These abstracts come from two published compilations:

Kentucky Records: Early Wills and Marriages, Old Bible Records and Tombstone Inscriptions, compiled by Julia Spencer Ardery, Lexington, Kentucky 1926. Ardery's records are in alphabetical order and are taken primarily  from Fayette County KY Will Books A and B. This book was initiated by the Kentucky Daughters of the American Revolution. It was reprinted by the Southern Book Company, Baltimore, Maryland in 1958 and has been re-issued numerous times by the Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore.

Kentucky Pioneer and Court Records, Compiled and Published by Mrs. Harry Kennett McAdams, The Keystone Printery, Lexington, Ky., 1929, pages 23-39.  This book was a project of the American War Mothers whose 1919-1920 Fayette County KY membership  has been shared by Barbara Lewellen. McAdam's records are arranged by Will Book:  Will Book CWill Book D Will Book F, and Will Book G.  The errata sheet is incorporated  into the text.

The information in these abstracts should be used only as a pointer to the source material described.
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Source: Kentucky Records: Early Wills and Marriages, Old Bible Records and Tombstone Inscriptions, compiled by Julia Spencer Ardery, Lexington, Kentucky 1926.

John Alexander
- Will Book B, page 67 - Names wife, Mary, nephews, James Campbell, Samuel Gibson, William  Campbell, William Alexander, John Campbell. Written October 11, 1809; probated November Court, 1809. Executors - Samuel Hind, Robert Alexander, Wm. Alexander. Witnesses ; Wm. Boon, Will Alexander, Charles Campbell, Jane Wilson.

James Anderson - Will Book C, page 529 - Names wife, Molly; children, William, Margaret, Samuel Logan, George; friend, David Logan; Esther, Anna, John, James. Written September 28, 1815; probated February, 1816. Executors - James Logan, James Wallace. Witnesses - David Logan, David McMurtry. Thos. McIlroy.

Nathaniel Ashby - Will Book B, page 233 - Names wife, Ann Ashby (second wife); daughters Betsey January, Polly Taylor; sons, Mozie Ashby, William B. Ashby; daughters, Sally, Peggy; son, John G.; daughters, Nancy, Jane; sons Nathaniel, Haman J. Written May 24, 1811; probated July, 1811. Executors: Mozie Ashby, William R. Ashby (sons). Witnesses - Robert Tilton, Brice Steele, Levi Calvert, William Stone.

Elizabeth Atwood - Will Book A, page 349 - Names daughter, Sally Bowlin; grandchildren, Jane B. Bowlin, John G. Bowlin, Elizabeth K. Bowlin, Sanuel S. Bowlin, Felicia Bowlin, William Bowlin, Malinda Bowlin. Written April 2, 1811; probated Febrary, 1812. Executor: William Bowlin. Witnesses - Hiram Mirchell, Lewis Hargdon, Robert Chipley, Henry Reed, Charles Betty, Richard Eran.  

Henry Bartlett - Will Book A page 183 - Names father, Henry Bartlett; mother, Sarah Bartlett; brother, John Crane Bartlett; sisters, Elizabeth, Phebe, Polly, Sally, Franky. Written July 25, 1792; probated December, 1794. Executors--Thomas Bartlett (brother), James Wood. Witnesses - James McCrosky, Lucky McMcrosky.

Sarah Beard - Will Book A, page 406 - Names sons, William Beard, Joseph Beard; grand-daughters, Nancy McGowan, Sally Beard, (daughter of Joseph), Sally Beard (daughter of Wm. Beard). Written September 30, 1805; probated October, 1806. Executors - Wm. Beard, Joseph Beard. Witnesses - F. Cosby, John Bryant, John Henderson.

Rob Bell - Will Book C, page 265 - Names daughter, formerly living in Baltimore, brother, John; sister, Mary. Written April 3, 1814; probated August, 1814. Executors - Harvey Weir, Robert Batley, Ed Howe. Witnesses - John Hill, Mary Hill.

John Bendtell - Will Book B, page 17 - Names Solomon Bental. Written March 3, 1809; probated May, 1809. Executor, Joseph Allen. Witnesses - George Pickett, Charles Bush, John Bush, Josiah Sketer.

James Berryman - Will Book B, page 377 - Names wife, Margaret; sons, Thomas H., James S., John H., Upshur, Ethelmer, Prancis and Newton Berryman. Written April 2, 1812; probated July 1812, Executors - Thomas Threshly, Thomas Berryman. Witnesses - Wm. Boon, Geo. G. Boon, Samuel Berryman.

Anthony BlestE - Will Book B, page 350 - Names wife, Judith Bleste. Written short time before death; probated February, 1912. Witness, Jacob Mordecai Harris.

William Bobb - Will Book C, page 74 - nuncupative - Names wife; son, John B. Bobb; daughters Sarah and Isabella. Written January 8, 1814; proved by oaths of Joseph Conner, Polly Long, David Barton, February, 1814.

William Boulware - Will Book A, Page 77 - Names wife, Nettie Boulware; sons, John, William and Jacob; daughters, Lucy Wortham, Frances Grubbs, Phebe Pemberton and Fannie Boulware; grand-son, Hyram Wortham. Written March 29, 1790. Executors  --Son, John Boulware, Samuel Ayres, Nettie Boulware. Witnesses--Alexander Nod, Sally Nod, Sarah Pemberton.

William Boyce - Will Book B, Page 348 - Names wife, Elizabeth; sons John and William; daughters, Betsey Wilson, Patsy Moody and Nancy Wrenn. Written December 9, 1811; probated February, 1812. Executors--John and William (sons), Thomas Wren (son-in-law). Witnesses--William Smith, Stephen Smith.

JOSEPH Bradbourn - Will Book B, Page 535 - Names wife, Gracy. Written December 31, 1811; probated October, 1813. Witnesses--William Cotton, Jacob Yeager, William Cleoff.

Jane Bradshaw - Will Book A, Page 247 - Names daughters, Isabella Burns and Sally Hoblett; sons, Samuel Bradshaw and son. Written June 13, 1804; Probated April, 1805. Executor, John Gorham. Witnesses--John McDowell, Priscilla Gorham, Frances Simpson.

Nicholas Bright - Will Book A, Page 193 - Names first wife, Priscilla; second wife, Rebecca; son, George Young Bright, daughter, Catherine Bright (both children of first wife). Written August 4, 1804. Probated August, 1804. Executors--Major James Morrison, Samuel Ayres, George Young, Sr. Witnesses--Allen Magruda, Robert Holmes, C. Kiser.

Morgan Bryant - Will Book A, Page 176 - Names wife; daughter, Rebecca; sons, Morgan Bryant, Jr., and Joseph Bryant; granddaughter, Mary Bryant (daughter of Joseph), Written September 29, 1794; probated July, 1804.

George Bruce - Will Book A, Page 501 - Names wife, Temporance Bruce; daughters, Helby Bruce, Parmelia Bruce and Polly Grant; sons, Warren (military land), Waddle and Bengamine. Written October 16, 1808; probated November, 1808. Executors, Samuel Blair, Temporance Bruce (wife). Witnesses--Alexander Colbard, James Gibson.

James Bullock - Will Book B, Page 501 - Names wife, Anne; sons, Thomas, Wringfield and Walter; daughters, Milly Winn, Barbara Wilson., Agnes Bullock, Anne Redd, and Martha P. Bullock; son-in-laws, Robert Bullock and Samuel Redd;  grand-daughter, Catherine Redd. Written May 18, 1813; probated July, 1813. Executors-- Samuel R. Overton, Walter Bullock. Witnesses--John Todd, Stapleton C. Burch, Benjamin P. Miller.

Charles Cade - Will Book A, Page 325 - Names wife, Catherine Cade, son, David and his wife Lydia. Was married twice; daughter of first wife could not be found. Written May 17, 1803; probated July, 1806. Executors--Catherine Cade, James Whaley. Witnesses--Thomas Foster, John Hay, C. Morgan, C. Grimes, Job Carter, James Whaley, Benjamin Laughlin.

John Caldwell - Will Book A, Page 88 - Names wife; daughter, Polly, Mary Kelly's daughter, Rebecca; brother, Samuel; brothers. Written 1795; probated February, 1799. Executors--Hugh McIlvain, Samuel Caldwell,. Witnesses--John Cooper, John McNair, James Pollock.

Charles Campbell - Will Book B, Page 379 - Names wife, Mary; sons, James, Robert and William; daughter, Polly Watson (wife of David); daughter, Rachel; sons, Charles and Hugh. Written March 12, 1812. Probated July, 1812. Executors--Mary Campbell (wife), Hugh Campbell (son), Andrew Wallace (son-in-law). Witnesses--Richard Hunter, James B. Bruster, William Boon.

Robert Campbell - Will Book B, Page 358 - Names wife, Elizabeth; sons, Arthur and James; step-daughter, Rachael Kyman; step-son, John Brumfield. Written October 17, 1811. Probated February 1812. Executors--Elizabeth Campbell, Samuel Ayre. Witnesses--William Beard, L. McCullough, John Carty, Richard Higgins.

Henry Camper - Will Book A, Page 334 - Names sons, William, Reuben and Henry; daughters, Nancy, Letty and Alcey. Written November 24, 1792. Probated January 1793. Executors--wife (not named), son, William. Witnesses--Wm. Triplett, Tilman Camper, Deniah Camper.

Letitia Camper - Will Book B, Page 390 - Names sons, John, William, Reuben and Henry Camper; daughters, Nancy, Martin, Lettice Coons and Alice Roach. Written March 4, 1812. Probated May, 1812. Executors--Reuben Camper, Henry Camper (sons). Witnesses--Wm. R. Davenport, Nimrod Camper, Tilman Camper.

Job Carter - Will Book B, Page 271 - Names wife, Sarah Newton; children, Isaac Newton, and Polly Fairfax; daughter, Creath (who had received her portion); brothers, Solomon and Peter; sister, Elizabeth Dawson; nephew, Elisha Carter (son of Solomon). Written July 27, 1808. Probated October, 1811. Executors--George Webb, Hubbard Taylor, Sr., Henry Payne, William N. Lane. Witnesses--William Watson, James Jenkins, Zacariash Spiers, Robert Stuart.

Milly Chinn - Will Book A, Page 489 - Names Jane Tandy, mother, from whom she received 200 acres of land to do with as she wished; John Allen, trustee; at the death of Milly Chinn, Asa Wilgns inherited the 200 acres of land willed to him by Milly Chinn; William Tandy, husband of Jane Tandy. Written June 17, 1807. Probated August, 1808. Witnesses--W.W. Tandy, David Castleman, Gab. Tandy, W.D. Young.

William Chinn - Will Book B, Page 423 - Names wife, Sarah; sons, Alfred; daughter, Nancy. Written February 1, 1812. Probated October, 1812. Executors--Sarah Chinn (wife), Alfred Chinn (son). Witnesses--John Ransdell, Mary Bradford.

James ClarkE - Will Book B, Page 146 - Names wife, Susannah; son, John; daughter, Lucy; sons, Edmond and William; daughter, Delphy; sons, James, Wipkin, Thomas, Peter, Samuel, and Sidney; daughters, Betsey and Suckey. Written April 30, 1810. Probated July, 1810. Executors--Susannah Clark (wife), John Clark, Edmond Clark, Wm. Ellis. witnesses--John Darnaby, John Edmiston.

John Clark - Will Book A, Page 323 - Names wife, Catherine; sons, John, Charles, William and Alexander; daughters, Polly, Jane and Margaret. Written June 14, 1806. Probated July, 1806. Executors--Catherine Clark (wife), Samuel Blair, Wm. Gibson. Witnesses--Robert Frazer, Elizah McClelachan, John Atchinson.

William Clarke - Will Book A, Page 513 - Names sons, George, William and James; son-in-law, John Holmes and wife Fanny. Written October 27, 1808. Probated December, 1808. Executors: William Clarke (son), John Holmes (son-in-law), Thomas Loux (nephew), George Elliott. Witnesses--George Elliott, David Bell, Betsey Allen.

John S. Cockrell - Will Book B, Page 58 - Names wife, Catherine; childen, names not given. Written February 25, 1809. Probated October, 1809. Executors--Elmond Bullock and wife Catherine. Witnesses--John Hendley, James Whaley, Robert Nichols, James G. Hardin.

Winder Crockett - Will Book A, Page 47 - Names wife, Annie Crockett; son, Newbold; daughters, Betsy Eavins, Nancy Dingie, Eliza Eavins and Lottie Hutchenson. Written January 18, 1800. Probated August, 1803. Executrix--Annie Crockett (wife). Witnesses--Thomas Nutter, John Simieon, Robert Scott.

William Dangerfield - Will Book B, Page 392 - Names mother, Mary Dangerfield; brothers, Henry and John Dangerfield, both of Frederick County, Virginia. Written June 4, 1807, Probated May, 1812. Executor--John Dangerfield of Frederick County, Virginia. Witnesses--Wm. Todd, Abner Legrand.

