Cary Ellis and Henry Arnett Smith A Lexington Kentucky Photo Album

Carrie Ellis and Henry Arnett Smith
A Lexington Kentucky Photo Album
From the Collection of Gary Young

Carrie Ellis lived on Mill Street in Lexington, Fayette County Kentucky and may have attended Sayre School before marrying Henry A. Smith, a waiter at the prestigious Lafayette Hotel. The Smiths resided at 589 West Second Street in Lexington where they enjoyed a comfortable life that included extensive vacation trips. If you have additional information about the individuals in the photographs, please e-mail Gary Young.

Carrie Ellis Smith
(1897 - 1987)

Henry Arnett Smith


The Smith Photo Album
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Boy at Play

Carrie & Henry 1938

Carrie & Henry #2

Solo #1

Carrie Ellis's

Boy With Racer

The Smith's Car

Leaf Study

A "leaf" study in
Lancaster in '36
by Billie Hunter

Between the

Woman on Bench

Woman With Plants

Henry With
Dog #2

Duo #1

Carrie Ellis's
(on right)

  Duo #2

Trio #4

Solo #2

Three People #1

Three People #2

Three People #3

Solo #3

Henry on Vacation

"A Hot Day in

Solo #4

Henry in Car

Henry Smith's 1944
Driver's License

The Smith Photos



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