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Kentucky Biographies

J Murphy
In Memory of Jeff


Taber, W.W. (Hancock)
Taggart, R.D. (Spencer)
Talbot, Isham (Green)
Talbot, Isham (Franklin)
Talbot, Isham (Franklin)
Talbot, James H. (Bourbon)
Talbot, Nicholas (Boone)
Talbot, Family (Jefferson)
Talbott, Charles (Bourbon)
Talbott, Charles L. (Bourbon)
Talbott, John P. (Bourbon)
Talbott, J.T. (Bourbon)
Talbott, John T. (Bourbon)
Talbott, Lunceford (Bourbon)
Talliaferro, Lawrence (unknown)
Taliaferro, Samuel W. (Todd)
Taliaferro, T.F. (Campbell)
Talley, James B. (Todd)
Tandy, Albert T. (Carroll)
Tandy, Charles E. (Todd)
Tandy, E.J. (Carroll)
Tandy, John Davis (Todd)
Tandy, Sarah A., Mrs. (Todd)
Tanner, Frederick (McLean)
Tanner, Joel (Boone)
Tanner, Joshua Z. (Boone)
Tanner, Samuel H. (Butler)
Tanner, William C. (Boone)
Taoffe, James J. (Fleming)
Tapp, Robert Calvin (Webster)
Tapp, S.M. (Grant)
Tapp, William H. (Jefferson)
Tappert, William (Kenton)
Tarleton, Robert H. (Mason)
Tarr, John (Bourbon)
Tarr, Robert (Bourbon)
Tarr, William (Bourbon)
Tarter, J.T. (Pulaski)
Tartt, James M. (Graves)
Tarvin, James P. (Kenton)
Tarvin, W.W. (Kenton)
Tate, James W. (Franklin)
Tate, Sam O. (Wayne)
Tate, W.F. (Todd)
Tatum, William (Logan)
Taylor, Alfred (Daviess)
Taylor, A.A. (Harrison)
Taylor, Alonzo G. (Oldham)
Taylor, Benjamin F. (Metcalfe)
Taylor, Brooken T. (Livingston)
Taylor, Franklin (Jessamine)
Taylor, F.D. (Harrison)
Taylor, Garrard Banks (Butler)
Taylor, Hubbard (Clark)
Taylor, H.F. (Casey)
Taylor, Joseph (Daviess)
Taylor, John (Pendleton)
Taylor, Jacob (Harrison)
Taylor, James (Scott)
Taylor, James, Mrs. (Campbell)
Taylor, John (unknown)
Taylor, James (Campbell)
Taylor, James (Campbell)
Taylor, John B. (Campbell)
Taylor, Joseph E. (Butler)
Taylor, J.L. (Bourbon)
Taylor, James Pendleton (Ohio)
Taylor, Judson Slade (Ohio)
Taylor, J.S. (Shelby)
Taylor, John T. (Daviess)
Taylor, Joseph Thomas (Ohio)
Taylor, Newton (Harrison)
Taylor, Pigman (Webster)
Taylor, Philip R. (Oldham)
Taylor, Richard Thomas & Septimus L. (Butler)
Taylor, Sanford (Oldham)
Taylor, Sallie E., Mrs. (Todd)
Taylor, Stephen Slade (Ohio)
Taylor, Thomas L. (Ohio)
Taylor, Family (Clark)
Taylor, William B. (unknown)
Taylor, William Berry (Oldham)
Taylor, William Carey, Sr. (Ohio)
Taylor, William M. (Harrison)
Taylor, W.S. (Butler)
Taylor, W.Y. (Christian)
Taylor, Young (McCracken)
Taylor, Zachariah (Metcalfe)
Teager, M.M. (Fleming)
Tebbs, H.H. (Harrison)
Tebbs, James J. (Harrison)
Tegarden, Robert (Fayette)
Tegarden, Samuel R. (Shelby)
Templeman, John D. (Caldwell)
Templin, Terah (Washington)
Tennes, Christina, Mrs. (Daviess)
Terrell, John Horace (McCracken)
Terrell, Richard G. (McCracken)
Terrell, Robert M. (Bourbon)
Terrell, William H. (Jefferson)
Terrill, George W. (Boone)
Terrill, Jonas C. (Boone)
Terrill, William R. (Boone)
Terry, Christopher C. (Barren)
