Revolutionary War Pension Applic

Revolutionary War Pension Applications
Fayette County, Kentucky

Source: Records of Revolutionary War Pensions of Soldiers who Settled in Fayette County Kentucky
Annie Walker Burns, compiler, Washington DC, 1936
Copy held by the Kentucky Room, Lexington Public Library (typescript)
Call number: R976.947 B4128r KY1936

This information is presented as provided in Annie Walker Burns's book, Records of Revolutionary War Pensions of Soldiers who Settled in Fayette County Kentucky. As Annie Walker Burns went through the actual pension files, she copied some documents, abstracted others, and left out those she felt had no genealogical significance. Her undertaking was enormous and it is useful to have access to her work, but you should not rely completely on her information. For an excellent article on researching Revolutionary War participants, read Finding Your Patriot: Basic Sources for Starting Revolutionary War Research  by Curt B. Witcher

Adams, Peter
Adams, William
Allen, David
Andrews, Thomas & Margaret

Armstrong, Ambrose
Athel / Ethel, Benjamin
Baker, John and Cynthia
Ball, James & Margaret
Barker, William
Baton, John
Beatty, John
Blair, Samuel
Boaz, Richard
Boone, Samuel
Bowman, Abraham & Sarah
Boyer, John
Bradford, Charles
Camper (or Kemper) Tilman & Dinah
Carter, Obediah & Judith
Cassino, Paul
Chamberlain, Thomas
Christian, Andrew & Mary
Christian, John
Christian, William
Clark, Thomas and Jane
Coons, Frederick
Cook, William & Sarah S.
Cowgill, Daniel
Craig, Robert and Mary
Cullen, Charles
Cutright, Peter
Darnaby, John
Darnell, Spencer
Davenport, Adrian
Davenport, James
Emmerson, Reuben
Epperson, Francis
Forguson, Abraham
Farrell, Isaac
Faulconer, Joseph & Frances
Faulkner, James & Catherine
Feshel, Michal
Fletcher, James
Fowler, John
Gamble, Samuel
Graves, John & Lydia
Graves, Thomas Sr.
Gray, Richard
Haley, Randall
Hamilton, James
Handley / Hendley, Elkana
Hicks, William
Hickey, Daniel & Jane
Howell, Jonathan
Hunt, Wilson & Margaret
Hunter, John and Ann(a)
Jeter, Fielding
Jeeter, Littleton and Jane

Kincaid, James
Laffoon, James
McBarney, Thomas
Markham, Lewis & Margaret
Martin, Matt
McCargo, Radford
McCalla, Andrew
McDowell, James and Mary
McGraw Christopher
McIsaacks, Isaac
McManaway / McManimy, George
McVay, Daniel
Masterson, James & Margaret
Merrill, Benj
Miles, William
Miller, John and Mary
Mitchell, Richard
Mitchell, Hiram & Ann
Mosby, Joseph
Murry, James
Murphy, Peter
Nelson, John
Noland, Mathew
Norwood, Charles
Nutter, Robert & Sarah
Palmintier / Palmateer, William & Mary Ann
Parker, John
Peck, John and Eliza B.
Plunkett, Reuben
Prewett, Byrd
Rankin, Hugh
Reiley, Christopher
Robison / Robertson, Benjamin
Robinson, Benjamin
Roman Isaac
Russell, Robert S.
Scruggs, William & Elizabeth
Shannon, Arthur
Sharp, William
Shindlebower, George
Smith, James
Stephen, John
Stivers, Reuben
Stout, Elijah and Anna
Sullivan, Cornelius
Tandy, Willis
True, James
Vallandingham, George
Vaughan, James
Webb, Isaac
White, Nathan
Wickliffe, Charles
Wingate, John
Young, John & Cynthia
Young, John
York, John

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