Gallatin Co. Resources

Gallatin County Resources


County Records

  • County Clerk [has Marriage Records from 1799 and Land Records from 1798 ]
    P.O. Box 1309, Warsaw, KY 41095-0616; Phone: (859) 567-5411, FAX: (859) 567-5444


  • Clerk of the Circuit Court [has Probate Records from 1800 and Court Records from 1799 ]
    Courthouse, 100 Main Street, Warsaw, Kentucky, 41095; Phone Number(s): (859)567-5241, (859) 567-2388

Genealogical Addresses

  • Gallatin County Historical Society, P. O. Box 920, Warsaw, KY 41095

Gallatin Public Library
PO Box 258
Warsaw, KY 41095

Population/Cities & Land Area

Gallatin County's three main cities are; Glencoe, Sparta & Warsaw (county seat). 

Gallatin County is the smallest county in KY with 98.91 square miles. 

The population of Gallatin County was 7,870 in  2003.

Schools in Gallatin County

Gallatin Co Alternative School
Gallatin County Elementary School
Gallatin County High School
Gallatin County Middle School
Gallatin County Upper Elementary School

Gallatin County Migrations Project



Date Created: December 14, 1798 County Seat: Warsaw
Name Origin: Albert Gallatin secretary of the treasury Formed From: Franklin and Shelby Counties