fayette county ky 1870 mortality schedules ward 3 page 1
Fayette County Kentucky
1870 Mortality Schedules
Ward No. 3  Page No. 1

Federal Mortality Census Schedules, 1850-1880 (formerly in the custody of the Daughters of the American Revolution), and Related Indexes, 1850-1880;
United States National Archives and Records Administration micropublication T655, roll 28.

of Family
NAME Age Sex Color md/
Place of
* ** Month of Death Profession,
Occup. or
Disease or
Cause of Death
Ward No. 3
Page No. 1
* = Father of Foreign Birth
** = Mother of Foreign Birth
1 Standeford Wm W 1/12 m w   Kentucky     October   flux dysentery
15 Dudley Wm A 45 m w m do     March lawyer cephalaemia dis of brain
15 Dudley Benjamin W 84 m w w Virginia     January retired physician apoplexy
17 Cheatham Matilda G 74 f w   Maryland     March   bronchitis
17 Warfield Samuel 11 m b   Kentucky     March   phthisis
19 Wood John I 3 m w   Virginia     September   cephalaemia dis of brain
33 Shelton Rebecca 5 f b   Kentucky     April   pertussis
38 Taylor Morrison 2 m m   do     October   pertussis
41 Stevenson Sallie E 12 f w   do     March   meningitis
52 Jasper _______ 1/12 m w   do     August   cause unknown
53 Kearns Harrison 53 w m m do     January laborer committed suicide in jail on account of not being bailed
___ Buckner Eller 62 m w   do     July lawyer strangulation & chicken bone fastened in throat
  White Anna H 21 f w m do     July   convulsions
88 Goins Barton 50 m b   do     June livery stable hand death resulted from wound the kick of a horse
98 Madden Mary 36 f w   Ireland 1 1 April   organic disease of heart
100 Yates William M 41 m w   Kentucky     November county clerk apoplexy
121 Blanchard Loyd 1 m b   do     September   thrush aptha
128 Williams Samuel 33 m b m do     May carriage driver phthisis
132 Cook Ellen 15 f b   do     August   dropsy
137 Woodhouse William 40 m w m do     March carriage painter cephalaemia
149 Didlake William 9/12 m w   do     June   phthisis
_____ Gadene ______ 40 m b m do     July laborer carditis polyposa heart dis
169 Roddick Mary A 22 f w m New Jersey     May keeping house phthisis
169 Pilkington Mary M 1 f w   Kentucky     May   lientary diarrhoea
174 Clark Enoch 79 m w m New Jersey     November coach manufact mollities cerebritis of brain
186 Byrne Chas 24 m w   Kentucky     October trader dropsy
189 Harting William 1 m w   do 1   June   flux & meningitis dysentery
191 Ware Sallie 105 f b   do     February   old age
204 Less William 1 m w   Prussia 1 1 March   spasms
232 Sloan Alice 37 f b m Georgia     February   scrofula
252 Hettinger Theo 1/51 f w   Kentucky     December   phthisis
269 Lawson Eliza 22 f b   do     March   pnewmonia
268 Taylor George 3 m b   do     March   enterophthisis consumption
268 White Celia 21 f b m do     August domestic servt phthisis
288 White Samuel 1 m b   do     July   enterophthisis consumption

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No. 11. A man with a pretty fair character, but was caught assisting in the theft of certain cattle. Having been placed in jail, he committed suicide, partly from shame, partly from the cause above mentioned (E.E.S.)