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The Baker Family

Bosworth & Ryman Families
Boyce Family
Duncans in Fayette County Records
Eddleman Family
Captain William Ellis (1760-1802) and Elizabeth Shipp family records and Epitaphs from the Hezekiah Ellis graveyard on The Thomson Family page
Grymes/Grimes Family
Herndon & Weir Family Album
Descendants of Peter Hurst
Jacob Kizer Cemetery

The William A. LaBach Home Page:
Contains research on his early ancestors, many of whom have strong ties to Fayette County. These include: Henry Clay and Lucretia Hart, James Erwin and Anne Brown Clay, Thomas Hart and Susanna Gray, Samuel Hinds and Jane Francis, Rebecca Moxley Shepherd, John Evans Parker and Rebecca Shepherd, Joseph Scott, M.D., Alexander McClelland and Isabella Futhey, Robert Spotswood Russell and Deborah Montgomery Allen, and Tobias Gibson and Louisiana Breckinridge Hart. 

The Riley Family
The Horace Smith Family
The Stevenson Family
The Todd Family
The Weigert Family
Wymores in Kentucky - Draper Manuscripts

Biographies and monument photos of 21 Restoration Movement Leaders Buried at Lexington Cemetery

W.C. Bower, John B. Bowman, Mark Collis, B.C. Deweese, A.W. Fortune, Robert Graham, I.B. Grubbs, H.H. Halley, J.M. Hocker, J.T. Johnson, Moses E. Lard (moved to MO), C.L. Loos, J.W. McGarvey, Robert Milligan, C.C. Moore, Caroline Pearre, L.L. Pinkerton, John I. Rogers, J.S. Shouse, “Raccoon” John Smith, E.E. Snoddy 

Woodland Park Lake

John and Mary Armstrong's Paris Pike Farmstead

Ashland - Henry Clay's Estate
Bodley-Bullock House
Historical Communities Near Lexington
Howard's Grove - Pioneer Hemp Farm
Mary Todd Lincoln House
The Meadows by Brian Harney

Waveland Historic Site (Bryan Family)

Will of Susannah Cave
Will of William Grant, Sr. (1726-1804)
Will of William Grant, Jr. (1761-1814)
Will of Frances Adams Gunn (probated 16 March 1892)
Estate of James Lemmon (1768-1820)
James McNeil - Will, October 1864

James Lane Allen
Amherst Students with Lexington, Kentucky ties:

George Beck: An Eighteenth Century Painter
John Breckinridge (1760-1806)
John Cabell Breckinridge (1821-1875)

William Wells Brown (1815-1884):
The Black Man, His Antecedents, His Genius, and His Achievements
Archibald Waller Overton Buchanan (1830-1915)

Captain William Campbell (1748-1800)
Henry Clay 1777-1852
Images of hand set copy of Henry Clay's will
David Crouch Interview from the Draper Manuscripts
Thomas Marshall Duke (1795-1867)
John C. Faulconer widow's pension

Robert Wright Featherston
Kitty Morgan McClung Hill Forsyth (1834-1920)
John Gess: Kentucky Hero
Robert Graham (1822-1901)
Letters of Rebecca Gratz  - digital copy
Descendants of Thomas Sims Graves(1794-1859)
Horace (1781-1827) and Mary Austin (1784-1846) Holley
John Brown Kerr (1847-1926)
Clay Lancaster

Ralph Eugene Meatyard (1925-1972)
Robert W. Megowan (1750-1803)
John Hunt Morgan (1825-1864)
Thomas Hunt Morgan
James Hilary Mulligan (1844-1915)
James Kennedy Patterson (1833-1922)
Robert Peter b. 1805

John Pettit and Nancy Berry
Nathaniel Pettit Sr. and Rebecca Owens
Constantine Rafinesque  also  A Rafinesque Note
David A. Sayre
(early silversmith, banker and founder of Sayre School)
George Shannon (1785-1836)
Dr.George Rodgers Clarke Todd (1825-
John Todd (1750 - 1782)
Journal of John Wallace 1786-1802
Maurine Dallas Watkins
John White (d. Abt. 1790) and Katherine Evans (1715-1808)
A Guide to the James Campbell Wilkins Papers, 1801-1852
Oral History Projects Database - University of KY Libraries
The Political Graveyard - Fayette county
RootsWeb Kentucky User-Contributed Databases
University of Kentucky Hall of Distinguished Alumni

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