fayette county ky 1870 mortality schedules ward 3 page 2
Fayette County Kentucky
1870 Mortality Schedules
Ward No. 3   Page No. 2

Federal Mortality Census Schedules, 1850-1880 (formerly in the custody of the Daughters of the American Revolution), and Related Indexes, 1850-1880;
United States National Archives and Records Administration micropublication T655, roll 28.
of Family
NAME Age Sex Color md/
Place of
* ** Month of Death Profession,
Occup. or
Disease or
Cause of Death
Ward No. 3
Page No. 2
* = Father of Foreign Birth
** = Mother of Foreign Birth
271 Smith Belle 5 f b   Kentucky     April   pertussis
273 Slaughter Scatchie 1 f b   do     January   inflammation of brain
278 Scott Charles 1/52 m b   do     January   spasms
283 Hawkins America 45 f b w do     March   heart disease
284 Scott Amanda 2 f b   do     June   meningitis
289 Howard Lewis 1/52 m b   do     August   tenanus lock jaw
288 Collins George 1/365 m b   do     September   premature birth
291 Hardy Andrew 37 m b m do     December hack driver phthisis
302 Saunders John 1 m b   do     June   meningitis
309 French Sallie 1 f b   do     September   pertussis
313 Payne James 9 m b   do     January   dropsy
313 Payne Mollie 5 f b   do     January   diptheria
353 Fields Charles 37 m b m do     March farmhand hung by the Ku Klux
361 Brown David 6 m b   do     March   enterophthisis
361 Libers Malvina 19 f b   do     March house maid pneumonia
367 Buckner Diana 9/12 f b   do     March   enterophthisis
368 Johnson James E 1 m b   do     March   dropsy
400 Mason David 2/52 m b   do     August   spasms
414 Logan Thomas 1/52 m b   do     March   spasms
414 _____  Robert 1/365 m b   do     March   spasms
417 Haggins Thomas 1 m b   do     April   pertussis & rubeola
418 Munday Fannie 5/12 f b   do     March   liver dis grown
438 Femester Alice 7/12 f b   do     February   cold & spasms
445 Llewellyn Mary 50 f w m England 1 1 March keeping house heart disease
451 Spencer Mattie 5/12 f m   Kentucky     March   meningitis
452 Brickey Sarah E 15 f w   do     October   typhoid fever
480 Vaughn Sallie 9/12 f b   do     January   pertussis
518 Tillett Emma 15 f w   do     March   phthisis
530 Scott Margaret 1 f b   do     August   meningitis & pertussis
531 Smith Alice 2/12 f b   do     December   pneumonia
532 Harrison Jefferson 1/52 m b   do     June   inflammation of naval bowel disease
571 Alsop Mary 1/52 f m   do     October   thrush
573 Jones Maggie 3/12 f b   do     February   cause uknown
582 Oates Blanche V 1 f b   do     July   thrush
589 Dorsey Louisa 48 f b m do     May keeping house uterine dis hemorrhage

No. 353 was taken from his house at midnight by a set of midnight assassins and hung without charge or trial. Of what crime he was guilty is as yet unknown (E.E.S.)

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