Wills; Book A

Gallatin County Wills & Deeds

Book A

Abstracts of Early Gallatin County Wills, Copied from Original and Recorded Wills.

In the Wills, the first date given is the date of instrument (when the will was written), the second date is the probate date. Abbreviations used: Wit: witness; Bro: brother; Ex: Executor & Executrix; Apprs: Appraisers; Admr: Administrator(s)

AYERS, Thomas, Nov., 11, 1811. May 11, 1812. Wife; Mary. Legatees: children of son Thomas Cornelius, sons Daniel C. and Lewis. Wit: John Scott, Sallie Jones. Apprs: John Scott, James Jones, William Blanton, Allen A. Hamilton.


BLANTON, James, Sept. 18, 1814. Feb. 1815. Wife; Jane. Twelve children. Ex. Jane Blanton, John Scott. Wit: John Barnard, Dane Gambrial, Moses Jackson.


BLEDSOE, Joseph, July 12, 1812. Sept. 11, 1812. Wife: Nancy. Children: John, Moses, Bob, Gilbert. Admr: Isaac Bledsoe, Moses Jackson. Wit: Isaac Ellis, Abraham Bledsoe, James Blanton, Robert Scanland.


BLEDSOE, William, Feb. 26, 1817, Oct., 14, 1817. Wife and children mentioned but not named. Admr: John Brock. Wit: Henry Yates, Robert Yates, Robert Guinea.


BLEDSOE, Zachariah, Feb. 1, 1815, March 1815. Wife: Anne. Admr: John and Moses Bledsoe. Wit: Alex Darter, Samuel Sanders, John B. Shelton.


CLAYTON, Jacob, Oct. 12, 1808. June 1809. Apprs: James Wilson, J. Searce, Edward Holman.


EATON, William. Sept. 1, 1817. Wife: Anna. Apprs: John McNeal, Green W. Shelton, John A. Alexander. Admr: Wife Anna, Samuel Todd.


EDMONSON, Philip. Feb. 27, 1805. March 1805. Wife: Susana. Legatees: Son Robert and his heirs. Ex: Robert Sale, William Blanton. Wit: Moses Ray, Moses Jackson, James Furnish. Inventory: April 25, 1805. Apprs: William Ellis, Robert Sale.


GARDNER, John. April 29, 1806. Aug. 1806. Wife: Nancy. Wife to have estate as long as she remains his widow. Mentions children. Wit: Robert King, John Conway, John Taylor.


GRAY, Drakeford. Inventory, Sept. 1804. Apprs: Hugh Gatewood, Joseph Bledsoe, John Wood. Ex: Jesse Gray.


GULLION, Jeremiah. Inventory, Sept. 1, 1816. Admr: Belle Gullion. Apprs: John Brown, Jerry Gullion, John Gullion.


GULLION, Thomas. Inventory, May 11, 1810. Admr: Jeremiah Gullion. Wit: Jeremiah Gullion,  Janet Dement.


HAIT, John. June 30, 1814. Wife: Margaret. Children: mentioned but not named. Ex: Wife. Apprs: Dane Owens, Thomas Carrico, Samuel Sanders.


HARRIS, Vincent. Inventory, June 23, 1806. Apprs: John Lister, James Coghill, Daniel ----?


HOLLOWAY, Hugh. July 1817. Sept. 1817. Heirs, but not named.


JENNINGS, Jonathan. Dec. 23, 1810. Sept. 1816. Wit: John Bond, Joseph Gray, Moses Baker. Admr: Samuel Todd.


JENNINGS, Jonathan. Jan. 14, 1800. March 1817. Wife: Elizabeth. Admr: wife. Wit: John Gatewood.


KELLY, Samuel. Jan. 11, 1813. Feb. 8, 1813. Wife: Mary. Wit: Robert King, John Thomas, Osbourne King. Admr: Mary King.


KING, John. Dec. 23, 1805. Admr: Robert King.


KING, William. Inventory. Jan. 1, 1806. Wit: P. B. Butler.


KING, William. Jan. 18, 1800. Wife: Elizabeth. Wit: Prisley Gray, Jesse Connoll, George Lewis.


LEE, Gresham. Feb. 10, 1803. March 1, 1803. Heirs but not named. Wit: Martin Hawkin, Percival Butler, Robert Scanland.


MADDOX, James. Inventory. Oct. 6, 1806. Apprs: Samuel Owens, William Blanton, Isaac James.


McCLELAND, Joseph, July 14, 1817. Sept. 1817. Wife: Mary Mills. Son: Andrew M. Ex: Wife, Henry Winslow, ------- Gatewood. Wit: James R. Lowe, Jas. Tarbitt, J. B. Bernard.