Joseph Daviess - Will Book B, Page 307 – Names wife; nephews Samuel and John Daviess (sons of William Daviess). Written July 18, 1811. Probated December, 1811. Witnesses--Joseph H. Hawkins, James Fishback, John F. Bell.

James Downing - Will Book B, Page 432 - Names wife, Charity; daughters Keziah Higbee and Sinthea Downing; sons, Jeremiah, John and James Downing. Written July 21, 1812. Probated November, 1812. Executors - wife, Charity, Joseph Higbee (son-in-law), David Bryan. Witnesses - Abraham Bowman, Joseph Faulkoner, Thomas Lincoln, John Higbee.

JOHN EDMISTON - Will Book B, Page 467 - Names wife, Margaret; son, Alexander (deceased); daughters (two), names not given. Written August 13, 1812. Probated April, 1813. Executors--wife, Margaret, James Richardson (son-in-law), William Prewett, Walter Preston. Witnesses--Robert Wickliffe, Margaret P. Wickliffe.

ROBERT ELROD - Will Book B, Page 102 -  Names wife, Sarah; daughters, Elizabeth Jones, Mary Jones, Hester Tanbush. Susannah Rainey, and Rachel Eddleman; step-daughter, Milly Baker. Written December 11, 1809. Probated January, 1810. Executors - Samuel Boon, Peter Eddleman. Witnesses - John House, William Robinson.

RICHARD EPPERSON - Will Book A, Page 341 - Names wife; children. Verbal statement. Probated October, 1806. Witnesses - Sally McNeil, Mary Baxter, Patsey Brink.

SUSANNA EPPERSON - Will Book A, Page 225 - Names sons, Francis and John Epperson. Written June 2, 1803. Probated November, 1804. Witnesses - B. Abesnathy, Chesley Epperson, Francis Epperson.

JOHN ESTES - Will Book B, Page 52 - Names wife, Ann Estes; John Thomas, Molly, Middleton, Nancy, Abraham, Clement, Betsey and Bartley. Written July 22, 1808. Probated August, 1809. Executors - John and Middleton Estes (sons). Witnesses - Richard Hulet, Robinson Hulet.

JOSIAH FERGUSON - Will Book A, Page 17 - Names daughters, Judith Wilson, Mary Duhamel and Jane Tompkins; sons Thomas, Josiah and William; daughters, Betsy, Nancy; daughter, Catherine Jones. Written July 25, 1802. Probated April, 1803. Witnesses - Thos. Clark, George Muir, Robert Marshall.

JOSEPH FRY - Will Book B, Page 420 - Names wife, Susanna, children. Written July 8, 1812. Probated October, 1812. Executors - wife, Susanna, John Devore, Abraham Byrd, Jr. Witnesses - Joseph Cabell, James G. Leach, Chas. Mayersback. Witnesses to codicil - James T. Leach, Abraham Byrd, Samuel Patterson, August 5, 1812.

WILLIAM FRYE - Will Book A, page 222 - Names wife, Rachel Frye; sons, Jacob, Joseph and Henry; daughters, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Catherine and Rachel; son, Benjamin. Written March 28, 1796. Probated May, 1796. Executors - Rachel Frye (wife) Jacob Frye (son). Witnesses - David Boone, Robert McGill, Peter Goodnight.

WILLIAM FULLERTON - of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania but now in Kentucky  - Will Book A, Page 452 - Names John Jordan, Sr., 1125 acres of land of the 10,000 that tract patented in my name, lying on Main Rough Creek opposite to Hartford; to sisters. Written August 21, 1801. Probated November, 1805. Executors - John Jordan, John Helm. witnesses - Henry Clay, Thomas Wallace, Sam Brown.

STARKE GILLIAN - Will Book B, Page 16 - (Noncupative) - wife and children. Probated May, 1809 by oaths of witnesses. Witnesses - Thomas Gilliam, David McCoy, Edward Payne, Ellen Payne, Nancy Barns.

THOMAS GOODLOE - Will Book B, Page 463 - Names wife, Dolly; son, Henry Goodloe; daughters, Agnes Yates, Nancy Mitchell and Fanny Goodloe; son John Goodloe. Written Oct. 8, 1812. Probated April, 1813. Executors - wife, Dolly, Walter Bullock, Jesse Bryant. Witnesses - Robison Hulet, Charles Ellis, Walter E. Ellis, Robert Jones, Lewis C. Ellis.

THOMAS GRAVES - Will Book A, Page 5 - Names wife, Isabel Graves; sons, William, Bartlett and John; daughters, Rosannah Randolph, Isabel Hall, Ann Hancock, Sally Graves, Mary Beeler and Siddy Graves. Written October 24, 1801. Probated December 14, 1801. Executors - Bartlett Graves (son), Bartlett Collins (friend). Witnesses - James Martin, Wm. Dickey, Jeremiah Buckley.

PHILIP GRIMES - Will Book B, Page 53 - Valinda Grimes, widow of son John, and children of John, also Warren Bates, son of Valinda by former marriage; sons, James Avory, Charles and Benjamin; deceased sons, Stephen and Phillip; deceased daughter, Mary Grimes Payne; grand-daughter Polly Grimes. Written February 20, 1805. Probated August, 1809. Executors - Charles Grimes, James Grimes (sons). Witnesses - H. Harrison, Christian Cooper, John Hay, Daniel Lay, Archibald Parker.

MORRIS GWYNN - Will Book A, Page 25 - Names nephew, Morris Garrett, tract of land in Kenhawa County, containing 1080 acres by patent; Eli Garrett; Lewis Garrett; Wm. Garrett; Morris Garrett; Thomas Garrett; Rebecca and Phebe Garrett. Written January 3, 1798. Probated April 16, 1803. Executor - William Hamilton. Witnesses - Anne Hamilton, Peggy Hamilton, James Hamilton.

WILLIAM HALEY - Will Book A, Page 79 - Names wife, Henrietta Haley; son, Benjamin Haley; daughter, Orinda Outon. Written April 6, 1803. Probated November, 1803. Executor - Benjamin Haley. Witnesses - Wm. Haley, James Weathers.

PETER HARPER - Will Book B, Page 66 - Names mother, Betty Harper. Written October 10, 1785. Probated March 1790. Witnesses - Isaac Harper, Sarah Harper.

HEZEKIAH HARRISON - Will Book A, Page 527 - Names mother, wife, Jane Harrison; children (five); brothers, Micajah, Hosea; sons D.J.J.P. Harrison; Hezekiah Harrison, son of Hiram Harrison; daughters, Nancy, Dulcina, Polly and Peggy Richardson Harrison; sons, John, Dudley, Josiah, Jilson, Payne Harrison, owned land in Fayette, Jessamine and Jefferson Counties. Written August 2, 1806. Executrix - Jane Harrison. Witnesses - Henry Clay, John Pope, James Hughes, Will Payne, John Glover, Micajah Harrison, Col. Will Dudley, Lawrence Young, Ambros Young.

NATHANIEL G. HART - Will Book B, Page 465 - Names wife, Anna Edwards Hart; children. Written October 1, 1812, at St. Mary's, Ohio. Probated April, 1813. Executors - wife, Anne Edwards Hart, Henry Clay, John Hart. Witnesses - Henry Clay, Charles S. Humphreys, David Todd.

THOS. HART, SR. - Will Book A, Page 480 - Names sons, Nathaniel, John and Thomas Hart; daughters Susanna Price, Elizabeth Pindell's heirs; sons-in-laws, James Brown and Henry Clay; daughters, Anne Brown and Lucretia Clay; grand-sons, Nathaniel Hart and John Hart, sons of Elizabeth Pindell. Written August 31, 1907. Probated July, 1808. Executors - Thos. Hart, Henry Clay, Witnesses - John W. Hunt, Thos. C. Graves, Samuel Wilikinson.

THOMAS HART - Will Book B, Page 91 - Names wife, Eleanor Hart; children, Thomas Pindell Hart; sisters, Eleanor Hart and Louisa Hart; mother, Susanna Hart; brothers, Nathaniel T. Hart and John Hart; sisters, Susanna Hart Price and Sophia Hart Clay (wife of Porter Clay). Written June 26, 1809. Probated December, 1809. Executors - Eleanor Hart (wife), Henry Clay, John W. Hunt, Abraham Stout Barton, John Hart (brother). Witnesses - Eleazer Baker, William Hart, Elizah Noble, Henry Clay.

JOHN HENDERSON - Will Book A, Page 482 - Names wife, Elizabeth; daughters, Jane and Elizabeth Perkins; son-in-law, Garrett Perkins. Written May 12, 1808. Probated July, 1808. Executors - Garrett Perkins, Isaac McIsaac. Witnesses - John Boulware, Isaac McIsaac, Jr.

AZARIAH HIGGINS - Will Book B, Page 328 - Names wife, Sarah; son, Azariah Stout Higgins; daughters, Catherine Brown and Grace Stone. Written September 20, 1811. Probated January, 1812. Executors - wife, Sarah, son, Azariah, sons-in-law, Micajah Stone and Benjamin Stout. Witnesses - Jediah Stout, Clare Oxley, David Stout.

JAMES HILL - Will Book A, Page 494 - Names wife, Margaret; daughter, Elizabeth, wife of James Henderson; sons, David and John; daughters, Isabella and Polly; sons, James, Henderson and William, my three youngest sons. Written September 22, 1808. Probated October, 1808. Executors - wife, Margaret Hill, son-in-law James Henderson. Witnesses - David Logan, J. McCracken, James Lonney.

HENRY HILLOCK - Will Book A, Page 203 - Names James Hambleton Hillock and his mother; Sarah Hambleton. Written June 11, 1800. Probated July, 1800. Witnesses - Walter Karrick, Joshua Judd, Josiah Sketer.

SOPHIA W. HOLDER - Will Book A, Page 340 - Names sisters, Lydia Holder, Fanny Holder, and Kitty Holder. Written August 3, 1806. Probated October, 1806. Executors - Col. Richard Hickman, Major Robert Caldwell, John W. Holder, John Hart. Witnesses - John W. Holder, John Hart, Polly Hart.

ANN HUFFORD - Will Book A, Page 431 - Names children in the old settlement, to wit: Adam, Catherine, Susanna, Mary and Hannah Hufford; other children are: George, Elizabeth, Jacob, Barbara and Rebecca. Written March 18, 1807. Probated October, 1807. Executors - John Burger, John Bostain (son-in-law). Wirnesses - John Parker, John Collins, Jos. Craig.

GEORGE HUNTER - Will Book A, page 184 - Names wife, Rachel Hunter, son, George Hunter, son, Richard Hunter, daughters, Rachel and Mary Hunter; son, William Hunter; daughter, Elizabeth Hunter; son, Thomas Hunter; grand-sons, George and James Hunter. Written May 11th, 1804. Probated August, 1804. Executors - Rachel Hunter (wife), Thomas Hunter (son). Witnesses - H. Harrison, Wm. Alexander, Chas. Campbell.

JAMES IRWIN - Will Book A, Page 339 - Names sister, Martha Irwin; brother, William Irwin; sister, Jane Wood and daughter Jully Wood. Written July 30, 1806. Probated October, 1806. Executor - John Bryant. Witnesses - Henry Pogue, John Napper, Elizabeth Napper.

PETER JANUARY - Will Book A, Page 243 - Names wife, Margaret January; sons, Thomas and Derrick P. January; daughters May Payne and Jennet Thurston; sons, Peter and James B. January; daughter-in-law, Hannah, Ann McGregor (sister). Written May 10, 1802. Probated January, 1805. Executors - Thomas January (son), David Payne (son-in-law).

WILLIAM JENKINS - Will Book A, Page 308 - Names wife, Patty Jenkins; daughters, Sally and Amy; son Downey (oldest son); Avry Webster (alias Jenkins); David Jenkins. Written January 10, 1806. Probated April, 1806.  Executors - Patty Jenkins and Downey Jenkins (son). Witnesses - John Foley, Elijah Foley, Wm. Foley.

MATHEW JOHNSON, SR. - Will Book B, Page 101 - Names wife, Nancy Johnson; son, Mark Johnson, grand-daughter, Patsy Wood; daughters, Nancy Anderson and Betsey Woodridge; sons, Joseph and Mathew Johnson; daughters Lucy Robinson, Jany Edrington and Rachel Raney. Written June 7, 1804. Probated January 1810. Executors - Wife, Nancy and son, Mark Johnson. Witnesses - A. Thompson, Adam Hays.

