Fayette County Kentucky 1860 Mortality schedules

Fayette County Kentucky
1860 Mortality Schedules
District No. 1, Page 5

Federal Mortality Census Schedules, 1850-1880 (formerly in the custody of the Daughters of the American Revolution), and Related Indexes, 1850-1880;
United States National Archives and Records Administration micropublication T655, roll 28.

NAME Age Sex Color Free/
 Place of
 Month   of  Death  Profession
Occup.,       Trade
Cause of death Number
Days ill
District No. 1
page 5
Begins Wards 3 & 4                    
Wm. Shoemake 1/12 m       KY August   bowels conflict 2
J.L. Barclay 47 m       Penn April banker liver 150
Elisa 8 f b s   KY January   burned 5
Martha 14 f m s   KY Feb   heart disease sudden
Victoria Halligin 6/12 f       KY Nov   diptheria 4
Stephen 3/12 m       KY April   croup 1
Agnes 1 f       KY May   diptheria 4
George 4 m b s   KY Sept   diptheria 5
Edmund Logwood 16 m       KY May clerk apoplexy sudden
J.W. Robinson 1 m       KY Sept   diarrhea 90
Jane E. Alison 3 f       KY March   pneumonia 3
Luke Lavin 36 m     m Ireland Feb day laborer erysipelas 14
Caroline Payen 47 f       KY Sept   goiter and heart  
Wm. B. May 5 m       Penn Oct   by a kick on ankle 11
Moses Alexander 70 m       KY Nov farmer dropsy of heart 10
Jas Alexander 35 m m f m KY Nov   intemperance 14
Anna Marshall 1/12 f       KY July   spasms 2
Henry 3/12 m b f   KY May   diptheria 14
Jack 3 m b f   KY Aug   unknown 30
Charlotte Bealert 53 f       KY Dec   unknown 40
Matilda 18 f b f   KY Sept house svt consumption 21
Sarah Sutton 40 f       KY July   paralysis 14
infant 2 f b f   KY Feb   fever 15
Joel Higgins 57 m     m KY Oct farmer heart disease 2 mos
Elisabeth Downing 78 f       KY Feb   heart disease 6 mos
Cornelius 8/12 m b f   KY May   unknown 30
A.V. Rule 22 m       N. Jersey May student div typhoid fever 21
John 20 m b f   KY Oct factory hand scrofula 8 mos
Anna Bales 22 f       N. Jersey Feb milliner consumption 60
Caroline Pickett 24 f       Alabama Jan   unknown 10
J. Grinstead Ellis 2 m       KY Oct   unknown 90
Margaret A. Downing 12 f       KY Sept   scarlet fever 4
Allen 10 m b s   KY Jan   consumption 60
Frank 6 m b s   KY Jan   burned 10
infant 3/12 m b s   KY March   unknown 90

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