1852 - 1861 Deaths

1852 - 1861 Deaths
Submitted by Barbara Ingram & Maggie Edwards
Taken from File Box containing Birth and Death Records in 
County Court Clerkís office, Estill County Courthouse. 
Originally copied by Ruth T. Horn.
All spelling and phrasing are as they appear on the originals.

Abney, Daniel age 38 yrs., married, d. Nov. 1859 of fever; b. 
Estill Co., Ky.,m parents, Tucker & Racheal Abney; farmer.

Abney, Elizabeth w. Age 68 yrs.; married, d. June 10, 1853; 
cancer; b. Amherst Co., Va. Parents, Wm. & Emily Abney.

Abney, Syther age 44 yrs; married; d. January 4, 1854 on Calloway 
Creek, Estill Co., Ky. B. Clark Co., parent, Benjamin Dunaway

Adams, Edward age 29, years; married; d. Feb 24, 1855 of fever; 
b. in Tenn; farmer; parent. William Adams.

Adams, Elizabeth age 70 ; married; d. Sept 1 1859 of consumption; 
b. in Madison Co., Ky. Parents- not given

Adams, July Ann age 44 yrs; married; d. April 28, 1854 of 
consumption; b. on Nolands Creek, parents, James & Honor Matters.

Adams, J. W. Age 44 yrs; Married; d. March 22, 1854, b. on 
Hancock Creek, parents, Jackson & July Ann Adams

Adams, William age 79 yrs; d. Jan 22, 1852 on Red Lick; b. Va; 
parents names not given; married; carpenter.

Ashcraft, William b. age 29 yrs; single; d. July 30, 1854 of 
gravel; b. Owsley Co., Ky. Carpenter, parents, Gideon & Mary Ashcraft.

Barker, Sally Ann age 38 yrs d. Sept. 30, 1854 of flux; b. 
Clay Co., Ky; parents, Abraham Gum.

Barnes, Almaila age 24 yrs, female; single, b. Estill Co.; d. 
Feb 3, 1854 of consumption; parents, John & L. Barnes.

Barnes, Catherine age 50 yrs ; widow; d. Aug 19, 1859 of cancer; 
b. Estill Co; parents, Frances & John Crouch.

Barnes, Hannah age 80 yrs widow; d. Oct 10, 1859 of dropsy; b. 
in Virginia, parents, Adam & Sarah Hatters ( or Hatton)

Barnett, James William age 27, single; d. Aug 2, 1852 on Red 
River of Flux; b. in Virginia parents, John & Jemina Ann Barnett.

Becknell, Hutson age 38 yrs. Widower; farmer; d. Sep 1, 1852 
of cholera morbus at Red Lick; b. Red Lick, Estill Co; parents,
Linfield & Mary Becknell.

Bellis, Elizabeth age 67 yrs; married; d. Sept 16m 1852, of 
flux and fever in Irvine, b. in Virginia; parents names not 

Benton, Jane age 33 yrs; married; d. Oct 30, 1854 of gastritis; 
b. in Estill Co., Ky.; parents, Ebenezer Wilson

Benton, Serelda age 37 yrs; married d. Sept 27, 1861 of bronchitis. 
Place of birth not given; parent Valentine Crawford.

Berryman, Alexander age 44 yrs. D. Jan 21, 1858 of fall; 
b. Estill Co., Ky.

Berryman, John age 66 yrs; d. Oct 23, 1857 in accident. 
Birth-place unknown; farmer, name of parents unknown.

Blackwell, Samuel age 29 yrs. D. May 8, 1858; drowned; b. 
Estill Co.; parents James & Nancy Blackwell; farmer, single

Bockwell, Hutson age 38 yrs; widower, dl. Sept 1852; born 
at Red Lick; parents, Linfiels & Mary Bockwell.

Brinegar, Elizabeth age 53 yrs., married; death date not given, 
on Cow Creek of measles; b. North Carolina; parents, Samuel 
and Elinor Hughes.

Broadus, E. J. Age 39 yrs; married, farmer; d. May 9, 1854 of 
bronchitis, b. Estill co.; parents names unknown.

Brown, Philadelphia female; married; d. Oct 5, 1859, b. Estill 
Co.; parents, Patrick & Nancy Sherrer.