JOHN KAY - Will Book B, Page 361 - Names wife, Mary Kay; son, Robert Kay; daughters, Polly Curd and Margaret Gatewood; son, John Kay; daughters, Jane Kay and Lucy Kay; sons, James, William F. and Andrew G.; grand-daughter, Overela Gatewood. Written January 29, 1812. Executors - wife, Mary, sons, Robert and James, son-in-law Merryman B. Curd. Witnesses - Robert A. Gatewood, Will Gist, Larkin Adams.

KATHERINE KELLEY - Will Book A, Page 18 - Names sons, John, William, Samuel and Bobb; daughters, Margaret, Eleanor, Rebecca, Sarah and Jane. Written December 5, 1802. Probated April, 1803. Executors - Wm. Kelley, Samuel Kelley. Witnesses - R. Batterson, Jane Riche, Sarah Higgins.

CASPER KERSNER - Will Book A, Page 393 - Names wife, Eve Kersner; mother, Margaret; children. Written April 14, 1797. Probated July 10, 1797. Witnesses - Levi Todd, Jonathan Ralston, Henry Kent.

PETER LAUGHLIN - Will Book A, Page 36 - Names wife, Sarah Laughlin; sons, John Wilson Laughlin, Benjamin Laughlin; daughters, Margaret, Sarah, Isabel and Elizabeth, wife of John Forsythe; grand-children, Sarah and William Forsythe, Robert Forsythe, son of Peter Laughlin Forsythe; daughter, Mary; John Wilson Laughlin's son, Peter Laughlin. Written June 8, 1802. Probated September, 1802. Executors - John Wilson Laughlin, Benjamin Laughlin, Sarah Laughlin. Witnesses - Wm. Watson, Leu K. Bradley, James Whaley, Jr.

JOHN LEGRAND - Will Book B, Page 167 - Names wife, Lane Legrand; daughter, Mary Jane Legrand; son, Peter Legrand. Written April 14, 1810. Probated November. 1810. Executors - wife, Jane P. Legrand, Abner Legrand (brother), James Craig. Witnesses - John McDowell, Jesse Lannine.

THOMAS LEWIS - Will Book B, Page 57  - Names wife, Elizabeth; sons, Hector, Asa, Stephen, Thornton, Alphens and Douglas; daughters, Nancy Garrard, Sally Clay, Kitty Payne, and Sophia Lewis; son-in-law, Jepthal Dudley; grand-son, Edward Ambrose Dudley. Written April 25, 1809. Probated October 1809. Executors - wife, Elizabeth, Henry Payne, Sr.; Hector Lewis, Asa Lewis (sons). Witnesses - Levi Calvert, James Beatty, Henry Payne.

JAMES LOWRY - Will Book A, Page 59 - Names mother, Melvin Lowry; brothers, John Lowry (oldest), Melvin Lowry; sister, Mary Lowry. Written February 2, 1795. Probated October, 1796. Witnesses - Alexander Boteler, Thomas Boteler, Elizabeth Lusk.

STEPHEN LOWRY - Will Book A, Page 63 - Names wife, Kitty; daughters, Margaret, Mary, Kitty and Sarah; sons, John (oldest), Abram, Stephen and William. Written March 1796. Probated October, 1803. Executors - Samuel Wilson, Joseph Wilson, John Lowry. "A copy, the original will being destroyed by fire."

SUSANNA LUCAS - Will Book A, Page 467 - Names son, Charles Lucas; daughters, Jemimah Lucas, Polly Moore and Nancy Cook will. Written June 6, 1806. Probated April 1808. Executor - Charles Lucas (son). Witnesses - James Whaley, Joseph Scragham, Chas. B. Givens.

ROBERT LYLE - Will Book A, Page 270 - Names wife, Jane Lyle; son, John Lyle, his mother; daughter, Julia. Written October 29, 1804. Probated August, 1805. Executors - John Lyle, Sr., John Eakin. Witnesses - John Lyle, Sr., John Eakin.

HENRY MARSHALL - Will Book A, Page 322 - Names wife, Catherine Marshall; son, John Marshall; daughter, Polly W. Marshall; to children of my brother, Wm. Marshall. Written May 17, 1806. Probated July, 1806. Executors - friend, Henry Clay, George Trotter, Jr., George Heytel, John M. Boggs. Witnesses - Daniel Bradford, C.H. Bradford, John M. Boggs.

JOHN MARSHALL - Will Book A, page 62 - Names wife, Elizabeth Marshall; daughter, Jane McCullah; sons, James and Joseph Marshall; daughters, Elizabeth, Margaret, Sarah and Mary. Written July 6, 1803. Probated October, 1803. Executors - Wm. Barbee, Robert Wilson, Elizabeth Marshall. Witnesses - Wm. Patterson, Moses Randolph, John Lyle.

CHARLES MASON - Will Book B, Page 59 - Names wife, Polly Mason. Written September 14, 1804. Probated October, 1809. Executors - wife, Polly Mason, John Higbee, John Mason, Abraham Bowman, Sr., John Parker. Witnesses - David Smith, Elizabeth Cartmell. Evan Price. David Bryan.

EDMOND MASON - Will Book A, Page 318 - Names cousin, John Mason of Fayette County, all of my estate. Written January 16, 1805. Probated May, 1806. Witnesses - Daniel Hodges, Sally Mason.

OBEDIENCE McCANN - Will Book B, Page 69 - Names daughter, Phebe Baenard; grand-daughter, Polly Bernard; grand-son, Valentine Parren Bernard; grand-daughter, Frances McCann; son, Neal McCann. Written May 8, 1809. Probated November, 1809. Executors - Neal McCann (son), Roger Laughlin. Witnesses - Frances McDonnall, James C. McDonald.

KENNETH McCOY - Will Book B, Page 101 - Names brothers, William McCoy, Daniel McCoy; nephew, Kenneth McCoy (son of Daniel). Written August 12, 1809. Probated January 1810.  Executors - Daniel McCoy (brother), Thomas Bodley, Charles Humphreys. Witnesses - B.W. Dudley, Peter Bailey.

PATRICK McCULLOUGH - Will Book A, Page 226 - Names niece, Jane Workman; other relatives in Ireland, Margaret Workman, Agnes Drummond, Jane McCullough who married Mr. Couney Weir; James McCullough. Written September 17, 1803. Probated January, 1805. Executors - John Bradford, Andrew Holmes. Witnesses - MaGruder, Allen MaGruder, John Bradford, Wm. Leavy, Lewis Saunders, Archibald Williams.

JOHN McDANIEL - Will Book B, Page 393 - Names wife, Mary McDaniel; daughter, Elizabeth McDaniel; sons Enoch and Boon; grand-children, Mary Johnson, James Johnson, Ennice Johnson; daughter, Sarah Rucker. Written July 9, 1811. Probated May, 1812. Executrix - wife, Mary McDaniel. Witnesses - George Clarke, James Trotter, Mark Whittaker, George McDonald.

JOSEPH McMURTRY - Will Book A, Page 8 - Names wife, Isabella McMurtry; sons, James, John, William, Samuel, David and Levi; daughter, Nancy. Written December 4, 1800. Probated January, 1801. Executors - James McDowell, John McDowell, Wm. Hamilton. Witnesses - Wm. Logan, John Gardnes, John Hagerty.

JOHN McNAIR - Will Book A, Page 413 - Names wife, Jane McNair; sons, David, Robert and John; daughters, Polly and Eliza. Written August 19, 1801. Probated December, 1801. Executors Robert Patterson, Samuel Ayres, Alexander Parker, Thomas Wallace, Jane McNair. Witnesses - Levi Todd, John Rennick, Robert Hunter.

ROBERT MEGOWAN - Will Book B, Page 187 - Names wife, Mary Megowan; sons, two, not named. the home was called Belfast and contained 51 acres, just outside of Lexington, Ky. Written February 24, 1804. Probated August 1804. Executors - Mary Megowan, John Bradford, James Hughes, Wm. Morton, Thos. Bodley. Witnesses - Thomas Bodley, Wm. Todd.

ARCHILAUS MOORE - Will Book B, Page 277 - Names wife, Ann Moore; daughter, Betsey Ann Moore; son, Josiah Pleasant Moore; daughters, Patsy Morton Moore, Polly Venable Moore; son, John Anderson Moore; daughters, Fanny Poindexter Moore, Nancy Dabney Moore, Kitty Anderson Moore, Sally Moore, and Susanna Cobb Moore. Written May 8, 1796. Probated July, 1796. Executors - wife, Ann, Thomas Ammon, John White, Joseph Higbee, John Miller. Witnesses - John Washington, Henry Brock, Benjamin Long, Elisha Cavens.

DANIEL MORRIS - Will Book A, Page 363 - Names wife, Ann Morris; sons, David, John, William and Robert; daughters, Mary Hopkins, Rhoda Polk and Sarah Beauchamp. Written May 21, 1802. Probated December, 1806. Executors - John Morris, Robert Morris. Witnesses - Wm. Lindsay, Wm. Chambers, Daniel McPayne.

JOHN NICHOLS - Will Book B, Page 267 - Names wife, Rebecca; sons, Amos, James and John Fields Nichols; daughters, Winifred Clark. Written December 4, 1807. Probated October, 1811. Executor - James Nichols (son). Witnesses - Leonard Young, Mehaley Mead.

ELIJAH NUTTLE - Will Book A, Page 38 - Names wife, Mary Nuttle; sons, Price and Thomas; daughters, Sarah Rollings, Martha Dements, Lary Lamb, Elizabeth Faulkner, Rebecca Nuttle, Susanna and Nancy Nuttle; grand-daughter, Mima Lamb; sons-in-law, Jacob Lamb, Daniel Rollings and Jno Faulkner; Owned land in Shelby and Fayette Counties. Written September 5, 1796. Probated July 1803. Witnesses - Henry Brock, Armstead Sharp, Francis Pickett.

THOMPSON PARISH - Will Book B, Page 460 - Names brothers and sisters. Written September 24, 1810. Probated February, 1813. Executors - Robert Dudley, James Weaver, Jonathan Parrish. Witnesses - W.C. Dudley, James Dudley.

JAMES PARKER - Will Book A, Page 4 - Names wife, Elizabeth; daughters Margaret; brothers William and Alexander Parker; sisters, Mary and Margaret. Written February 19, 1797. Probated February, 1803. Executors - Alexander Parker, John Coburn, John Bradford. Witnesses - Hugh Brent, Sr., H. McIlvain, John Calhoon, Jr.

DANIEL McC. PAYNE - Will Book B, Page 213 - Names Wife, Elizabeth Payne; brothers, Henry, William, Edward, Jilson and Jimmy; friends, Thos. January, Courtney Norton January; sisters, Theodosia Turner, Elizabeth Lewis; nephew, Daniel Payne; children of brother, Sanford Payne, deceased; Peggy, Edward, Luicy, Polly, Sally, Nancy, Sanford, Silas and Ellen. Written April 9, 1811. Probated May, 1811. Executors - Henry Payne, Edward Payne (brothers). Witnesses - Randolph Harris, Jacob McConathy, Major Donoho.

SALEM PEYATT - Will Book B, Page 457 - Names Kitty Peel; James Kelly; eldest daughter of John Bodley; youngest son of John Bodley. Written February, 1813. Probated January, 1814. Witnesses - Samuel Q. Richardson, W. Montgomery, David Steele.

JOSHUA PILCHER - Will Book B, Page 152 - Names wife, Nancy Pilcher; son, Joshua Pilcher; grand-sons, Merritt Pilcher and Prestley Pilcher. Written May 3, 1810.Probated August, 1810. Executrix, wife, Nancy. Witnesses - Elijah Cartmell, Lucy Casey.

CHRISTIANNA PRICE - Will Book B, Page 57 - Names son, James Price; niece, Sarah Bryan. Written May 4, 1809. Probated October, 1809. Witnesses - Abr. Bowman, Eliza Ryman, Evan Price, John Gatewood, Elijah Foley.

WILLIAM ROSS - Will Book B, Page 115 - Names daughters, Margaret Ross, Mary; son, Daniel; daughter, Elizabeth;  sons, William and Thomas; daughter, Emily and John Balmerino Ross and daughter Ann Haley. Written February 2, 1810. Probated February, 1810. Executors - Samuel Patterson, Robert Wilson. Witnesses - Samuel Meredith, Samuel Patterson, Robert Wilson, Mary Peebles.

J.H. RUNYAN - Will Book B, Page 236  - Names brother, Francis Runyan. Written April 27, 1814. Probated July, 1811. Witnesses - Thos. H. Burbridge, Richard Baird, Benjamin Atkinson.

GUY SMITH - Will Book A, Page 275 - Names son, Guy Smith, daughters Sarah Coffie, Ann Vaughn and Elizabeth Mitchell. Written January 19, 1780. Recorded September 2, 1803. Executors - John Smith (son), John Young. Proved Granville County, N.C., 1787, afterwards a copy recorded Fayette County, Ky., 1805.

