fayette county kentucky 1870 mortality schedules seventh precinct
Fayette County Kentucky
1870 Mortality Schedules
Sixth Precinct

Federal Mortality Census Schedules, 1850-1880 (formerly in the custody of the Daughters of the American Revolution), and Related Indexes, 1850-1880;
United States National Archives and Records Administration micropublication T655, roll 28.

of Family
NAME Age Sex Color md/
Place of
* ** Month of Death Profession,
Occup. or
Disease or
Cause of Death
* = Father of Foreign Birth
** = Mother of Foreign Birth
29 Clark Abbie D 1 f w   Pennsylvania     March   water on the brain
29 Erd May 46 f w m Baden   1   1 Aug keeping house paralysis
60 Jackson Andrew P 24 m w   Mississippi     March student typhoid pneumonia
66 Lyle Elizabeth 54 f w w Kentucky     Oct keeping house cancer
78 Moori Margaret 54 f w m Kentucky     Feby keeping house epilepsy
80 Day Madeline 37 f b m do     June do   do chronic debility unknown
84 Burgess Henry W 74 m w w Virginia     Feby farmer paralysis
Jones Simon 90 m b w Kentucky     July pauper old age
Clark Sam 90 m b w Virginia     Nov   do  do    do
Johnson Edward 25 m b   Kentucky     Jan   do consumption
Spaulding Augusta 6 f w   do     March   pneumonia
Graves Paul 95 m b w Virginia     March pauper old age
Thornton William 37 m w m Ireland   1   1 March   do "amputation legs"
170 Wardle Florence 4 f w   Kentucky     July   chronic croup
204 Reed Amanda 9/12 f b   do     July   cholera morbus
232 Prather John 8 m w   do     Aug   killed by threshing machine
273 Hale Emma 16 f w   do     Sept at school consumption
280 Evans Xautippe 20 f w m do     Dec keeping house childbirth
280 Wilkerson Harris 63 m w w do     July farmer jaundice
293 Cosby Lottie 16 f w   do     March   abscess on the lungs
293 Blevins Thomas 6 m w   do     March   whooping cough
201 Blanton Samuel 60 m w w do     Nov laborer ruptured

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