A LIST OF DEATHS 01 June - 01 August 1833, Lexington, KY


By Cholera, in the CITY OF LEXINGTON, from the 1st of June to the 1st of August, as reported to the City Council by a committee appointed for that purpose, consisting of Messrs. Leavy, Layton, M'Kinney & Gough. Persons whose names are preceded by a star, died of other diseases.

Source: The Kentucky Reporter [Lexington, Fayette, Kentucky], 22 August 1833, p. 1. Microfilm held by the Kentucky Room, Lexington Public Library, Lexington.

                                                        Ward No. 1  
1st.  On Main Street 1st.  On Main Street
*Miss Eleanor Leavy Emily, (Mrs. Sparr's) servant at J.C. Corle's
Mrs. Agnes Bell, widow, at Mrs. Gatewood's Henry, servant of W. Clark
Michael Fishel Robert,      "     "   "     "
Thomas C. Blincoe Letty, servant of A. Logan
Mrs. Logan, wife of A. Logan Allen,      "       "  "     "
Miss S. Shields, daughter of the late John Shields Martha Ann, servant at P. Geohegan's
*Henry Kelly George, servant of W. Morton
Mrs. Catharine Kelly, wife of Henry Kelly Anna, (Mrs. S. Pyke's), servant at Mrs. J. Shields'
Joseph Lanueman Daniel, servant of Maj. Fishel
Mrs. Susan Laudeman, wife of Geo. W.  
Dr. Joseph Challen 2d. On Mill Street
Mrs. Ann Usher, widow Henson Brown, gunsmith, free man
Miss Elizabeth Kid Sarah, servant at Mr. Winslow's
Benjamin Cobb, son of the late David Cobb Troy, servant in employ of Putnam and Pinkard, died at Mrs. Lydia Jones'
Mrs. Lanckart, wife of Lewis Lanckart James, child belonging to same
Joseph Lanckart, infant son of Lewis L. Ennis, servant belonging to estate E. West dec'd
  Nat Washington, free man
2d. On Mill Street Joseph Curd, free man
Mrs. Lydia Jones, widow  
Charles Winn, son of J. Winn 3d. On Main Cross Street
  Elijah, servant of W. Warfield
3d. On Main Cross Street Riley,      "       "   "      "
Mrs. Catharina Loney, wife of Hugh Loney  
Mrs. Catharine Loney, mother of same 4th. On Water Street
Mrs. Bridges, widow of John B. Mills, servant of W. Dougherty
Mrs. Elizabeth Bradley, wife of Andrew B. Jonathan, servant of W.W. Ater & Co.
Mrs. Winney Thomas, widow Nicholas,     "        "     "      "      "
Mrs. Willilamson, wife of Lewis H. Williamson Samuel,      "        "     "      "      "
Miss Mary Ann Nixon Stephen,    "        "     "      "      "
Moses H. Hall William,      "        "     "      "      "
Samuel Thompson Amy, servant of James Royle
Mrs. Harriet Berryman  
Mrs. Walker, wife of John, at Mrs. Price's 5th. On and near High Street
Mrs. Sarah Steele, widow of Solomon S. Edward Bateman, free man, tailor, & c.
  Julia Ann Bateman, daughter of same
4th. On Water Street, and in Manchester, being the same continued Edward Bateman, infant son of same
William Dougherty Jesse, free man at W. Montgomery's
Miss Patsy Rodden Ishmael, at Mr. Elliott's, servant of Mrs. Meredith
Elisha Hunter Malinda, belonging to widow Riley, died at Mrs. Hill's
Mrs. Isabella Lowrey, widow  
Mrs. Isabella Boswell  
Marianne S., daughter of Mrs. Sampson, widow  
Henrietta, daughter of same  
Bushrod Sampson, son of same  
John Stoddart, at W. Dukemineer's  
Robert Page, (overseer , W.W. Ater & Co.)  
