Fayette County Kentucky 1860 Mortality schedules

Fayette County Kentucky
1860 Mortality Schedules
District No. 1, Page 1

Federal Mortality Census Schedules, 1850-1880 (formerly in the custody of the Daughters of the American Revolution), and Related Indexes, 1850-1880;
United States National Archives and Records Administration micropublication T655, roll 28.

NAME Age Sex Color Free/
 Place of
 Month   of  Death  Profession
Occup.,       Trade
Cause of death Number
Days ill
District No. 1
Page 1
George Ann 9 f b s KY January pneumonia 9
J.B. Vaughn 54 m m Virginia April carpenter delerium tremens 14
Jack 60 m m s m KY March wagoner pneumonia 4
Lewis 10 m b s KY Sept. house svt. typhoid fever
Y.F. Awbrey 53 m       Virginia April      
J.L. Sylvester 47 m m N Fork May tailor dyspepsia 10
Lucinda H. Sylvester 35 f     m N Fork Sept. tailor delerious fever 21
Susan Skankin 100 f m f w Virginia January weaver old age 14
Elijah 7 m m s KY April farm hand measles 7
Easter 65 f m s w Virginia March house svt. unknown 60
Joanna 6 f b s   KY May congestion of brain 10
Martha 10 f b s KY February house svt. disease of heart 1
Joanna 19 f b s KY May house svt. very sudden unknown 12
black child not named 1/12 f b s KY August 4
Joseph 12 m m s KY Dec farm hand putrid sore throat 7
James 2 m m s KY Feby   11
George   6/12 m m s   Jan'y smothered by accident
William 12 m m s KY Oct house svt. typhoid fever 60
M.E. McDaniel 23 f m KY June childbed fever 90
John 10/12 m b s KY June disease of liver 30
Richard Mitchel 18 m b f KY August farm hand bowel consumption 180
Thos S Weathers 6 m KY April typhoid pneumonia 35
Winston 16 m b s KY Sept. farm hand consumption 30
Catherine Lowe 1 f KY July stomach & bowels 18
Gorge 1/12 m b s   KY Sept.   brain affected 7
Julia Ann 44 f b s m KY March cook & washer liver complaint 120
Louisa 3 f b s KY March influensa 30
Bill Redd 51 m m s m KY Feby farm hand unknown 40
Infant   f b s KY Feby died in birth
Infant 1/12 m b s KY July unknown 2
Jane Armstrong 66 f   m KY Nov phthalic 60
infant 1 m b s KY Sept. died at birth
infant 1/12 f b s KY Dec unknown 2
infant 0 m b s KY May unknown 2
Mary Davis 2/12 f KY Sept. unknown 60

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