DANIEL SPENCER - Will Book B, Page 421 - Names wife, Mary; son, Giles Spencer; daughters, Margaret Lawrence, Katherine Spencer and Elizabeth Anthony; sons, Daniel and James; daughters, Ann, Lydia Susannah and Welther Spencer. Written April 20, 1796. Probated October, 1812. Executor - William Huston. Witnesses - John Bradford, David Sutton.

RICHARD SPURR - Will Book A, Page 336 - Names wife, Frankey Spurr; sons, James, William Cotton Spurr; daughter, Mary Spurr; son, Richard Spurr; daughter, Judith Spurr, sons, John and Daniel Spurr. Written May 7, 1790. Probated June, 1791. Executors - Owen Winn, James Whaley. Witnesses - Wm. Jinkins, Dennis Bradley, Elijah Holtsclaw.

ANDREW STEELE - Will Book A, Page 20 - Names son, John Steele; sons, John and William; daughters, Margaret, Elizabeth, Anne, Jane and Priscilla; Brice Steele. Written September 12, 1793. Probated December, 1794. Executors - Rev. Samuel Shannon, Robert Patterson. Witnesses - George Wilson, Robert Patterson, Levi Todd.

RICHARD STEELE - Will Book B, Page 24 - Names wife, Martha; sons, Adam, Richard, Joseph, John and Robert M.; daughters, Esther Steele and Nancy Pollock Steele; son, William; daughters, Polly Sutherland and Patsy Beal. Written November 15, 1808. Probated May, 1809. Executors - wife, Martha, Adam, Richard and Joseph (sons). Witnesses - Joseph Patterson, Jr., Will Gibson, Joseph Patterson.

JOHN STONE - Will Book B, Page 537 - Survey of land made and recorded for heirs of J. Stone, deceased and ordered to be recorded, October, 1813. John D. Young, Clerk.

WILLIAM TANDY - Will Book B, Page 417 - Names wife, Jane Tandy; sons, John, Achilles and Gabriel; daughter, Lucy; son, Moses; daughters, Francis Lipscomb, Sally B. Bledsoe and Jane Allen. Written May 2, 1792. Probated October, 1812. Executors - wife, Jane, Achilles Tandy, Moses Tandy (sons), Moses Bledsoe. Witnesses - John Mason, William Bush, Jas. Arnold, G.N. Tompkins.

CHARLES TATHAM - Will Book B, Page 4 - Names wife, Nancy Holmes Tatham (daughter of John Holmes); in case of death without heirs to go to Mary Holmes, also a daughter of John Holmes; afterwards to Cuthbert Banks of Lexington, Ky., and Captain Samuel Coleman of Richmond, Va., and brother, Col. Wm. Tatham of Richmond, Va. Written February, 1800. Probated April 28, 1809. Executor - Cornelius Beaty, Capt. Samuel Coleman, Cuthbert Banks, Col. Wm. Tatham. Witnesses - Jos. Boswell, Allen M. Magruder, Lewis Marshall.

ASA TAYLOR - Will Book B, Page 313 - Names wife, Hannah Taylor; son, John L. Taylor; daughters, Elizabeth Barry Taylor, Rebecca Taylor and Sarah Taylor. Written September 23, 1811. Probated December, 1811. Executors - wife, Hannah, son, John L. Witnesses - Robert Alexander, Robert Campbell.

GEORGE TEGARDEN - Will Book B, Page 48 - Names son, William Huston Tegarden; nephew, William, son of Aaron Tegarden; nephew, William, son of Moses Tegarden. Written March 31, 1813. Probated May, 1813. Executors - William Morton, Charles Wilkins. Witnesses - Thomas January, Samuel Patterson, Elexander Walker.

JAMES THOMPSON - Will Book B, Page 439 - Names son, James Thompson; daughter, Polly; sons, Josiah and John; daughters, Jane Utley, Cathy Veal, Hannah May and Sally Medole; sons, William and Daniel Thompson. Written April 17, 1812. Probated December, 1812. Executors - James Thompson (son), William Ellis. Witnesses -William Ellis, Rebecca Taylor, Hannah Taylor.

WILLIAM TOMLINSON - Will Book B, Page 17 - Names sons, Elijah and Ambrose; daughter Nancy's heirs; sons, George, John, William and Richard; daughters, Mary and Sarah. Written April 1, 1809. Probated May, 1809. Witnesses - John Dogel, John Forsyth, Wm. Gordon, Edmond Wainman.

JOHN VIVION - Will Book A, Page 248. Names wife, Martha Vivion; nine children; sons, John, Flavel (youngest son); daughter Frankey. Written May 24, 1789. Probated April, 1805. Executors - Phillip Bush, Sr., John Vivion, Jr., Thacker Vivion, and wife, Martha. Witnesses - John McGuire, Benjamin Combs, Presly Anderson.

RICHARD YOUNG - Will Book B, Page 391 - Names son, John Young; daughters, Molly Young, Jenny Young and Lucy Young; son William. Written December 2, 1811. Probated May, 1812. Executors - Richard Young (nephew), Molly, Jenny and Lucy Young. Witnesses - Ambrose Young, William Clubb, Cr.

WILLIAM YOUNG - Will Book A, Page 30 - Names wife, Milley Young; son, Minor Young; daughter, Judah Martin, James, husband of Judah Martin; sons, Richard and John; daughters Lettice and Patsy; son, Douglas. Written May 15, 1793. Executors - John Young, Leonard Young (brothers). Witnesses - Hezekiah Harrison, Polly S. Smith, W. Smith, Lawrence Young.

MARY BELLOWS - Will Book L, Page 459 - Names daughter, Elizabeth Pence; son, John; daughter, Mary Kelley; daughter, Sally Black; daughter, Susanna Smith; Mary Elizabeth Owens (if she lives till of age); son, Henry. Written June 13, 1833. Probated September, 1834. Executors - son, Henry Bellows and friend, John Graves. Witnesses - G.W.C. Graves and L.J. Graves.


Source: Kentucky Pioneer and Court Records, Compiled and Published by Mrs. Harry Kennett McAdams, The Keystone Printery, Lexington, Ky., 1929, pages 23-39 [errata sheet incorporated into text]

(Donated [for McAdams book] by Mrs. Jos. Beard, Lexington, KY.)  


CATHERINE CADE – Will – Page 520 – Signed Nov. 2, 1807. Mentions, Massey Coulter, Jeremiah Hay, Margaret Thomas, wife of David Thomas, Mary Hay, Catherine Hay. Children of John Hay, Mary, Catherine, Charles, Nathaniel, Elizabeth, Mariah Ellen. Witnesses, James Whaley, Sr., Isaac Johnston, Horatio Johnston and John Hay. Exec., John Hay. Probated Dec. Court 1815.

CARSTAPHRON, ROBERT – Will - Page 135 – Names, son, James. Goodman Marshall, husband of dau., Sally Marshall. Children, Joel, Robert, Ana, and Betsy Richmond. Grandson, Chappell Carstaphron. Exec’s., Ezra Richmond, and Ana Carstaphron. Witnesses, James Innes and Will Hicks. Will signed Feb. 12, 1814. Proved Apr. Court 1814.

CAVE, SUSANNAH – Will – Page 261 – Mentions, friend and brother, William Grant Sr. Exec., Wm. Grant Sr. Witnesses, John C. Richardson and Beckley Lemon. Will signed Feb. 25, 1805. Proved Aug. Court 1814.

CAVIN, ED. – Will – Page 102 – Signed Mch. 18, 1814. Names daughters, Sally, Jane and Polly. Son, Absalom. Three younger sons, Wm. Ignacious and John. Exec’s., Benjamin Cromwell and Absalom Cavins. Witnesses, James McDowell, Joseph Simpson and Thomas Gosham. Proved Apr. Court 1814.

DUDLEY, WILLIAM – Will – Page 17 Names wife, Lucy and children under age. Son, Robert Garland. Exec’s., Wife, Lucy and son, Robert Garland, Wm. Boon and Asey Thompson. Witnesses Robert Prewett, John Darnaby and James Darnaby. Will signed Mch. 24, 1813. Proved Oct. Court 1813.

DUNLAP, WILLIAM – Will – Page 553 – Written Mch. 1, 1816. Names wife, Rebecca, son, John R. Dunlap. Dau’s., Rebecca Downing, Elizabeth Dunlap, Patsey Dunlap. Son, William Dunlap. Son-in-law, Francis Downing. Son, Alexander, son, James, son, George. Exec’s., Wm. Dunlap, John R. Dunlap and Francis Downing. Witnesses, Waller Bullock, Patsey Dunlap, Richard Downing, Jr., George Hunt and Elizabeth Dunlap. Proved Apr. Court 1816.

DOOLIN, THADDEUS – Will – Page 365 – Written Dec. 5, 1814. Names, wife, Elizabeth. Daughters, Frances Green, Winefred James. Son, Edward Doolin. Dau’s., Anne Frances, Lydia Whaley and Susannah Winn, Jane Presley, that was Jane Jenkins, and Lindy McDaniel. Exec’s., wife, Elizabeth, sons-in-law, John Winn and Wm. James. Witnesses, Linchfield Burbridge, John McCall, Thomas Burbridge. Probated Dec. Court 1814.

ELLIOTT, GEORGE – Will – Page 297 – Written Oct. 17, 1814. Names wife, Nancy and John Prather to be sole heirs. Exec’s., wife Nancy and John Prather. Witnesses, Wm. Allen and Betsy Allen. Proved Oct. Court 1814.

FRAZIER, GEORGE – Will – Page 373 – Written Sept. 3, 1814. Names wife, Sarah. Sons, George Patrick Frazier and Charles C. Frazier. Dau’s., Polly Campbell, Elizabeth Farris and Clementine. Exec’s., Wife, Sarah, son, Charles C. Frazier and John Frances. Witnesses Jonathan Lamme, Daniel Barton and Isaac McIsaac. Probated Dec. Court 1814.

GOODWIN, JAMES COLEMAN – Will – Page 153 – Signed July 10, 1812. Names, wife, Nancy C. Goodwin. Eldest dau., Sally C. Flournoy, husband Frances Flournoy. Eldest son, Joseph Graves Goodwin. Youngest son, Loyd K. Goodwin. Youngest dau., Polly. Exec’s., Wife, Nancy, brother-in-law, John C. Graves, Loyd K. Goodwin and Polly C. Coleman. Probated May Court 1814.

GRANT, WILLIAM SR. – Will – Page 349 – Signed Aug. 18, 1803. Names wife, Elizabeth. Dau., Rebecca Lemmon, wife of James Lemmon. Grandson, William Grant, son of John. Sons, John Wm. and Squire. Daus., Mary Mitchell, Sarah Sanders, Elizabeth Mosby. Grand children, sons and daughters of Israel Grant, deceased. Grand children, Elizabeth and Betsy Grant, children of son, Samuel, deceased. Exec’s., Wife, Elizabeth, son William and John C. Richardson. Witnesses, Francis Browning and Wm. Caldwell. Probated July Court 1804. Codicil 1804. Witnesses to Codicil, James Kay, Wm. Grant, E. Kay and Becky Lemmon.

GRANT, WILLIAM JR. – Will – Page 131 – Signed Apr. 1814. Names, Son-in-law, John Moore. Dau., Keturah Grant. Dau., Eliza Grant. Sons, Squire, James M. and William Grant. Youngest, son, Samuel Grant. Mother. Elizabeth and Susannah Cave. Exec. Not named. Witnesses, John C. Richardson and Charles Smith. Probated May Court 1814.

GRAVES, ROBERT – Will – Page 419 – Signed Sept. 14, 1814. Mentions brothers, David Thomas and John. Sisters, Mary and Sarah. Exec.’s, Cousin, James A. Richardson, brothers, David, Thomas and John. Witnesses, Mary M. Edmiston, Martha L. Richardson. Probated Apr. Court 1815.

HALL, JOHN – Will – Page 335 – Signed Sept. 15, 1814. Names 2d. wife, Jane Hall. Son, Robert Miller Hall. Children of 1st wife, George Hall, John Hall, Moses Hall, Samuel Hall, and Peggy Hall Nicholas. Exec., not named. Witnesses, Thomas Watkins, Alexander Hall and Meshack Vaughn. Probated Nov. Court 1814.

HUMPHREYS, JONATHAN – Will – Page 14 – Signed Sept. 7, 1813. Names, daus., Catherine and Martha. Grandson, James Banford. Exec’s., Henry McDonald and Thomas Ferguson. Witnesses, James Whaley, Robert Marshall and George C. Muir. Probated Oct. Court 1813.

HUTCHISON, MARGARET – Will – Page 412 – Signed Sept. 18, 1814. Names, Joseph P. Cunningham, son of Robert Cunningham. Polly Alexander, Ann Robinson. Exec., not given. Will noncupative. Probated Feb. Court 1815, by oaths of Edward Welsh and Robert M. Cunningham.