Mrs. Eliza Ater  
James F. Royle, son of J. Royle  
Mrs. Nancy Grinstead, widow  
Mrs. Turner, wife of J. Turner  
William, infant son of Elizabeth Rutherford  
5th. On and near High Street  
Mrs. Christiana McQuillan, widow of F. McQ  
Willis Higginbotham, at J. Milward's  
Nathan Putnam  
Mrs. Hutchinson, widow of Wm H.  
Andrew and Francis Hutchinson, twin sons of same  
[Ward No. 1] whites 51 - slaves 26 - free blacks 5 - Total 82  
Ward No. 2  
1st. Cheapside and Market Street 1st. Main Street
Joseph Towler, (Cashier Bank U. States) Samuel, servant of John Steele, at Steele and Tod's
John C. Blades Letty, servant at A.W. Pinckard's
  Rachel, servant of W. Rockbill
2nd. Mill Street Thomas, son of the preceding
Mrs. Judith C. Scott, widow of Gov. Chas. Scott, dec'd, died at Mr. B. Gratz's John Walker, from H & J Weir's at Rockbill's
Henry C. Gist, died at same Moses, (Viley's), at Drake's Factory
Mrs. John Murphy Judith, (J. Talbot's), at Drake's Factory
W.C. Noke Philip, servant of W. Dunn at J. Byrne's
Bayless Williams Charity, (D. White's) at Steele and Tod's
Roger M'Graw, died at Mrs. Connell's Sawney, (P. Bain's), at Steele and Tod's
William T. Smith  
Dr. John Steele 2d. Cheapside and Market Street
Mrs. Seeley, wife of Benj. Mary Jane, negro child belonging to Mrs. Harper
Benjamin Seeley  
James A. Brooks 3d. Mill Street
Alexander W. Dillon, student of Medicine Marshall, servant of Benjamin Gratz
Mr. Patterson, of Ohio, at Jas. A. Brooks' Moses,        "        "     "           "
Mons'r Xaupi, at Mr. Brooks' Lucy,          "        "     "           "
Robert White, overseer for J. Hamilton Milly,          "        "     "           "
Mrs. White, wife of the preceding Simon,        "        "     "           "
Cath'rine, infant daughter of Col. Morgan, at J.W. Hunt's Celia,          "        "     "           "
  Henry,         "        "     "           "
3d. On Main Street Sally, servant at J.A. Brooks'
Miss Virginia Pinckard, daughter of A.W.P. Alfred, servant of J.W. Hunt
Mrs. Elizabeth Young, wife of Leavin Young Fanny, infant of same
Mrs. Weible, widow, at L. Young's George, son of Sally, at J.A. Brooks'
Miss Rosanna F. Tod Beverly, servant at J.A. Brooks'
Mrs. Jane Bryne, wife of John Bryne Emily, (Mrs. Hawkin's) at J.A. Brooks
Miss Joanna Lanckart, daughter of Jos. L. Isaac, (Mrs. Ridgeley's) servant at E. Barry's
Joseph Ficklin Wainscott, son of G.W. Ann Moore, servant of Mrs. Inis at same
Mary L. Cloud, daughter of Dr. C.W. Cloud *George Ann, infant at Wm. Swift's
*Rev. Dr. Robert Cloud  
Rebecca Hudgens, at P. Elliott's 4th. Main Cross Street
Jane Monroe Daniel, servant of P. Bishop
Mrs. M. Close, at Simpson's Bill, servant of W. Clark
  Bob, servant of J. Schooley
4th. Main Cross Street Jackson, servant of Jas Hamilton
Mrs. Diana Ashton, wife of Richard Ashton Daniel,       "        "   "       "
Miss Margaret Ashby Tom,         "        "   "       "
Mrs. Elizabeth January, widow of Jas. B. Jan Jim,           "        "   "       "
John G. Ashby Boswell, servant of W. Hamilton
Dr. Solomon F. Hoagland Bill,           "        "    "       "
Capt. Matthias Shryock William, infant negro boy, same
Miss Jane Chinn, daughter of R.H. Chinn Billy, servant of C. Wickliffe
Dr. James Webb, died at M.T. Scott's Violet, servant of R.H. Chinn
*Mrs. Winney Scott, wife of M.T. Scott Ann, (Dr. Scott's), servant at M.T. Scott's
Mrs. Poston Thomas, servant of M.T. Scott
  Harry (Offut's) servant at C. Wickliffe's
5th. On Short Street Negro man of Dr. W.H. Richardson's at J. Hamilton's
Dr. Joseph Boswell  
Mr. Thompson, a stranger 5th. Short Street
Mrs. Mary Ball, daughter of C. Wickliffe Reuben, servant of Oliver Keene, Esq.