Terry, F.G. (Trigg)
Terry, Josiah Moss (Jefferson)
Terry, Theophilus B. & John L. (Barren)
Terry, William A. (Barren)
Terry, William S. (Barren)
Tevis, David Russel (Madison)
Tevis, John (unknown)
Thacker, William W. (Lyon)
Tharp, James Howard (Ballard)
Theobald, Eddie E. (Grant)
Theobald, Griffin P. (Owen)
Theobald, John (Owen)
Thomas, Alexander (Scott)
Thomas, Alfred (Trigg)
Thomas, A. (Trigg)
Thomas, Cleo (Lincoln)
Thomas, Christopher C. (Ohio)
Thomas, D. (Scott)
Thomas, Erasmus (Nicholas)
Thomas, Edwin K. (Bourbon)
Thomas, Erastus O. (Butler)
Thomas, F.M. (Trigg)
Thomas, Henry O. (Bourbon)
Thomas, Jackson (Bourbon)
Thomas, Jackson (Bourbon)
Thomas, J.J. (Trigg)
Thomas, J.M. (Bourbon)
Thomas, John W. (Bourbon)
Thomas, J.W. (Graves)
Thomas, Lewis F. (unknown)
Thomas, Leo T. (Scott)
Thomas, Mitchell W. (Boyd)
Thomas, Peyton (Trigg)
Thomas, Samuel C. (Bourbon)
Thomas, Family (Shelby)
Thomas, William (Bourbon)
Thomas, William H. (Bourbon)
Thomas, Warren La Rue (Jefferson)
Thomas, Z.B. (Graves)
Thomasson, John C. (Scott)
Thomerson, James W. (Barren)
Thompson, Andrew (Nicholas)
Thompson, Alpheus G. (Barren)
Thompson, C.C. (McCracken)
Thompson, Catlett W. (Metcalfe)
Thompson, Daniel (Bourbon)
Thompson, George C. (McCracken)
Thompson, George F. (Franklin)
Thompson, H.H. (Caldwell)
Thompson, James H. (Bourbon)
Thompson, James M. (Grant)
Thompson, J.T. (Daviess)
Thompson, Joseph W. (McCracken)
Thompson, Mildred D., Mrs. (Woodford)
Thompson, Moses S. (Trigg)
Thompson, Robert (Scott)
Thompson, R.H. (Jefferson)
Thompson, T.L. (Harrison)
Thompson, William (Barren)
Thomson, Preston (Scott)
Thomson, Robert Alexander (Franklin)
Thomson, W.Z. (Scott)
Thornberry, Elijah (Scott)
Thornburg, Amos (Mercer)
Thorne, William P. (Henry)
Thornton, Anthony (Bourbon)
Thornton, George A. (Bourbon)
Thornton, John W. (Boyd)
Thornton, S. Reuben (Woodford)
Thornton, T.T. (Bourbon)
Threlkeld, Alonzo (Grant)
Threlkeld, Elijah (Scott)
Threlkeld, J.D. (Livingston)
Threlkeld, J.P. (Livingston)
Threlkeld, M.H. (Livingston)
Threlkeld, R.F. (Livingston)
Thrift, Andrew J. (Christian)
Throckmorton, H.C. (Nicholas)
Throop, P.T. (Nicholas)
Thruston, John Buckner (Jefferson)
Thurman, Robert Livingston (Washington)] Thurston, Laura M., Mrs. (Jefferson)
Tice, W.W. (Graves)
Tichenor, Lewis C. (Ohio)
Tichenor, Manley Berry (Daviess)
Tichenor, O.P. (Spencer)
Tidrick, Richard L. (Henry)
Tieman, William, Jr. (Campbell)
Tierney, Edward T. (Jefferson)
Tilton, Nimrod A. (Robertson)
Timberlake, Ivison Brooks (Daviess)
Timberlake, John R. (Oldham)
Timmons, D.C. (Graves)
Timmons, J.E. (Webster)
Tincher, James (unknown)
Tinsley, John M. (Butler)
Tinsley, William S. (Trigg)
Tinsly, Owen (Franklin)
Tobin, Lawrence (Franklin)
Tobin, Richard (Franklin)
Todd, Harry Innes (Franklin)
Todd, John (Campbell)
Todd, James Dabney (Franklin)
Todd, John N. (Caldwell)