Burton, Sam male; married; farmer age 35 yrs. D. June 26, 1852 
of cholera morbus; b. Madison Co., Ky.; parents, Isam & Agnes 

Burton, Louisa married; age 42 yrsl d. March 16, 1854 on Town 
Crk. Of childbirth; b. Clark co., Ky parents Bailey & Celia 

Burgher, Mariah married; age 35 yrs; d. Dec 1856 of Childbirth 
b. Estill Co.; parents, Marcolm.

Chaney, Jinsey age 41 yrs; married; d. Aug 18, 1859 of 
Childbirth, b. Estill Co.; parents Jesse & Mary Tubbs.

Clark, Joan age 19 yrs; single d. March 3, 1854 of inflammation 
of the brain m. B. on Red River. Parents 

William & Mariam Clark. Born in Madison county.

Cobb, Elizabeth age 32 yrs; d. Sept 5, 1852 on Ky. River of flux. 
B. Estill Co.; parents, Jesse & Eliza Cobb.

Cobb, Henry age 5 yrs; d. August 2, 1857 of consumption; parents 
J. . Cobb; b. Estill Co.

Cox, Jesse age 82 yrs; widower; mechanic; d. May 22, 1861 of pneumonia 
b. in South Carolina; parents, Benjamin & Rachel Cox.

Cox, Narcisus age 40 yrs. ; married, d. Sept 1853. B. in Madison co., 
Ky; parents, Wm. & Margaret Cox.

Cox, William age 21 yrsl, single; farmer; d. Sept 26, 1852 at Middle 
Fork of flux; b. at Middlefork; parents, Charles and Frances Cox. 

Curtis, John f., age 21 yrs; single; d. Mar 1854 of measles; parents 
J. & Evy Curtis

Danel, D. age 30 yrs. Single; d. Aug 5, 1859 of diabetes; b. Estill 
Co., parents Ansil & Sarah Daniel; Attorney at Law

Daniel, Eliza. Age 60 yrs. Widow; d. Nov 29, 1859 of pneumonia; born 
in Virginia.

Denny, Elizabeth age 50 yrs; d. Dec 25, 1861; b. in Madison County, 
single; parents Samuel Denny; cause of death unknown.

Dickerson, Susan age 64 yrs; widow; d. Jan 20, 1852 of measles; b. 
in North Carolina; parents, Robert & Sarah Dickerson.

Durben, Nancy Ann age 17 yrs; single; d. Oct 4, 1854 of flux; parents, 
P. Durben; b. Estill county.

Farthey, Elizabeth age 15 yrs; maiden; d. Aug 2, 1854 of typhoid fever; 
b. in Madison Co., Ky; parents, W. R. Farthey.

Fri, John age 52 yrs; d. May 13, 1857; dropsy; b. South Carolina; father, 
Enoch Fri.

Finnea, Sarah age 26 yrs; married; d. Oct 16, 1858 of childbirth; b. 
Estill county; parents Squire & Sarah Ann Finnea

Finneam William age 21 yrs; farmer; married; d. Feb 3, 1858 of congestive 
fever; b., Estill county, names of parents, John & Susan Finnea

Flinn, John age 20 yrs; single; b. Estill County; d. Dec. 30, 1855; 
killed in accident; parent, Levi Flinn; farmer

Floyd, Mary age 42 years; widow; date of death unknown; died of 
consumption; b. Estill County.

Fluty, Ranson age 21 years; male single; date of death not given; d. 
of flux; b. Estill County; parents John & Catherine Fluty.

Freeman, Smirah age 22 years; married; d. Mar 8, 1859 of dropsy; b. 
Estill County, parents, Samuel & Polly Hopper

Gentry, Bailey age 20 yrs; male; single; d. Sept 29, 1852 of fever; 
b. at Red Lick; Estill co. Parents David and Jaly Gentry.

Gum, John P. Age 30 yrs. Married; Tavern Keeper; d. Sept 7, 1852 in 
Irvine, of measles; b. Clay County, Ky. Parents, Abram and Susannah Gum.

Hadock, Sarah age 32 yrs; married d. Jan 25, 1856 of childbirth; b. 
Estill County, parents Wm. Hadock

Hall, Catherine age 51yrs; married; d. Dec. 24, 1852 of bilious fever 
on Twin Creek; place of birth not given

Hall, H. W. Age 23 yrs; date of death not given; d. of consumption; 
b. Estill Co. Parents Samuel & C. Hall.

