, Roberts Printing Co., Frankfort, 1936.  Reprinted
Regional Pub. Co., Baltimore, 1975.

A History of Bath County, Kentucky, John A. Richards, Yuma, Arizona,
Southwest Press, 1961.

History of Bell County, Kentucky, 2 vols., Henry H. Fuson, Hobson Book
Press, New York, 1947.

History of Mercer and Boyle Counties, Mrs. Maria (Thompson) Daviess,
Harrodsburg Herald, Harrodsburg, Ky., 1924.  Reprinted by Cook-McDowell
Publications, 1979.

History and Legend of Breckinridge County, Kentucky, William Thompson,

First History of Caldwell County, Kentucky, Clausine R. Baker, Commercial
Press, Madisonville, 1936.

History of Calloway County, Kentucky, compiled by the publisher, Ledger &
Times, Murray, Ky., ca. 1931.  Reprinted Kentucky Reprint Co., Murray, 1972.
Pages unnumbered, page numbers assigned.

The Men, Women, Events, Institutions and Lore of Casey County, Kentucky,
Willie M. Watkins, Printing Company, Louisville, 1939.

Casey County, Kentucky 1806-1977, Gladys Cotham Thomas, Bicentennial 
Heritage Corporation, Liberty, Kentucky, 1977.

A History of Christian County, Kentucky, Charles A. Meacham, Marshall
& Bruce Co., Nashville, 1930.  Reprinted Unigraphic, Inc., Evansville, 
Ind., 1974.

History of Cumberland County, Joseph W. Wells, Standard Printing Co.,
Louisville, 1947.  Can't be used, copyrighted (per SG).

History of Owensboro and Daviess County, Kentucky, Hugh O. Potter,
Daviess County Historical Society, Owensboro, 1974.

Early Frankfort and Franklin County, Kentucky 1750-1850, Willard R.
Jillson, Standard Printing Co., Louisville, 1936.

Patches of Garrard County, 1796-1974, Lancaster Womans Club, Lancaster,
Ky., 1974.

History of Greenup County, Kentucky, Nina M. Biggs and M. L. Mackay,
Franklin Press, 1951.

Two Centuries in Elizabethtown and Hardin County, Kentucky 1776-1976,
Daniel Elmo McClure, Jr., Hardin County Historical Soc., Elizabethtown,
Ky., 1979.

A History of Harlan County, Mabel G. Condon, Parthenon Press, Nashville,

The Annals and Scandals of Henderson County, Kentucky, Maralee Arnett,
Fremar Publishing Co., Corydon, Ky., 1976.

History of Henry County, Kentucky, Maude (Johnson) Drane, Frankin
Printing Co., Louisville, 1948.

Hickman County, Kentucky, History, Hickman County Historical Society,
Clinton, Ky., 1983.

History of Hopkins County, Kentucky, Maurice K. Gordon, Hopkins County
Genealogical Society, Madisonville, Ky., 1978.

A History of Early Jeffersontown and South Eastern Jefferson County, 
Kentucky, Robert C. Jobson, published by author, 1977.

Johnson County History, Mitchell Hall, Standard Printing Company, 
Louisville, 1928.  Two vols.  Sketches appear in family genealogy form 
in Vol. II.

A New History of Muhlenberg County, Paul Camplin, Caney Station Books,
Greenville, Ky., 1984.

Historic Nelson County - Its Towns and People, Sarah B. Smith, Bardstown,
Kentucky, 1983.

History of Nicholas County, Joan W. Conley, Nicholas County Historical
Society, 1976.

Ohio County, Kentucky, In the Olden Days, Harrison D. Taylor, J.P. Morton
& Co., Louisville, 1926.  Reprinted by Regional Publishing Co., Baltimore,

History of No Creek, Ohio County, Kentucky, Harry D. Tinsley, Roberts 
Printing Co., Frankfort, 1953.

History of Owen County, Kentucky, Miriam S. Houchens, Owen County 

Historical Society, Owenton, Ky., 1976.

History of Perry County, Kentucky, Hazard Chapter, D.A.R., by Eunice T. 
Johnson, 1953.

History of Shelby County, Kentucky, George L. Willis, C.T. Dearing Co.,
Louisville, 1929.  Reprinted Cook-McDowell Publications, Inc., Owensboro,
Ky., 1979.

The Story of Todd County, Kentucky 1820-1970, by Francis M. Williams,
Parthenon Press, Nashville, 1972.

Union County, Past and Present, W.P.A., Schumann Printing Co., Louisville,

A Century of Wayne County, Kentucky, Augusta P. Johnson, Standard Printing
Co., Louisville, 1939.  Reprinted Unigraphic, Inc., Evansville, Ind., 1979.

History of Woodford County, William E. Railey, Roberts Printing Company,
Frankfort, 1928.  Reprinted by Regional Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1975.

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