By Cholera, in the CITY OF LEXINGTON, from the 11th of June to the present date, August 20, 1849.
Those marked thus * were not of cholera [with the exception of the asylum], and several others whose names are put in the cholera list might be said to have died of other diseases; and several of our citizens left town and died in the country of cholera, whose names are not on the list.

Source: The Kentucky Atlas of August 24, 1849, as reprinted in the Lexington Leader, Lexington, Kentucky, 25 August 1901, p. 10 cols. 1-4.  Microfilm held by the Kentucky Room, Lexington Public Library, Lexington.

                   Ward No. 1

son of W.R. Combs Jenny, at Mrs. Geohegan's
daughter of R. Leusley America, at John Payne's
child of Mr. Bruen Sam, John Lutz's
son of James Moore Nannie (Benj. Warfield's) at H.A. Saxton's
Mrs. Catharine Huggins Negro girl, Mrs. Worley's
Joseph Nixon Negro woman at E.W. Dowden's
Burdett R. Perry Negro woman at Henry Hardesty's
child of Mrs. Herndon Negro man at W.W. Ater's
Mrs. Mary Scott Negro boy of George W. Twyman's
Mrs. Sheeley Negro man at W.W. Ater's
George B. Twyman Negro man at Mr. Salsbury's
Mrs. Jonathan Tolls Negro woman at Mrs. Bruen's Negro girl at D.F. Horgan's
Richard Vaughn Ned Oliver
Nathaniel P. Barnard Ben Calmes
W. Jenkins Negro man of W.E. Milton's
John Alphonso Jones Mary, free
Lewis Jenkins  
Mr. Newkirk  
Mrs. Grady  
Miss Josephine Virden  
Mrs. S. Rollins  
Mrs. Huggins  
Mrs. George  
Mrs. Simpson  
child of Capt. L. Pigg  
child of Daniel Davis  
*Grandison Mesmore  
child of George Lankhart  
John W. Trumbull  
Miss Catherine J. Graves  
Polly, daughter of George B. Twyman  
Wm. Stafford  
Mrs. Mary Ann Nichols  
son of Melzer George  
Miss Cordelia Nichols  
child of John Nichols  
daughter of J. George  
daughter of R. Leusley  
Benjamin Clemens  
Mrs. Geo. B. Twyman  
W.J. Dunlap  
[Ward No. 1] whites 41 - blacks 19 - Total 60  

      Ward No. 2

John Doyle Scott, Joseph Ficklin's
*child of D. Laudeman Edmund, at Mrs. Green's
Thomas Moxley Emanual, at Mrs. Overton's
Miss Margaret Rollins William, Thomas Grant's
George Brisby Dick, Mrs. Hamilton's
Mrs. Malinda Jones Nelly, Joseph Ficklin's
James Baird Jenny, at O.F. Payne's
Chares Carter Harry, Josiah Ennis
Miss Mary Watson Negro girl, M.T. Scotts
Mrs. Ford Negro man, L.C. Robards
Miss M.O.T. Hamilton Boatswain, James Hamilton's
Isaac E. Kellar Archie, at Hunter & Bruce's
John Gregg Negro man, at Hunter & Bruce's
Stephen Manship Negro man, Bentley, at J.W. Clark's
Mrs. David Weigart Clara, John Brennan's
Mrs. Nancy Markee Negro child at Wm. Pullen's
child of Persicles Scott Negro man at Evan Lilly's
Osceola, son of H. Jeter Negro child at Miss Morgan's
child of T.M. Cox Negro woman at Joseph Evans'
James McMurtry Polly, free woman
Mrs. Emma Walker two Negro men of Percisolas Scott's
James Peel Negro girl at Dr. R.T.S. Cloud's
son of Christopher Fitnam Negro man at Judge T. A. Marshall's
Miss Harris Negro man at George McCarten's
Mrs. Calvert Negro man at Persicolas Scott's
child of Joseph Evans Negro man at Hunter & Bruce's
Dr. James Jones Negro child at Joseph Evans'
child of James Dawson Negro child of James C. Todd's heirs
James Murphy Negro man at L.C. Robard's
Miss Elizabeth Oots Negro man at R.B. Hamilton's
Wm. Trabue Negro man at N.L. Finnell's
Arthur Baker Lucinda Brisby
Mrs. Tully  
Virginia E. Warren  
Mrs. Smith Elliott  
child of C.C. Nourse  
Isabella Tudor  
Aaron K, Woolley  
Mrs. Jane Tudor  
Amos D. Robert  
*child of Edward Harris  
Mrs. Polly L. Ficklin  
Allen S. Atkins  
A.W. Climes  
Mrs. Jane Cotton  
[Ward No. 2] whites 46 - blacks 34 - Total 80  