Mrs. Susannah Wickliffe, wife of C. Wickliffe, Sen Jacob,        "      "     "      "         "
Mrs. Spicy Bunnell, wife of J. Bunnell Simon, (whistling) servant of Mrs. Stillfield
*Miss Rebecca Shrock, daughter of J. Shrock Thornton, servant of D.A. Sayre
Wallace Johnson Homer, servant of Mrs. E. Parker
Frederick Field, hatter Benj Williams, free man
Miss Caroline Shaw, daughter of John R. Suckey Nelson, free woman
  Bily (Lemon's), servant at Mrs. Williams
6th. Second Street Dick, servant at same
Robert Grooms Milly (Layton's), servant at Mrs. Felix's
George Roberts Milly (Miss Frazer's), servant at J.R. Shaw's
Maria O'Haver  
*Luther C. Grimes, son of Benj. 6th. Second St. and N.W. of it
  Milly, servant of R. Wickliffe
7th. Lunatic Asylum J. Madison, servant of Mr. Coleman
Edward Kindred, Madison co. Vincent (Mrs. Day's) at L. Roberts'
R. Randolph, Greensburg, Ala. Samuel, (Capt. Fowler's)
Philip Sumery, Logan co, Ky. Sam, servant of Mrs. Grimes
Susan Dougherty, Mason co. *Samuel Bell, or Jackson, freeman, hack driver
Abigail Bateman, same  
Jesse Holtzclaw, Fayette co.  
Frederick Jones, same  
Jane Holmes. Jefferson co.  
Eliz'th Plummer, Scott co.  
Susan Browning, Logan co.  
Jonathan Polk, Simpson co.  
Dow Halfacre, Pendleton co.  
Elizabeth Hunter, Logan co.  
David Snow, Nashville, Tenn.  
Darius Jackson, Fleming co. Ky.  
Robinson Coward, Jefferson co.  
William Henson, Nelson co.  
Wm. Davenport, Mercer co.  
Nelson P. Wilcox, Caldwell co.  
Jacob Cooper, Breckinridge co.  
Madonna Miller, Spencer co.  
Richard Pope, Logan county  
Charles Jackson, Shelby co.  
John Mason, Casey co.  
Mary O'Connell, Bardstown, Ky.  
Alfred Lain, Fayette co.  
Mary Haburn, Breckinridge Co.  
John Armstrong, Scott county  
Mary Iredell, Barren co.  
Courtney Knapp, Bourbon co,  
John Haberry, Mercer county  
Mary Lemon, Harrison county  
Joseph Erwin, Miss.  
