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                            Data Entry Standards

9/15/96 jm

The following standards are to be used by all project data entry

Hard carriage returns are required.  It appears that few of the newer
programs provide a way to do this.  We want everyone to use a standard line
length of 75 characters.

Enter all spelling and punctuation as it is in the original document.

Please double-space at the end of each sentence after the period.

When the biography contains paragraphs, please use a standard 5-character
tab for indenting.

When entering existing biographies, there are times when an obvious error
exists in the original document.  Enter the data as it is, but insert [sic]
after the error.

Each entry will contain

     the source for the biography

     the biography entry

     a list of surnames in the document

     a list of additional locations mentioned in the biography

When several people are entering from the same document, we will establish
a standardized source format, so that all will look the same.

Biographies generally list the location of the subject.  If this is not
done, assume the location is the place the subject was living at the time
the biography was written.  If there is no indication as to where the
subject was living, assume the location is the subject's location at time
of death.  Biographies are stored in the archives by the county location.  

In the subject index at the bottom, include the subject's surname. 

When listing additional locations

     show KY counties as Mason Hopkins Adair etc.  (However, there is
     no objection to showing them as other states, as Mason-KY Hopkins-KY
     Adair-KY etc.) 

     show non-KY counties with their state, as Culpeper-VA, Franklin-TN

     use two-character U.S. postal code abbreviations for states

     show country names completely, as Scotland, Holland, England

     do not list cities or towns unless you show the county also

     do not include commas or colons

     do not include the word "county" or "Co."

     do not include the location from the top of the page

     separate the locations from the surnames with an "=" sign

     with multiple word locations, use an underline to show the connection

     if there are no additional locations, enter the word "none"

     Ohio Co. is Ohio; Ohio state is OH


Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 2nd ed., 1885,
Butler Co.

JOHN W. BAILEY, Butler County, was born May 4, 1811, in Granville County,
N.C., where he grew to manhood, and in 1842, removed to Butler County, Ky.,
where he has since resided.  His father Israel Bailey, a native of
Granville County, died in 1853, at the age of eight-five years.  He was the
son of Jeremiah Bailey of North Carolina, who died in 1811.  Israel married
Mary, daughter of Ned Harris, of Granville County (died about 1857, aged
sixty-six years).  Their children are Samuel, Israel, Allen, Anderson,
Matilda (Davis), Solomon, John W., Mahala (Dilon), Joseph, Priscilla
(Bailey) and Henderson.  September 8, 1829, J. W. Bailey married Lucy,
daughter of John and Tabitha (Harris) Snead, of Wake County, N.C. (born
February 4, 1809, died March 13, 1835).  To them were born Sarah A. T.
(Bailey), Henry A. (deceased), Mary S., Elizabeth A., Doc. Samuel J.,
Israel, Perlina, and Emily C. (Barclay).  Mr. Bailey is a farmer, and has
277 acres of land in a good state of cultivation.  He is a Missionary
Baptist, and in politics affiliates with the Democratic party.

Bailey Harris Davis Dilon Snead Barclay



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