Todd, McKenzie Robertson (Franklin)
Todd, Thomas (Madison)
Todd, Thomas (Franklin)
Todd, William B. (Hopkins)
Todhunter, Family (Wayne)
Tolbert, Benjamin (McLean)
Toler, Henry (unknown)
Tolin, Samuel W. (Boone)
Tolley, John N. (Livingston)
Tome, J.B. (Edmonson)
Tomlin, Asa (Grant)
Tomlin, J.C. (Grant)
Tompkins, Christopher (Barren)
Toncray, Silas T. (Shelby)
Toner, J.E. (unknown)
Toney, Sterling B. (Jefferson)
Tong, Oscar (Daviess)
Tooley, Theodric (Monroe)
Torian, John H. (Graves)
Torian, James T. (Graves)
Torian, Thomas K. (Trigg)
Totten, John (Henry)
Tout, T.M. (Nicholas)
Towe, J.H. (Ohio)
Townsend, Oliver L. (Anderson)
Towry, George H. (Webster)
Trabue, B.F. (Barren)
Trabue, B.M. (Todd)
Trabue, L.P. (Todd)
Trail, A.L. (Livingston)
Trail, G.A. (Livingston)
Traughber, Daniel (Logan)
Traughber, Henry (Logan)
Travis, Daniel (Crittenden)
Travis, D.J. (Lyon)
Travis, Fannie, Mrs. (Crittenden)
Treanor, John L. (Jefferson)
Trigg, Haiden (Barren)] Trigg, William F. (Barren)
Trimble, Isaac (Livingston)
Trimble, Isaac Newton (Ballard)
Trimble, John (Harrison)
Trimble, James A. (Livingston)
Trimble, Mary E. South, Mrs. (Franklin)
Trimble, Robert (Bourbon)
Trimble, William Pitt (Harrison)
Trimnell, C.W. (Grant)
Trimnell, John C. (Grant)
Triplett, George W. (Daviess)
Trout, William (Trimble)
Trout, William F. (unknown)
Troutman, Francis (Bourbon)
Troutman, George Timothy (Union)
Troutman, H.F. (Anderson)
Troutman, Joseph L. (Bullitt)Truax, George L. (Harrison)
True, Fountain G. (Owen)
Truesdell, Helen, Mrs. (Campbell)
Truman, Harry C. (Jefferson)
Trundle, J.L. (Bourbon)
Trussell, Francis B. (Greenup)
Tuck, Philip Henry (Butler)
Tucker, G.B. (Scott)
Tucker, Levi (Todd)
Tucker, Samuel (Henry)
Tucker, Samuel (Mason)
Tucker, Thomas M. (unknown)
Tuley, Enos S. (Jefferson)
Tupman, W.C. (Kenton)
Turk, John W. (Carlisle)
Turley, Aaron (Barren)
Turley, Jonathan (Barren)
Turley, William (Gallatin)
Turnbow, George W. (Bullitt)
Turnbull, Lenox B., Jr. (Perry)
Turner, Benjamin F. (Henry)
Turner, Charles (Bourbon)
Turner, Charles R. (Bourbon)
Turner, Enos (unknown)
Turner, Edward William (Madison)
Turner, George W. (Harrison)
Turner, Hamilton B. (Butler)
Turner, Henry Fielding (Henderson)
Turner, Joseph (Madison)
Turner, James A. (Union)
Turner, John L. (Trigg)
Turner, Joseph P. (Jessamine)
Turner, Robert R. (Trigg)
Turner, Stephen Barton (Butler)
Turner, Sidney Kerly (Madison)
Turner, Samuel P. (Grant)
Turner, William (Warren)
Turner, William A. (Graves)
Turner, William F. (Trigg)
Turner, W.H. (Campbell)
Turner, William J. (Henry)
Turner, William J. (Woodford)
Turner, Willis M. (Monroe)
Turney, Daniel (Bourbon)
Turney, Matt (Bourbon)
Tutt, John W. (Todd)
Tuttle, William W. (Nicholas)
Tygret, J.T. (Warren)
Tyler, Ernest (Shelby)
Tyler, Quintus M. (Trigg)
Tyler, S.M. Hooper (Jefferson)

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