JOHNSTON, ELIZABETH – Will – Page 152 – Signed Apr. 16, 1814. Names, children of sister, Mary Garrett, wife of Henry Garrett. Nephew, Thomas Garrett. Nephews, Ashton and Peter Garrett. Niece, Clarissa Garrett. Nieces, Nancy Garrett and Susan Davenport. Nephew, Francis Garrett. Exec., Thomas I. Garrett. Witnesses, Charles R. Thompson, C.B. Grimes, Elizabeth Grimes, and Jane Grimes. Probated, May Court 1814.

McCLAIN, JAMES – Will – Page 133 – Signed Nov. 26, 1806. Names, wife, Sally. Son, William, daughters Polly Vegus and Betsey. Son, John. Exec.’s, Wife, Sally and son, Wm. Witnesses, Christopher Irwine, John Pace and Rasanna Hardin. Probated May Court 1814.

MCCOY HUGH – Will – Page 507 – Signed Mch. 6, 1814. Names, wife, Elizabeth. Son, Samuel Love McCoy. Exec., Mathew Flourney. Witnesses, John Graves and John Dickey. Probated May Court 1814.

McCRARY, MARTHA – Will – Page 507 – Signed Apr. 23, 1814. Names, Hiram, Wm. Thomas and Margaret Phemster, children of brother John Phemster. Jane Bradshaw, Margaret Chambers, Martha Newton, and Rachel Morgan, children of brother, William Phemster. Andrew Littleton, son of Robert Littleton. Elizabeth Bratton. Samuel and John Carlisle, sons of sister, Rachel Carlisle. Polly Kenny and Robert McCreary, son of Wm. McCreary of Clark Co. Exec.’s. Mathew Kenny and William Prewitt. Witnesses, Wharton Schooler, Wm. M. Kenny and Robert P. Kenny. Probated Oct. Court 1815.

McDANIEL ENOCH – Will – Page 467 – Signed May 29, 1815. Names, Mother, Mary McDaniel. No exec. Witnesses, George Clark, Wm. Atchison and Boon McDaniel.

MARSHALL ROBERT – Will – Page 299 – Signed July 30, 1814. Names, wife, Mary Ann Marshall. Children, Robert, Cynthia, America, Dorinda, Calista, Daughters, Elizabeth Hill, Susannah Berton, Nancy Oldham, Polly Simpson, Malinda Marshall, Peggy Marshall, son, Robert Marshall, Exec’s., Wife, Mary Ann, William Collins and Wm. Davenport. Witnesses, Thomas Ferguson, Christy Epperson and Henry Walker. Probated Oct. Court 1814.

McKEE, JOHN - Will Page 298 - Signed Sept. 16, 1814. Names, sister, Elizabeth Hunter. Exec., Brother-in-law, George Hunter. Witnesses, Wm. Boon and Robert P. Kenny. Probated Oct. Court 1814.

McKEE, SAMUEL – Will – Page 24 – Signed Sept. 2, 1813. Names, Daughter, Polly. Sons, John and James. Grand daughters, Martha Story and Clara McKee, dau’s. of son, Wm. McKee, deceased. Exec’s., Elijah Poage, con of Archabald McKee. Witnesses, Nancy Poage, Elizabeth Poage and Elijah Poage. Probated Nov. Court 1813.

MOORE, JOHN – Will – Page 371 – Signed Jan. 29, 1809. Names, daughter, Mary. Sons, James, Joseph, John. Daughter, Jenny. Exec’s., Sons, James and Joseph Moore. Witnesses, Robert Stewart and Caly Moore. Probated Dec. Court 1814.

MONTGOMERY, ALEXANDER – Will – Page 125 – Signed Feb. 3, 1814. Names, wife, Elizabeth. Sons, Robinson, Elijah, Williams, and John. Daughters, Elizabeth R. Coleman, and Malinda Montgomery. Exec’s., Wife, Elizabeth, son, William, son-in-law, George Coleman and Wm. C. Prewett. Witnesses, Walter Preston, Abraham Estes and James C. Robinson. Probated May Court 1814.

PAYNE, JENNY O. – Will – Page 428 – Signed Apr. 11, 1815. Names, children, daughter, Edward Ann Payne, son, Orlanda Payne and George R. Payne. Nephew, Hugh Payne. Father, Edward Payne. Exec’s., Brothers, Henry Payne, Wm, Payne, Edward Payne, and Jilson Payne. Witnesses Gabriel Tandy and John Marsh. Proved, May Court 1815.

PIATT, SALEM – Will – Page 51 (no date). Names Kitty Peel, John Bodley, Eldest dau. of John Bodley. James Shely. No. exec. Witnesses, Samuel Q. Richardson, W. Montgomery and David Stee. Proved Jan. Court 1814.

POAGE, JOHN – Will – Page 522 – Signed Dec. 12, 1815. Names, wife, Sarah Poage. Youngest son, John Campbell Poage. Youngest dau., Julia. Exec’s., wife Sarah Poage and Charles McPheeters. Witnesses, Isaac Johnston, Horatio Johnston, James Johnston and Amos Johnston. Proved, Jan. Court 1816.

REDMON, WILLIAM – Will – Page 512 – Signed Mch. 3, 1814. Names, Sons, Levi and Chukerberry (or Cheekerberry). Daughter, Letty Page. Grand Children, Wm. and Jane Redmon, son and dau. of Benjamin Redmon, deceased. No exec. Witnesses, Tandy K. Perry and Daniel Moore. Proved Nov Court 1815.

RUCKER JOHN – Will – Page 137 – Signed June 18, 1812. Names, daughters, Rachel Rucker, deceased. Milly Rucker. Sons, Benjamin and Lewis. Wife, Patty. Children, Ahmed, Barnett, Wm., James, Joshua, Isaac Rucker. No exec. Witnesses, Robert Chambers, Thomas B. Young and Joseph Chambers. Proved May Court 1814.

SCOTT JAMES – Will – Page 50 – Signed Dec. 30, 1811. Names wife, Jenet. Children, Robert, James, Thomas, William and John. Grand dau., Jenny Milligan. Son, Andrew Scott. Exec’s., Sons, James and Thomas Scott. Witnesses, Gilson Berryman and Wm. Rice. Proved Jan. Court 1814.

SIMPSON ROBERT – Will - Page 38 – Signed Nov. 26, 1813. Names, wife, Elizabeth. Children, John G. Simpson, James Simpson and Martha Simpson. Exec’s., Andrew M. Campbell, and Wm. Simpson. Witnesses, John Q. Dabney and Samuel Laird. Proved Dec. Court 1813.

SMITH DAVID – Will Page 339 – Signed Feb. 11, 1811. Names, son of brother, Joseph Smith. Brother, John Smith. Brother, James Smith. Exec’s., Asa Farrow and Ebenezer Sharp. Witnesses, James Blythe and Enoch M. Smith. Proved Apr. Court 1814.

TINSLEY, WILLIAM – Will – Page 430 – Signed Jan. 30, 1815. Names wife, Mary. Daughter, Nancy. Other children. Exec’s., Samuel Boone, Belair P. Evans, and wife, Mary Tinsley. Proved May Court 1815.

TROTTER, GEORGE – Will – Page 510 – Written Apr. 1, 1807. Names wife, Eliza Trotter. Son, John Pope Trotter. Mother. Brothers, Samuel and Gabriel, also James Gabriel Trotter. Father, James Trotter, John Pope, Esq. to be guardian of children. Exec’s., Wife, Eliza. Father, Col. James Trotter, and John Pope, Esq. Test. Robert Scott. Probated Nov. 1815.

WALLACE, JOHN – Will – Page 92 – Written June 20, 1813. Names, wife, Jane. Son, John. Four younger children to be apprenticed, James T. Wallace, Abraham Hill Wallace, Andrew S. Wallace, Joseph. Dau’s., Jane, Margaret, Martha, Mary Hill, Peggy Wallace. Exec., John Wallace. Witnesses, Wm. Alexander and Charles Campbell. Probated Apr. 1814.


(Donated [for McAdams book] by Mrs. Jos. Beard, Lexington, KY.)  

ALEXANDER, WILLIAM – Will – Page 404 – Written Apr. 8, 1818. Names, wife, Agnes. Sons, Robert and Henry. Children, James, Polly, William, Rachel, John and James Brewster. Executors, wife, Agnes, sons; James, Wm. And John Alexander. Witnesses, Robert W. Ricketts and Thomas Hunter. Probated, August Court 1818.

ARMITAGE, SAMUEL – Will – Page 281 – Mentions Jacob Peyton. Written Oct. 8, 1817. Witnesses, Wm. R. Parker, Wm. Cox and Daniel McIntosh. Proved, Dec. Court 1817.

BALL, DRUCILLA – Will – Page 205 – Written April 7, 1817. Names daughter Nanny W. Fauntleroy and her husband, Wm. M. Fauntleroy. Son, John Ball. Grand-dau., Betty Fauntleroy and Drucilla Fauntleroy. Nephew, Wm. Jones. Witnesses, John C. Alberti, Lucy C. Webb and Francis Jones. Proved, May Court 1817. Executors, Brother, Isaac Webb and son, John W. Ball.

BENTLEY, JAMES – Will – Page 390 – Written, May 2, 1818. Names, wife, Frances. Daughter, Rebecca Keithly. Sons, Washington, Reuben and Bartley. Mentions "7 children." Executors, Bailey and Reuben Bentley. Witnesses, David Morton, Wm. Curran, Wm. Cotton and Eli Cleveland. Proved July Court 1818.

BERRYMAN, SARAH – Will – Page 280 – Written June 21, 1817. Names daughter, Ann W. Berryman. Son-in-law, Gilson Berryman. Grand children; Henrietta N. Berryman, Harriet W. Berryman, Thomas Berryman and Sarah Ann Berryman. Executors, George Webb and Wm. N. Lane. Proved Nov. Court 1817. Witnesses, Thomas B. Pinckard and Wm. Thomas.

BOBB, JACOB – Will – Page 253 – Mentions, sister-in-law, Polly Bobb, wife of brother, John Bobb. Nephew, Wm. Bobb. Witnesses, Abraham Howe, John Runnell and James Vincent. Signed Aug. 23, 1817. Proved Oct, Court 1817.

BOSWELL, GEORGE – Will – Page 178 – Signed June 20, 1805. Names, son, George F. Boswell. Grandson, Wm. E., Son of Wm. E. Boswell. Son, Wm. E. Boswell. Grandson, George, son of Wm. E. Boswell, and grand dau., Nancy, dau. of Wm. E. Boswell. Son, John Boswell, also “son of John.” Two grand daughters. Daughter “Swanny” Warren. Son, Joseph Boswell and Son, Bushrod, and son, Thomas E. Boswell. Wife, Judith Boswell. Executors, Sons, Wm. and Joseph Boswell. Witnesses, Robert Prewitt and Wm. C. Prewitt. Proved Apr. Court 1817.

BOYD, JOHN – Will – Page 527 – Signed Nov. 3, 1810. Names, wife, Martha. Dau’s., Martha McIsaac, Mary and Agnes Boyd, Heirs of son, Robert, heirs of son, John. Son, Samuel Boyd, son Hugh Boyd, son, Rowling. Daughter, Jenet Brown. Executors, Isaac McIsaac and Joseph Frazier. Witnesses, David Downton and G. Frazier. Proved Feb. Court 1816.

BROCKMAN, AARON – Will – Page 464 – Written Dec. 15, 1818. Names, wife, Lydia Brockman. Sons, John and James. 4 daughters, Cynthia Cox, Elizabeth Brockman, Polly and Henico Brockman, Executors, Roger Quarles and James Wood. Witnesses, Wm. Quillan and James Wood, Jr. Probated Feb. 1819.

BRUMAGER PATRICK – Will – Page 481 – Written Feb. 5, 1819. Mentions wife. Executors, Alexander Edger and James Gibson. Witnesses, William Gibson and Thomas Harris. Probated Mch. Court 1819.

CAMPBELL ELIZABETH – Will – Page 86 – Written May 24, 1816. Widow of Robert Campbell, willed to emancipate negro Suckey but died before it was carried out. The heirs of Robert and Elizabeth agreed to carry out her wishes. Signed Arthur and James Campbell. Witnesses, Samuel Ayres and Elizabeth Nixon. Proved July Court 1816.

CARSON, JAMES – Will – Page 335 – Written Jan. 12, 1818. Names, wife, Isabella. Son (oldest), James. Children, Patsy Stone, Nancy Carson, Peggy Carson, Elizabeth Carson, James Carson, Polly Keller, Willis Carson, Joseph Carson, Sallie Carson, Matilda Carson. Executors, George Berry and Lewis Bryant. Witnesses, James Daley and Thomas Nutall. Probated April Court, 1818.