      Ward No. 3

Andrew J. White Jim (Miss Webb's), at J.F. Drake's
child of David Hulett Fanny, at Jabez Beach's
*Mrs. Margaret Ross a man at Mrs. Curd's
William, son of Wm. H. Newberry Sam, Col. O. Anderson's
Edward March Negro child at Mrs. Webster's
Joseph L. Hopper Negro woman of Perker Craig's
James Winn Negro child at J.L. Kemp's
Mrs. T.W. Cridland Negro man at W.B. Emmal's
child of Fred Bush Negro man at F. Bush's, free
Dr. W.W. Whitney Negro girl at D.C. Wickliffe's
Mrs. Baxter Negro woman at St. Catherine's Academy
John George Charity, Negro girl at Mrs. Beard's
J.S. Dooley Negro girl at Taylor Peel's
John W. Curd Negro woman at John Henry's
Mrs. Rebecca Dooley Negro woman at Dr. J.R. Smith's
Matthew Wood Negro man at D. Vertner's
Amanda, daughter of W.H. Newberry Negro child at T. Lowman's
Smith Burton Negro child at E. Smith, Jr.'s
*Joseph Biggs, Jr. Negro man at John G. Allen's
Emma, daughter of Wm. Beach Isaac, free man
Andrew L., son of J. Chisam Negro child at Mr. Elder's
Miss Sarah F. Mongs *Negro child at T.B. Megowan's
Hugh Carlan Negro woman at Mrs. Huldah Bell's
Caleb C., son of J. March Negro girl at Mrs. Mildred Anderson's
child of George Stoll Negro man at Edward McAllister's
Thos. Lewman  
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Fitman  
son of Taylor Peel  
child of Mr. Roberts  
child of Christopher Fitman  
Wm. H. Rogers  
Mrs. Elenora Mixer  
Mrs. O'Neil  
daughter of Christopher Fitnam  
Robert, son of T. Lowman  
[Ward No. 3] whites 35 - blacks 26 - Total 61  