[Ward No. 2] whites 87 - slaves 57 - free blacks 3 - Total 147  
Ward No. 3  
Robert Scott Moses, servant of Sally Downing
Joseph Ellison John Walker, servant of Jas Weir
John G. Boyer Squire,             "       "   "     "
Ann Boyer, wife of J. Boyer Jack,                "       "   "     "
James M. Boyer Jeffrey,             "       "   "     "
Baldwin Boyer Harry, servant of J.H. Robb
Harvey M. Seeley Davy,     "        "   "     "
*Elizabeth McKenney, wife of Gerard McKenney, of fever Isaac, servant of John Brand
Wm. Wingate Frank,    "        "    "       "
Nancy Plunkett Jim,       "        "    "       "
Catherine Haley, sister of Larkin Haley Harry,    "        "    "       "
Sarah Carter and Child, wife of Landon Carter Lewis,    "        "    "       "
Richard Johnson, at J. Lewis's Daniel,    "        "    "       "
Edward Ashley Ben,       "        "    "       "
James H. Brown Sally,      "        "    "       "
William Douglass Eddie,     "        "    "       "
Richard Thompson Little Elisha,  "        "    "       "
James Fletcher Little Ben, "        "    "       "
Nancy Bailey, wife of David Bailey Harriet,     "        "    "       "
Malerida Winscot, wife of G. Winscot Sally,        "        "    "       "
Elizabeth Huston, wife of Wm. Huston Absalom,    "        "    "       "
Elizabeth Landrum Bob,          "        "    "       "
Sarah Shelton, widow Letty,        "        "    "       "
Frances, daughter of J.S. Freeman Jackson,     "        "    "       "
Elizabeth, daughter of M.T. Woods Israel,        "        "    "       "
Benjamin Woodruff Dennis,       "        "    "       "
Sarah Duvall, widow *Daniel, a servant at Maslin Smith, of Fever
Elizabeth Smith, wife of Rev. B.B. Smith Gabriel, a servant of Alexander Gibney
Elizabeth, daughter of Enoch Clark A Child at Mrs. Hutchings'
James Talbot and wife Jeffry, servant of Thomas K. Layton
Catherine B. Cook, widow Clary,     "        "      "      "      "
Jane Anderson, sister of Capt. Wm. Anderson Molly, a servant of C. Hunt
Catherine Nunan, at Mrs. Coyle's Kitty, a servant at J.T. Frazer's
Elizabeth A. Orrick, wife of J.C. Orrick Nelly, a servant of T Gibbons'
Gen. Thomas Bodley  Anna, a servant of Eleanor Hart
James B. Bodley Cyntha, servant of J. Tilford
James McIntosh Juba, servant of Jeremiah Murphy, Sen'r.
Marg't Warfield, complaint not known Henry,     "     "       "         "           "
Elizabeth Weigert, widow of P.A. Weigert Frank Scott, servant of Mrs. Warfield
Charles West John, servant of Mrs. Frazer
Sarah Holloway, wife of James Holloway Pompy, servant of P. Craig
Andrew F. Price Harriet, servant of Mr. Oldham of Richmond, Ky.
George Boswell Liddy, servant at Susan Cook's
Abraham Walker Milly,      "        "    "       "
*Mrs. Fowler, wife of Capt. John Fowler, of Cancer 3 children, "      "    "       " 
*Mrs. Beckley of Dropsy Troy, servant of Wm. Huston
Thomas T. Skillman Maria, servant of W.H. Hurst
Lewis A. Thompson Caroline*, servant of Thomas Smith
Eliz'h Studman, wife of T. Studman Anney,      "         "       "        "
A. Studman, daughter of do. Daniel, servant of Dr. Ashby
John P. Harrison Caleb, servant of William Morton
John B. Miller, son of Isaac Miller Jonathan,   "    "     "         "
Catherine Woodruff, widow George,      "    "     "         "
Francis Head Daniel, servant of Jabez Beach
Mary Steel, widow Bob Colerain, servant of Capt. Fowler
Maria Stone, wife of Geo W. Stone Abner, servant at T.T. Skillman's
Marg't Moore, widow Maria, servant at Mrs. Coon's
  Sampson, servant of Saml Redd
FREE COLORED PERSONS George,        "        "    "      "