CHOWNING, CHARLES – Will – Page 204 – Written Mch. 21, 1817. Names wife, Milly Chowning. Children, Charles, Robert, Milly Tap, Betsy Kemper; grand children, Milly, Lucinda, Mahaly and Thursey Stephens, children of daughter, Lucy Stephens, Ann Vaughn and Sally Fass (or Tap). Two daughters in Virginia. Executors, Abraham Ferguson and John Barton. Witnesses, Leonard Young, Wm. Bowlin and H. Hardesty. Probated May Court, 1817.

CORDERY, JOHN – Will - Page 463 - Written Dec. 30, 1818. Names wife, Polly. Nephew, John Cordery. Children, Hallim, Sally and Mary Ann. Executrix, wife, Polly. Witnesses, Thos. Outten, Thos. H. Stout, Ann F. Outten. Probated Feb. 1819.

COTTON, JOSEPH - Will – Page 326 – Written Feb. 20, 1818. Names sister, Frances Spurr. Nephew, William Cotton. Executors, Nephew, Wm. Cotton, Jr. and nephew, Wm. C. Spurr. Witnesses, Lewis Hickman, Samuel Duncan and Samuel Blythe. Probated April Court 1818.

CRAIG, JOSEPH – Will – Page 478 – Written Sept. 7, 1818. Mentions, son, Joseph Craig. Wife, Sarah. Daughter, Salley Allen, deceased, her part to her 7 children. Had 9 living children and 1 dead. Executors, Wife, Sally, and sons, Reuben, James, Samuel, Joseph Craig. Witnesses, Anny Pilcher, Lewis Pilcher and Wills Jenkins. Probated March Court 1819.

DALE, NANCY – Will – Page 98 – Mentions Children of Jamse A. Richardson. Names daughters, Nancy Allen and Martha L. Richardson. Witnesses, Wm. Robinson, Jr. and John Nichols. Proved Aug. term 1816. Settlement Dec. 24, 1818.

DOWNTON, RICHARD, SR. – Will – Page 96 – Written Nov. 13, 1812. Names Sons, Wm. Thrift Downton, Richard Downton and Thomas Downton. Grand-dau., Nancy Adams, when 18 years old. Grand-daus., Maria Gilliam and Nancy Gilliam. Daughter, Polly Dunlap, wife of George. Daughter, Sally, wife of Wm. Grubbs. Executors, sons, Richard, Jr. and Thomas Downton. Witnesses, Chas. R. Thompson, Ann Thompson, James Trotter, Sr. and John Tilford. Probated Aug. Court 1816.

DUNN, JOHN – Will – Page 335 – Written June 24, 1817. Names, wife, Urnney. Son, James Dunn. Daughter, Patsey Page. Executors, Wife, Urnney and son, James, and Charles Patrick. Witnesses, George M. Patrick and Thomas Pitts. Probated Apr. Court 1818.

EDWARDS, JOHN – Will – Page 303 – Written May 12, 1817. Names, wife, Patsey. Children, William, John, Sally, Julyann, and Nancy. Witnesses, Wm. B. Price and Walker Butler. Probated Feb. Court 1818.

FRIER, ROBERT – Will – Page 305 – Names, wife Jane Frier. Sons, Robert and David. Dau’s., Nancy Arnold and Elizabeth Arnold and Thomas Welch, and Polly, his wife. Son, James Frier. Dau., Peggy Vallandingham, dau., Parthena Easton, dau., Lear Miller, dau., Jane Reed. Exec’s., Wife, Jane and two sons, Robert and James Frier. Witnesses, Wm. B. Summers, Curtis Ballard and James Reeds. Written June 9, 1816. Probated Feb. 1818.

FOLEY, JOHN – Will - Page 337 – Written Jan. 27, 1818. Names wife, Jenny. Sons, Thomas, Lorenzo Dow and Gabriel Foley. Daughters, Polly, Sarah, Letitia, Margaret, Jane, and Julianne Foley. Exec’s., Wife, Jenny, brother, William Foley and James Mars. Witnesses, Lewis Falconer, Benjamin Tutt and Wm. Alfred. Probated Apr. Court 1818.

FRAZER, WILLIAM – Will – Page 501 – Written Aug. 11, 1818. Names wife, Philadelphia. Dau’s., Rebecca, Mary, Martha, and sons, David and William, (lawful age). Exec’s., Wife and children. Witnesses, Will Frazer, Jr. and Robert Frazer. Probated April Court 1819.

GARRARD, DAVID – Will – Page 83 – Written Feb. 15, 1816. Names wife, Elizabeth. Several children (no names). Exec’s., William Shreve, of Jessamine, and Ambrose Young. Witness, David Hudson. Probated July Court 1816.

GRAVES, BENJAMIN – Will – Page 492 – Written Aug. 13, 1812. Names wife, Polly Graves. Mother, Brother, Thomas C. Graves, Charles Tuning. Any children, after wife’s death, all surviving and rest to heirs of those dead. Exec’s., Wife, Polly, Brothers, John C. Graves and George Graves, and wife’s brother, James Dudley. Probated April Court 1819.

HALEY, SUSANNA – Will – Page 176 – Written Jan. 9, 1817. Names, daughter, Catey Haley and son, Larkin Haley. Exec., Samuel Ayres. Witnesses, Thomas G. Richardson, John Richardson and Abner Cornelius. Probated Feb. Court 1817.

HAPPY, JAMES – Will – Page 223 – Names, three daughters, Polly Barnett, Nancy Dunn, Betsy Stivers. Son, Enoch. Wife, Mary. Daughter, Lydia Pemberton. Witnesses, George Hunter, and Elisha Metcalf. Probated July Court 1817. Codicil, gives Mary Boyd. Will written May 8, 1814.

KEENE, FRANCIS – Will – Page 307 – Written Oct. 11, 1816. Names, wife, Mary Keene. Son, Sanford Keene, Son-in-law, Thomas H. Berryman. Daughters, Betsy Keene and Ellen Payne. Children of Ellen Payne, Hugh Payne. Dau., Margaret Price, son, Edward Payne, dau., Sinai Hicks, Mary Price, Sally Payne, Nancy Payne, son, Sandford Payne, son, Silas Payne, dau., Ellen Payne. Son-in-law John Blakemore, dau., Sinai Blakemore, son, Oliver Keen, son John Keen. Witnesses, J.T. Threshley, Ben W. Dudley. Probated Feb. 18, 1818.

KERNS, JAMES, formally of Ireland – Will – Page 253 – Written (no date). Names Nephew, Henry Wats. Nieces, Mary Ann, Jane, Amelia. Nephew, James Kerns, son of brother, Hugh Kerns. Exec., Cornelius Coyle. Witnesses, Spencer Cooper and J. Bell. Probated Oct. Court 1817.

LONG, WILLIAM – Will – Page 392 – Names, wife, Agnes. Son, William, dau., Elizabeth, dau. Rebecca Smith. Sons, Robert, Isaac, Samuel, Alexander. Exec’s., Sons, Robert and William Long. Witnesses, John White and Randolph Harris. Will written April 8, 1818. Probated Aug. Court 1818.

LYDIG, JACOB – Will – Page 38 – Names, wife, Barbara. Son-in-law, Jacob Sidener and other children. Executrix, Wife, Barbara. Witnesses, David Smith, George P. Sidener and Bennett Fryer. Will written July 16, 1810. Probated April Court 1814.

(Copied by Mrs. H.K. McAdams, Notary Public, Wills and Estates).  

ALEXANDER ATCHISON – Will – Will Book F, Page 231 – Names, wife, Mary Atchison, son, James and grand-daughter, Jane Clark. Executors, Samuel Blain and Elijah McClannehan. Will dated Oct. 20, 1823. Witnesses, John McNair, John Clark and Alexander Clark. Proved Dec. Court 1823.

RICHARD ALLEN – Will – Page 167 – Names wife, Anna Allen. Daughters, Polly Lamme, Sally Higgins, and Fanny Curd. Sons, John Allen and Francis Allen, grand-children, Madison and Richard Allen, sons of Francis Allen. Daughter-in-law, Elizabeth Allen. Executors, Richard Higgins and William Gist and John Allen. Witnesses, Jos. Boswell, E. Yeiser and L. Young. Will dated Aug. 8, 1821. Proved Feb. Court 1824.

THOMAS BARR, JR. – Estate – Will Book F, page 236 – Sale. Dec. 2, 1823. Administrator, Marthey Barr. Recorded Jan. Court 1824. Inventory, Page 215.

ABRAHAM STOUT BARTON – Will – Will Book F,  page 263 – Names, wife, Sarah Hart Barton. Children, Abraham and John Barton. Friend Doc’t. Elisha Warfield. Partner, Andrew McClure. Father, John Barton. Wife’s father, Benjamin Merrell. Uncle, David Barton. Executors, John M. Hunt, Elisha I. Winter, Abram. Barton and Mathew T. Scott. Dated Dec. 29, 1823. Witnesses, Charles Wilkins, J. Postlethwaite and Andrew McClure. Proved Feb. Court 1824.

CHARLES BRADFORD – Estate – Will Book, page 213 – Administratrix, Maryann Bradford. Rec. Nov. Court 1823.

FRANCIS BROWN – Will Book F, page 129 – Wife, Juliet. Executrix, wife, Juliet, together with Michael Clarke, Executor. Dated Apr. 8, 1812. Witnesses, W. Macbean, Peter I. Robert, J. McIlvain. Recorded Aug. Court 1823. Witnesses, W. Macbean and Charles Humphreys.

CHARLES BURLINGAME – Estate – Page 277 – Jesse Bunnell, Administrator. Sale Nov. 16, 1822, account recorded Feb. Court 1824. Also page 284. Settlement. Feb. 9, 1824.  

ELIZABETH BRYNES – Estate Will Book F, page 203 – Aug. 21, 1823. Appraisors, John W. Moore, John Hurst and Newbald Crockett. Nov. term Court 1823.

ELIZA BYRNES – Estate – Will Book F, page 203 – Appraisers, Jno. W. Moore, John Hurst and Newbald Crockett. Aug. 21, 1823. Recorded Nov. term Court 1823.

JOHN D. CLIFFORD – Estate – page 286 – John S. Snead, Executor. Account Jan. 13, 1824. Commissioners, Alex. Parker, W.W. Worsley and R. Higgins. Rec. Feb. Ct. 1824.

HENRY COONS – Will Book F, page 135 – Mentions wife, Mary, son Samuel Coons and his infant children, Pauline, Henry and Thomas M. Coons. Son, John Coons, deceased and heirs Jemima, Molly, Joshua, Susan, James, Martin and Betsy. Executors, son, Joshua Coons, James Coons, and Martin Coons. Witnesses, Jas. Darnaby, John Darnaby. June 5, 1821. Codicil, Mentions Mary, widow of John Coons, deceased. Elijah, Joshua, Henry Marianne, John, Samuel, and Peter Coons, heirs of John Coons. Witnesses, James and John Darnaby. Will and Codicil recorded Aug. Court 1823.

CORNELIUS COYLE – Estate – Page 290 – Com’s., A. LeGrand, Jas McKane and Henry Weir. Inv., Rec. Feb. Court 1824.

WILLIAM DAVIS – Estate – Will Book F, page 246 – Inventory, Appraisers, John Barton, George Ware, and James Weathers. Sept. 12, 1823. Recorded Jan. Court 1824. Sale on page 247.

WILLIAM DUDLEY – Estate – Will Book F, page 142 – Executrix, Lucy Dudley, and Wm. Boon, Asa Thompson, and Robert Dudley, executors. Witness, E. Darnaby, Jas. Darnaby, John Darnaby, Jno. Boyd. Aug 23, 1823. Recorded Sept. Court 1823.

JOHN ELDERS – Estate – Page 271 – Administrators, Matthew Elder and Robert Grinstead. Witness, Mrs. Anna Elders. Commissioners, George Robinson, and M. Fishel. Acct. rendered Aug. 29, 1818. Rec. Feb. Court, 1824.

JOSEPH R. FARROW – Inventory of Estate – Will Book F, page 204 – Administrator, Leslie Combs. Witnesses, Will Morton, A. LeGrand and Jas. W. Palmer. Recorded Nov. Court 1823.

BRYANT FERGUSON – Estate Inventory – Will Book F, page 209 – Nov. 6, 1823. Executor, Nathaniel Ferguson. Mentions Nathaniel as son of Bryant Ferguson. Rec. Nov. Court 1823.

JOHN FRANK – Estate Page 276 – Comm. Appointed Jan. Court 1824 to settle with Nancy Riley, late Nancy Frank, administratrix of Estate of John Frank. Acct. given Feb. 6, 1824, names guardian of heir, Henry Roberts. Comm’s., John G. Parks, W. McClanahan and John Campbell. Rec. Feb. Court 1824.

JANE FREER – Estate – Will Book F, page 134 – Appraisers, B. Abernathy, Archid McNeil, Thomas Baxter. Aug 11, 1823. Administrator, George Vallandigham.