     Ward No. 4

Thomas O'Havre Dick, Judge Trotter's
Edwin Stephens child at S.B. Van Pelt's
Charles Wardell Sawney, M.T. Scott's
child of James King Polly, Mrs. Dulap's
Sarah Wyatt Emanuel at Mrs. Overton's's
Tarlton Weigart woman, Samuel Wallace's
Robert Boyd Edmund, cook at Phoenix Hotel
Martha Ann Maydwell Theodore, R.B. Young's
Mrs. Samuel Beach child at city poor house
Eli Vaughn Tom, F. Montmollin's
Mrs. Richard Loud Moses, Griffin P. Theobald's
child of D. Tolls boy (Samuel Wallace's) at R. Loud's
Betsey Thacker Anthony Meredith, city poor house
Dr. Lemeul Sanders John, at Jeff Merrill's
Sally Biles (poor house) Daniel, city poor house
Miss Ellen Herrine Bob, Dr. Breckinridge's
Polly Henry Cyrus, at John Norton's
child of R.N. sharp Daniel, at Wm. Vanpelt's
Joseph S. Winter Geo. W. Scott, city poor house
Joseph H. Hervey, Sr. child at the Phoenix Hotel
Thomas Masterson Sarah, city poor house
son of Mrs. Briggs child at Willis Hickey's
N. Redfield (poor house) Negro woman of Joseph H. Hervey's
William, son of J. Kennard Washington, Colby H. Taylor's
Mrs. Mary Burrows girl at D. Toles'
John Kennard child at E. Kelly's
Mrs. Anna W. Blair woman at Ned Williams'
Alfred Rose woman of Mrs. Hansbro's
child of Christopher Fitman woman of Mrs. Devers'
____ Mulligan woman of R.B. Young's
Catherine Armstrong woman of Z. Spires
Mrs. Martha Stoll woman of Mrs. Devers'
Wm. Dowden girl at John H. Hunter's
Mrs. Mary O'Mara *woman at Joel Higgins'
J. Honaker (poor house) woman at C. McFarland's
  man at Mrs. Devers'
[Ward No. 4] whites 44 - blacks 38 - Total 82 Bob Bell, free
The number of deaths at the asylum is not so great as we had supposed, nor as we had been informed by the treasurer of the institution, Mr. W.E. Milton, but as the list was made out by Dr. Allen, general superintendent of the asylum, for the editor of the Observer and Reporter,we presume it is correct...
May 24 John McLoney, Harrison county
May 25 Thomas Pleasants, Alabama
May 27 Ira Heath, Livingston
  Jas. W. Caldwell, Bullitt
  Elizabeth Robinson, Hart
  Susan Wigginton
  William Cobb, Taylor
  Wm. N. Grinter, Logan
May 28 Mary Goodwin, Campbell
  John O. Dillard, Rockcastle
  John H. Davis, Daviess
May 29 Nancy Ballinger, Lincoln
  Peter SKinner, Clarke
  *Josiah Cross, Allen
  Alcy Richardson, Boone
May 30 Nancy Ruckett, Union
  Lucinda Brindley, Bourbon
  A.B. Clark, Warren
  Elizabeth Grant, Louisville
  Betsy Habourne, Bracken
  Polly Thomas, Pulaski
  Mary J. Yates, Hopkins
June 1 Zack Kendall, Louisville
  Mrs. Woolridge
  *John Parker, Caldwell
  Sarah Williams
  William Rogers
June 3 Jemima Woods, Clarke
  Ann Weller, Nelson
  Joseph Prather, Mercer
  Margaret Rumley, Boyle
June 4 M.S.D. Hunter, Daviess
  John Bullock, Louisville
  Margaret Museley, Morgan
  Milton Reese, Harrison
June 8 Mildred Chrisman, Jessamine
June 9 *Eliza Nabours, Warren
June 10 Elijah Bradford, Scott
June 11 *Thomas Quick, Bullitt
  Julia Williamson, Campbell
  Mrs. McPherson, Union
  Matilda O'Bannon, Logan
June 12 Patience (black), Henry
June 14 Isaac Jackson, Morgan
  Stanley G. Tibbs, Mason
  John Hibbick, Louisville
June 16 *John J. Morton, Shelby
June 17 Eliza Barkley, Trimble
June 18 Sin Sharp, North Carolina
  Nathan Hison, Mason
June 21 Mary Johnson, Louisville
  Charnel Biggs, Trigg
June 22 *Susan Schyler, Garrard
  *Sally Murphy, Allen
  J.V. Settle, Barren
  James Mahoney, Eliza Carter and Alonzo Weaver, attendants, also died.
  Those [at the asylum] marked thus * died of the consecutive effects of the disease, having lingered a week or two.
                            Whites     Blacks        Total
  Ward No. 1              41            19           60              
  Ward No. 2              46            34           80             
  Ward No. 3              35            26           61            
  Ward No. 4              44            38           82            
                                     Total City               283           
                   Total at Lunatic asylum          59   [58 listed]
                      Grand Total                              342
  Note: the number of names listed in the article do not match its totals in every instance

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