Toney Lee Henry,          "        "    "      "
Nancy Taylor Anthony, servants of Bruce and Gratz
Nancy Hawkins Daniel,       "          "   "       "      "
Grace Hutchinson Harry,        "          "   "       "      "
Betsy Tucker Randal,       "          "   "       "      "
Adam Grayham Nathan,      "          "   "       "      "
Nelly Holmes Ellick,         "          "   "       "      "
Ben Carter, Wife, and two children Hammet,     "          "   "       "      "
Cooper Bell Charity, servant of Francis Head
Nancy Graves A Child, at James E. Davis's
Milly Scott A Child, at Thos. W. Webb's
Mary Wells Jesse, servant of Maslin Smith
Arabella Taylor  
Julia Taylor  
Peggy Stopher  
A child of Eliza Davis  
Nancy Jackson  
Sam Lee  
[Ward No. 3] whites 60 - slaves 73 - free colored persons 21 - Total 154  
Ward No. 4  
Rev. Jas. Bunch Jesse, servant of H. Patterson
Mrs. Brown Patty, servant of Mrs. Hunter
Jacob Cole Billy, servant of Col. Combs
Wm. Cook and wife Maria,    "      "    "     "
Mrs. M. Cornwall Milly, servant of A.F. Price
Ann Crow Lewis, servant of Mrs. Meredith
Mrs. Sarah W. Craig Stephen, servant of John Shrock
Miss Susan D. Craig Friday, servant of B.G. Thomas
Benjamin Carcuff Alexander, servant of D. Warner
Anthony Dumesnil and wife Ambrose, servant of Mr. Scott
Miss Dowdell Milly, servant of Col. Merrill
Violet Davis A servant of A.F. Hawkins
Adel Davis Caroline, servant of E.H. Drake
Miss Polly Edger Maria, servant of G. Pryor
Wm. Frain John, servant of Mrs. Frazer
Lewis P. Garrett Silvia and child, servants of Mrs. Mitchell
George A. Garrett Benjamin, servant of Mrs. Boggs
John Griffith Dangerfield, servant of James Hampton
Miss Eliz'h Hawkins Fanny, servant of Mrs. Mitchell
William Heydell Judy, servant of W.H. Rainey
Mrs. Huggins Nancy, servant of Mrs. Davis
Dan'l Hukle and Wife Simon, servant of Boswell & Ater
Mrs. Thomas Kukle Lucy, servant of W.C. Dallam
William B. Hudson Peter, servant of Wm. Richardson
Mrs. Jos. H. Hervey William, servant of Wm. Richardson & Co.
Mrs. Johnson  
Mrs. Nancy King Milly Buckner
*Peter H. Leuba Bryant Stone
Benjamin Lloyd Primy
Mrs. Martha McCalla Betty Young
Alison McChord, of Cahawba, Ala. died at A. Garrett's James Sprinkle

Mrs. Myers

Hannah Moore
Anthony Gannt Peggy Bush
Mrs. E. McConathy Sandy
John Megowan Esther Oldham
Mrs. J.G. Norwood and her infant child Peter Ridgely
Robert Norish Delilah & two children
Francis O'Neal Harry Sikes
Mr. Pittman Rebecca Teske
Mrs. Peel Samuel Mason
Mrs. Grace Price Hannibal Straws
John Postlethwaite John Moore
Duncan Postlethwaite James Pollock
Miss Maria Peck  
Miss F.A. Patterson  
Barnet Rucker & wife  
Vardy Renfro  
Nathaniel Rutherford  
Thomas Sprake & wife  
Philip Spare and wife  
Mrs. Sourbright  
Lewis Sayre  
Wm. Tegway, a stranger at Mrs. Metcalfe's  
Mr. Van Horn  
Marnix Virden  
Robert Wilson  
Jacob Weigart  
Mrs. N. Warner, mother of D. Warner  
Marg't Warner, daughter of D. Warner  
Nancy Warner, daughter of D. Warner  
Francis Walker, Sr. & wife  
Francis Walker, Jr.  
James T. Berryman  
Elijah H. Drake  
Samuel Trotter  
[Ward No. 4] whites 74 - slaves 28 - free colored persons 17 - Total 119  
                            Whites     Slaves     Free Blacks     Total
Ward No. 1                51            26            5                82
Ward No. 2                87            57            3              147
Ward No. 3                60            73           21             154
Ward No. 4                74            28           17             119
                                     252          184          48             502

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