JANE FRIER – Estate – Page 269 – George Wallandigham, Administrator. Commissioners, Wm. B. Summers and A. Young. Dec. 31, 1823. Recorded Feb. Court 1824.

GEORGE ALEXANDER GILLESPIE – Estate Will Book F, page 227 – Mentions Brothers, Wm., John and Angel Gillespie, Sisters, Patsy Cravens, Peggy Hampton. Executor, brother, William Gillespie. Date Sept. 16, 1823. Witnesses, J. Stonestreet, Lucy Schooler, Henry Sanders. Proved Dec. Court 1823.

WILLIAM GILLISPEE – Estate – will Book F, page 187 – Administrator, Wm. Boon. Recorded Sept. Court 1823. Witnesses, Waller Bullock and John Todd, and James Minter.

GEORGE GRAY – Will – Page 357 – Mentions wife, Mary Gray. 8 sons and 3 daughters. Sons, Joseph, Isaac, George, James Jonathan, Wm. S., James and Benj. T. Gray. Dau., Hannah Benning, Sarah Travers, Martha Grimes. Written Nov. 30, 1818. Proved July CT. 1834.

HEZEKIAH HARRISON – Estate - Will Book F, page 212 – Mentions Will examined. Wife, Jane, son, John. Commissioners, Wm. Boon, Richard Hunter, and James Criner. Rec. Nov. Court 1823. Also page 255 to 262 account of Ambrose Young, Executor. Rec. Jan. Court 1824.

JOHN HIGBEE – Estate Inventory – Will Book F, page 195 – Appraisers, Elijah Carmell, Wm. Gish and Elisha Meredith. Recorded Oct. Court, 1823.

SANDFORD KEEN – Will – Will Book F, page 197 – Mentions wife, Martha N. Keen, Executrix and Doc’t. Benjamine W. Dudley, Wm. G. Wilson, Richard H. Chinn and Upshaw Berryman, Executors. Dated Sept. 29, 1823. Witnesses, R. Wickliffe, R. Higgins, and I.C. Richardson, Jr. Probated Oct. Court 1823.

FRANCIS HODGES – Will – Page 381 – Written June 9, 1821. Mentions sons, Daniel, Galin Hodges, heirs of dau., Mary Ann (deceased). Francis Hodges (deceased). Executors, sons, Daniel and Galin Hodges, and friend, Leonard Young. Witnesses, A.W. Burrows, John Ferguson, Oliver Beasley and J.L. Detiste. Probated July Court 1824. Probated again Sept. term 1824.

REUBEN HUDSON – Allotment of Dower – Page 411 – Mentions Nancy Hudson, Widow of Reuben. Rec. Oct. Ct. 1824. Estate page 355. Appraisers, Nathaniel Winn, James Whaley, Jr., and James Grimes. Nov. 22, 1823. Rec. June CT. 1824. Page 274. Inventory of Sale. Dec. 11, 1823. Administrators, Jesse Hudson and Frederic B. Nichols. Recorded Feb. Court 1824.

JOSHUA HUMPHREYS – Will – Will Book F, page 229 – Names, wife, Mary T. Humphreys and two children, Larry T. and Hetty W. Humphreys. Wife, Mary, Executrix and brother Charles Humphreys, Executor. Names nephew, Kames H. Humphreys of Harrodsburg, Ky. Will dated Nov. 4, 1823. Witnesses, E.M. Patterson and L.W. Combs, and Notley Conn. Proved Dec. Court 1823.

HUNT AND FLETCHER – Division of Mansfield – Will Book F, page 194 – Commissioners, Richard Darinton, George Dunlap, James Trotter, Sen. James Gibson, Richard Higgins and Thomas Wallace to divide tract of land called “Mansfield” between John W. Hunt and Thomas Fletcher. Recorded Oct. Court 1823.

JOHN HUTSELL – Estate – Page 296 – Administrator, George Hutsell. Inventory returned, Dec. Court, 1822, additional Invent’., Jan. Court 1824. Commissioners, James Darnaby, Wm. Scott and John Hedges. Rec. Feb. Court 1824. Division of Estate of John Hutsell, Page 298, mentions 10 heirs. Henry Liter intermarried with Polly Hutsell. Also Vincent Scott, who intermarried with Ann Hutsell. Rec. Feb. Court 1824.

JOSEPH INNSKEEP – Sale, Will Book F, page 217 – Oct. 8, 1823. Administrator, Samuel M. Grant. Inventory, page 224. Rec. Dec. Court 1823.

WILLIAM JENKINS – Estate Settlement – Page 409 – Son, John S. Jenkins, Administrator. Rec. Oct. Ct. 1824.

HENRY JOHNSON – Estate – Will Book F, page 134 – Henry Johnson, who died in 1821. Appraised by Wm. McConnell, Thomas Stephenson and Allen Davis, on Aug. 11, 1823, before John Bradford. Recorded Aug. Court, 1823.

SANFORD KEEN – Estate – Page 321 – Inventory by Commissioners R. Higgins, David Megowan and Joseph Logan. Mch. 19, 1824. Rec. Apr. Ct. 1824.

JONATHAN LAMME – Estate – Page 331 – Commissioners, John Allen, Wm. Gest, and William Sullivan. Mch. Term Court 1823. Mentions, Widow and 10 heirs. Wm. Gray, Guardian for Addison Lamme. Milton Lamme, Hervey Lamme, Jane Lamme, Jonathan Lamme, Jr., Polly Lamme, Nathan Lamme, Julian Lamme, Maria Gray, Sally Kay, Wm. Kay. Rec. Apr. Ct. 1824.

JAMES LEMMON – Estate – Will Book F, page 199 – Samuel M. Grant, administrator. Probated Sept. Court 1823. Commissioners, Jno. W. Moore and Wm. Fisher.

AUGUSTUS P. LEVETT – Will – Will Book F, page 199 – Dated Nov. 8, 1823. Witnesses, Wm. Challen, Jno. Lockwood and Thomas J. Skilman. Rec. Sep. Court 1823.

ELIJAH McCROSKY – Will Book F, page 137 – Mentions sister, Sally Blackwood, Mary Nealy, and Ann Spires. Brothers, David McCrosky, Levi McCrosky. Nephews, Anderson Blackwood and Hiram McCrosky. Executors, David McCrosky, and Noah Spires. Dated July 22, 1823. Witnesses, John Hendley, Arch’d McIlvain, Jr., Benj. S. Cockrill. Probated Sept. Court, 1823.

WILLIAM MANUEL – Will Book F, page 128 – Mentions wife, Sterling, and children, not named. Executor, John W. Moore. Written Apr. 14, 1823. Witnesses, James S. Gray and John Devore. Recorded, Aug. Court 1823.

FRANCES MARSHALL – Inventory – Page 360 – Appraisers, Saml. Trotter, Thomas Anderson, and Asa Blanchard. Mentions Widow, Eliza Marshall. Rec. July Ct. 1824.

MICAJAH MASON – Estate – Page 410 – Appraisers, Elijah Cartmell, Larkin Gatewood, and Benjamin White. Rec. Oct. Ct. 1824.

JOHN MEEKINS – Will Book F, page 129 – Mentions Sarah Meekins, his wife. Executors, John H. Lusby, and Arter Brewar. Witnesses, Elizabeth Humphreys, and Michael Kiblar. Recorded Aug. Court, 1823.

WILLIAM MILES – Will – Page 322 – Written Nov. 1817. Mentions being broken-up for the third time, housekeeping. Mentions 6 brothers (one named Thomas) and one sister, if alive. Brother-in-law, John F. Greenwood, and his daughter, Jane Greenwood. Proved Aug. Ct. 1824.

JAMES MORRISON – Sales and Accounts – Pages 366-381 – Oct. 21, 1823. Part of Estate, Carlisle farm. Legatees mentioned, Mrs. E. Morrison, Miss Edmiston, Robert Scott, M. Montgomery, F. Dewees’ wife. Wife of Richard Haws, Jr., J.M. Holmes, Morrison Bosworth, and M. Pindell. H. Clay, Executor. Settlement recorded Aug. Ct. 1824.

JOHN MORRISON – Estate – Will Book F, page 231 – June 9, 1823. Robert Scott. Agent for H. Clay, only executor. Schedule of Bonds and Notes on page 233. Recorded Dec. court 1823.

WILLIAM J.R. MOSELEY – Estate – Will Book F, page 245 – Appraisers, Thomas I. Dickison, Sampson Oates and Thomas M. Merchant. Dec. 10, 1823. Recorded Jan. Court 1824.

THOMAS MOXLEY – Estate, Will Book F, page 251 – names Elizabeth Moxley, Christopher Moxley, and Nancy Voirs (late Nancy Moxley). Maryann Moxley, Milly Moxley, Thomas Moxley, William Moxley, Perry Moxley, Penelope, widow of deceased Thomas Moxley. Commissioners, George Ware, Wm. Scott, and David Barton. Recorded Jan. Court 1824.

FREDERICK NICHOLS – will – Page 358 – Written Nov. 4, 1816. Mentions, Elizabeth Nichols and 8 children. Sons, George, Wm., Robert, Frederick B., and James Nichols. Dau., Frances Whaley, Catherine Childs and Elizabeth Reid. Son, George Nichols, executor with wife, Elizabeth Nichols Executrix. Proved July Ct. 1824.

JAMES NICHOLS – Division – Page 314 – Account with James Ewing and Elizabeth Conner, Administratrix. Commissioners, Edward C. Payne. Wm. Boon and Clement Smith. Heirs, Phoebe Ann Livingston, Adilla Nichols, Antinoney Nichols and Desdemona Nichols. Rec. March Court, 1824.

  SUSANNA NOE - Estate - Page 413 - Rec. Oct. Ct. 1824.

MICHAEL J. NOUVELL - Estate - Will Book F, page 151 - Inventory, Mch. 12, 1823. Commissioners, Thos. Curry, Leonard Wheeler, James M. Kane. Administrators, Wm. Pritchartt and Sanford Keen. Sept. Court 1823. Page 176, sale by Thomas Anderson.

THOMAS NUTTLE - Estate - Page 363 - Adms., Nancy Nuttle, Moses H. Walls and Robert P. Penniston. Oct. 4, 1822. Sale. Rec. Aug. Ct. 1824.

JOHN POWER - Estate - Will Book F, page 148 - Elizabeth Power, deceased, Executrix with E. Bryan, administrator. Witnesses, Wm. Boon, James Darnaby, Waller Bullock, Sept. Court.

ELIZABETH POWER - Estate - Legatees, William Power, Mary Bryant, Patsey Power, Susan Power, Thomas Power, dec'd. John Power and Rebecca Coppage. July 26, 1823. Commissioners, Wm. Boon, Waller Bullock and James Darnaby.

HUGH PRICE - Estate - Page 303 - Administrator, Bird Price. Inv. Comm's., Enoch Bryan and George W. Clark. Rec. March Court 1824.

JOSEPH ROBINSON - Will - Will Book F, page 202 - Mentions wife, Moley Robinson. Two sons, John and Dudley Robinson. Dated Oct. 27, 1819. Witness, Wm. Whiting, James Wilson and Abner Wilson, Sen. Probated Nov. Court 1823.

BENJAMINE F. ROGERS - Will - Page 266 - Dated Dec. 27, 1823. Names brothers, Barnard Rogers, Elijah Rogers, and Coleman Rogers. Father, Joseph Rogers. Nephew, William Rogers. Witnesses, Jeremiah Vardeman, Polly Coons, and John C. Richardson, Sec. Proved Feb. Court 1824.

BENJAMIN ROGERS - Estate - Page 320 - Inventory by Commissioners, Jno. C. Richardson, Samuel Smith, and James Munday. Rec. Apr. Ct. 1824.

JOSEPH ROGERS - Bond - Mentions sons, Benjamin F. Rogers, Elijah Rogers and William Rogers. Son, Barnet Rogers. Written Mch. 24, 1824. Witnesses, John C. Richardson, Sr., Samuel Smith and James Munday. Rec. April Ct. 1824.

JACOB SAGASER - Will - Page 354 - Written July 24, 1821. Witnesses, John Hall, Waller Rodes, and Asa Hall. Mentions Mary Ann Troutman, Fanny (?) Troutman and Elizabeth Troutman. Heirs of Mary Ann Troutman, desc'd. Leonard Troutman, Barbery Baker, Frederick Seckester, Jacob Sekester, Elizabeth Arnspiker, Daniel Sekester and Nancy Hardesty. Exects., Sons, Frederick and Jacob Sickester. Rec. June Ct. 1824.

WILLIAM SANDERSON, SR. - Will - Page 362 - Written July 5, 1824. Mentions, wife, Lucy. Son, Robert Sanderson (deceased). Heirs, Son, Wm. E. Sanderson, Mary Thompson,, Cathy Simmerson, Jane Beatty, Sally Haze, Matty Hamilton, Barbara Rankin, Ann Sanderson. Executor, Samuel Devore. Rec. Aug. Ct. 1824.

WHARTON SCHOOLER - Will - Page 341 - Written June 7, 1819. Mentions, wife, Margaret Schooler, executrix, with son, Lewis, and son-in-law , Robert D. Schooler, executors. Mentions, daughters, Patsey Allen, Polly Schooler, Sarah Adams, Beulah Estes, Betsey Schooler and Peggy (no surname). Proved May Ct. 1824. Witnesses, Wm. C. Prewitt, Thos. Ellis and Lloyd K. Goodwin.

WHARTON SCHOOLER - Estate - Inventory - Page 385 - June 3, 1824. Appraisers, James True, Jr., Lewis C. Ellis, Thos. Ellis and Wm. C. Prewitt. Rec. Sept. Ct. 1824.

CONRAD SIDNER - Will Book F, Page 408, of Fayette County - Written June 27, 1821. Names wife and "six children." "My dau. Peggy Jones." Wit: David Smith, J.H. Stewart, Daniel Sidener. Execs., wife, Jane. Probated October Court, 1824. Attest., James C. Rodes, Clerk.

TOMPKINS, GWYNN R. - Will Book F, page 408 - Written August 22, 1823. Probated Obtober Court, 1824. Names sons, John, Wm., and Gwynn R. Tompkins; dau. Powell and her children. "The rest of my children." Exrs., sons, John, Wm. and Gwynn R. Tompkins.

ABRAHAM SIMPSON - Will - Will Book F, page 190 - Mentions daughter, Nancy, Sally and Delia. Son, Jordan. Dated Aug. 7, 1823. Witnesses, Wm. Dykes and John Seiders. Probated Oct. Court 1823.

ABRAHAM SIMPSON - Estate - Page 346 - Appraisers Nathaniel Winn, James Grimes and Charles Clarke. Rec. May Court 1824.

JOSEPH SINGER - Inventory, Estate - Will Book F, page 228 - Oct. 27, 1823. Rec. Dec. Court 1823.

BENJAMINE SMITH AND NANCY SMITH - Estate - Page 273 - Edward Wm. Smith, gave account of increase, Dec. 4, 1823. Commissioners, James Munday, Samuel Smith and Edward Herndon. Rec. Feb. Court 1824.

BENJAMIN SMITH - Estate - Page 387-395 - Sale Jan. 27, 1824. And Nancy Smith, Estate. Account with William Smith, Executor of Benjamin and Nancy Smith. Recorded Sept. Court 1824. Will Book F, page 206. Inventory. Rec. Nov. Court 1823.

BENJAMIN SMITH - Estate. Inventory - Will Book F, page 207 - Executor, Wm. Smith. Appraisers, Samuel Smith, James Munday, and Ed. H. Herndon. Rec. Nov. Court 1823.

RICE SMITH - Will - Will Book F, page 200 - Mentions, wife Margaretta. 4 grand-daughters, Betsy Julia Johnson, Louisa Evelina Flourney, Martha Matilda Flourney, and Emily Flourney. 2 grand-sons, Claudius Marcella Flourney and Victor Monroe Flourney. Emily, wife of Mathews Flourney, Esq.  Executrix, Wife, Margaretta, with Mathew Flourney, Benjamin Smith, and John Graves, Sen., Executors. Witnesses, W. Henry, Gideon Gaines, Francis F. Wells, and Wm. Smith, Jr. Probated, Nov. Court, 1823. Estate, page 279. Inventory Jan 22, 1824. Executor, M. Flournoy. Appraisers, Moses Randolph, Wm. Patterson and Edw. Maguire. Rec. Feb. Court 1824.

WILLIAM SMITH - Estate - Will Book F, page 144 - Samuel Smith, executor. May 1, 1822. Recorded Sept. Court, 1823.

WILLIAM SMITH - Estate Division - Page 317 - Commissioners, Mathew Kenney, Asa Thompson, James Rogers and James Darnaby. Mentions 4 youngest daughters, Polly Smith (now Polly Boice), Juliet Smith (now Juliet Dudley, Martha and Margaret Smith. Recorded April Court 1824.

JOHN STARK - Estate - Page 416 - Oct. 4, 1824. Commissioners, George Dunlap, Archibald McKee, Richard Downton and R.G. Dudley. Rec. Oct. Ct. 1824.

ELIZABETH STEPHENS - Estate - Will Book F, page 139 - Appraisers, Jacob Cassell, M. Fishel and John Wirt. July 8, 1823. Administrator, John McCalla. Witnesses, Thos. Tibbatts, W. Gilliam, Josh. Humphreys. Recorded Sept. 1823.

JAMES STEWART - Estate - Will Book F, page 329 - Inventory, Dec. 29, 1823. Appraisers, John Pollack, M. Fishel and Jacob McConothy. Administrator, Nancy Stewart. Sale Jan. 2, 1824. Recorded Jan. Court 1824.

JOAB STOUT - Estate - Page 318 - Oct. Court 1823. Commissioners, Wm. C. Counette, Wm. Akin and Reuben Houghton. Admin., Azariah S. Higgins. Rec. April Court 1824.

DANIEL TALBOT - Estate - Page 270 - B. Stout, Administrator. Commissioners, R. Higgins, Abrm. S. Drake and James Beach. Account rendered Feb. 1, 1824. Recorded Feb. Court 1824.

JOHN TRUE - Appraisement - Page 302 - Inventory. Commissioners, Edward Carter, Dudley Shipp and Wm. E. True. Feb. 23, 1824. Rec. March Court 1824.

LEWIS TURNER - Estate - Page 280 - Inventory. Appraisers, Wm. Pollock, Richard Gray and Nathan Payne. Oct. 20, 1823. Rec. Nov. Court 1824.

LEWIS E. TURNER - Sale - Page 395 -Dr. Asa Payne, Administrator. Account page 402. Recorded Sept. Ct. 1824.

JOHN WAINWRIGHT - Estate - Will Book F, Page 130 - Administrator, J. Maslin Smith. Aug. 9, 1823. Appraisers, Jas. W. Palmer, Robert Frazer, James Weir. Recorded Aug. Court 1823.

MARY WASON - Estate - Page 289 - Commissioners appointed Jan. Court 1824. J. Worley, Wm. B. Price, Jno. Steele and George F. Muldrow. Administrators, James and Thomas Wason. Rec. Feb. Court 1824.

LUCY WEST - Will - Page 342 - Mentions husband, William West. Son, Francis George West. Dau., Allice Francis West. Son, Augustine Moore West. Grandfather, John Robinson. Executors, husband Wm. West and son, Francis G. West. Written Jan. 20, 1824. Witnesses, George T. Chapman, Charles Humphreys, Francis Scott. Proved May Ct. 1824.

JESSE D. WINN - Estate - Page 305 - Appraisers, Abrm. Jones, Abrm. Farguson, James Grant, Wm. Scott, Jan. 13, 1824. Rec. March Court 1824. Legatees, Fanny Combs, Richard A.G. Winn, Nancy Sinclair, Dolly Beauchamp, Phillip B. Winn, Lucy C. Gatewood, Stephen I. Winn, Clary Combs, Braxton B. Winn, Kitty Gray and Jesse D. Winn, Jr. Jan 1824. Division Recorded, Mch. Court 1824. Page 310 to 314, Division of land. Rec. Mch. Court 1824.

JAMES VANCE - Will - Page 351 - Mentions wife, Margaret Vance. Sons, Wm. James, Samuel, John, Alexander and Montgomery Vance. Daughters, Nancy McDowell, Jane Vance, Sally Vance, Mary Vance, and Marthy Ann Vance. Executors, George W. Botts, Samuel Scott and son, Wm. S. Vance. Witnesses, D.I. Williams, Samuel Clew and Maxwell Chambers. Will written, May 5, 1824. Proved June Ct. 1824.

VANPELT ESTATE - Sale - Will Book F, page 132 - Apr. 3, 1822. Recorded Aug. Court, 1823.



ADAMS, ABSALOM - Deceased - Estate - Page 35 - Inventory, sale on Dec. 26, 1823. Administrator, Abner Alilson. Rec. Dec. Court 1824. Page 47. Appraisers, James Weathers, Abraham Farguson, D. Barton. Rec. Nov. 9, 1824.

ALLEN, JOSEPH - Will - page 74, 147 - Will written May 16, 1824. Names, wife, Nancy and 6 children, Buford, Allen, Eliza C. Elly, Polly C. Downton, Simeon B. Allen, Greenby D. Allen, Sally M. Prewett. Grand-daughters, Zorilda Barbee and Lucinda Prewett. Executors, Simeon B. Allen, Greenby M. Allen and Wm. Boon. Witnesses, John Hendly, W. Hayes, and Hezekiah Ellis. Proved Feb. Court 1825.

ASHBY, NATHANIEL - Deceased - Estate - Page 211 - Executor, M.Q. Ashby Commiss., W.W. Worsley, John Brand, Thomas Anderson. Rec. Sept. Court 1825.

BIRD, ABRAHAM - Will Book E, page 149 - Names wife, Rachel, sons: Abraham, Mark and George. Daughters: Magdelane, Elizabeth, Mary, Catherine and Margaret. Executors: sons, Abraham Bird and Wm. I. Russell. Written 1808. Witnesses: Joseph Jay, Wm. Manuel and David Coffman. Proved Mch. Ct. 1820. Will Book G, page 217 give[s] legatees: Rachel Bird, No. 3. Catherine Thomas, No. 4. Page 426 gives legatees: Joseph Hawkins, No. 1 Magdaline Allen, No. 2.

BARR THOMAS, SR. - Deceased - Inv. and appraisement, page 51. Estate, page 81. Apprs., Enoch Bryan and James Gibson. Executors, W. Barr and Archibald McKee. Rec. Feb. Court 1825.

BARR, THOMAS TILTON - Will - Page 54 - Names brother, Robert Ross Barr. Sole executor, Robert Ross Barr. Written Sept. 1, 1823. Witness, John Lowrey. Proved on oath of Ashton Garnet, John Lowrey and James C. Rodes. Proved Jan. Court 1825.

BARKER, ANN - Deceased - Will - Page 193 - Written June 26, 1825. Names, daughter, Mary Hatton and her daughter, Ann Finsley. Son, Joseph Barker. Grand-daughters, Sarah Summers, Ann Barker, the dau. of my son, Thomas Barker. Executor, Son, Joseph Barker. Witnesses, P.B. Evans, Wall (?) Barker, Milton Bradley. Proved July Court 1825. Page 279. Sale Aug. 5, 1825. Rec. Mch. Court 1826. Page 420. Estate settled, recorded Nov. Court 1826. Commissrs. J. Parrish, Belain P. Evans, and Jas. Eastham.

BRAND, I.W. - Deceased - Estate - Page 133 - Settlement of Thomas Smith, Exectr'. Commsrs., Thomas Anderson, David ______ and Bird Smith. Rec. April 11, 1825.

BRIDGES, JNOS. - Deceased - Estate - Page 22 - Nov. 8, 1824. Apprs., W. Connel, John Coldwell, and Francis Kerigle. Administratrix, Elizabeth Bridges. Rec. Nov. Court 1824.

BRIGGGS, E.L. - Page 274 - Allotment of Dower to widow of E.L. Briggs, Mrs. Margaret Briggs. To Miss Juliet E. Briggs, to E.L. Briggs, to E.F. Briggs, to J.W. Briggs, to T.H. Briggs, to S.W. Briggs. Recorded on oaths of John Norton, Alex Parker, and Thos. Nelson. Jan. 9, 1826.

BRUMBARGER, SUSAN - Deceased - Page 153 - Settlement of estate. Adm'n., Benjamin Dawns. Commissrs., Nathaniel Ferguson, W. Price, and John Steele.

BOYCE, WILLIAM - Deceased - Estate - Page 7 - Dec. 1 and 1, 1812. Exec., Gerard McKenney, and Elizabeth, his wife, and John Boyce. Rec., Oct. Court 1824. Page 12. Settlement, Names, John Boyce, Wm. Boyce, Gerard McKenney and wife, as guardians of Daniel, Emily, Peggy and Carolina Boyce. Extracts, "That the Executors were compelled to go to Ohio, several times, 3 times to Va." "Once from Va. to North Carolina." "The business being in Surrey, Isle of Wight, Southhampton and so forth." Commsrs., Lindsay Coleman, John Bradford and Wm. West. Rec. Oct. Court, 1824.

BRYANT JOSEPH - Deceased - Page 184 - July 11, 1825. Appraisers, David Sutton, Thomas Stevenson and James Wilson. Rec. July Court 1825. Page 253. Proved in Dec. Court.

transcribed May 2003 by pb

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