Hall, Louisa age 18 yrs; d. Apr 24, 1854 of inflammation of brain; 
parents, Martin & E. Hall

Hall, Martha age 69 years; married; d. Dec 4, 1855 of dropsy, born 
Estill County.

Hall, Milly age 97 years; widow; d. Dec 2, 1858 of old age b. Virginia

Hall, Nancy age 37 yrs, married; d. June 3, 1852 at Station Camp of 
measles; parents Wm. & Rhoda Alexander

Hamilton, Emily age 40 yrs; married; d. Oct 26, 1861 of ague; b. Estill 
County, parent Robert Pearson.

Hatton, Louisa age 20 yrs. D. May 25, 1859 of dropsy, b. Estill County, 
parents, Wm. & Delia Yarber

Hatton, Tabitha age 70 yrs; widow; d. July 23, 1860; suicide on Kentucky 
River; b. in Virginia, parets not given.

Hawkins, Nancy age 68 years; d. Oct 10, 1857 of palsy; b. Madison County, 
parents Wm. Edwards

Hill, Jefferson a. Age 35 yrs; married; farmer; killed in Estill County 
April 27, 1858, b. Madison Co. Parents John & Eliza Hill

Hill, Mary W. Age 85 yrs; married; d. White Oak, Ky. Aug 27, 1852 of 
flux; born in South Carolina.

Hockins, Sarah age 67 yrs; married; d. July 6, 1854 of cold b. in 
Virginia, parents names not given

Hopper, Martha age 25 years; d. August 4, 1857 of consumption b. in 
Estill County parent, Samuel Hopper

Hopper, Nancy age 19 yrs; single; d. Aug 27, 1855 of scrofula; 
parent, Samuel Hopper

Howard, Emeline age 18 yrs; married; d. March 18, 1854 of fever parents, 
Wm. And Lucy Witt.

Howard, Nancy age 53 yrs; married; d. June 15, 1852 on Kentucky River of 
cholera morbus; b. Madison county, parent Wm. & Sibby Noland

Hubbard, Rachel age not given; d. Sept 19, 1855 of remittent fever; b. 
Montgomery Co.

Hunt, America age 23 yrs; married; d. October 23, 1855 of childbirth; 
b. Bath Caounty, parent, Lewis Hunt

Johnson, Minerva age 17 yrs, single; d. Dec 10, 1852 of measles., 
b. at Crooked Creek; parents Wm. & Mary Johnson.

Jordan, Eliza age 42 yrs; married; d. July 4, 1859 of Typhoid fever. 
B. in Madison county; parents Lance and Susan Woodard.

Karr, America age 40 yrs; married; d. May 26, 1855 of Typhoid fever; 
Estill County, parent Andrew Kelly; farmer

Kerfoo, Elizabeth age 47 yrs; widow; Oct 14, 1854 of Lung Abcess; 
born in Mississippi

Kimbel, Caroline age 48 yrs; married; d. June 25, 1852 on Red River 
of consumption; b. in Clark County; parents William and Elizabeth Niblack.

King, Eliza J. Age 25 yrs; married; d. March 14, 1854 of fever b. 
Estill County; parent, Charles Witt

King. Lucinda age 70 yrs; married; d. December 25, 1854 of scrofula; 
b. Amherst Virginia; paret John Puckett

Lackey, Agnes age 35 yrs; single; d. August 12, 1852 of measles; 
b. Estill County, parents, Elias and Mary Lackey

Lackey, Elias age 64 years; married; d. Dec 16, 1856 of dropsy; parent 
Andrew Lackey; farmer; b. Estill Co.

Lackey, Faris age 21 yrs; d. dec. 25, 1852 at Oppossum Run; b. on 
Oppossum Creek, parents, James & Elizabeth Lackey

Lackey, James age 21 yrs; single; wagonmaker; d. Dec 25, 1852 b. 
Oppussum Run parents, James & Elizabeth Lackey

Lackey, Mary age 71 yrs. D. Jan 21, 1858 of disease of heart b. Estill 
County, parents, Andrew & Elizabeth Lackey.

Lackey, Susannah w. Age 25 yrs; single; d. Aug 20, 1852 on Ky River; 
b. Estill County; parents Elias and May Lackey; cause of death not given

Lawell Mary Ann age 53, married ; d. May 12, 1852 on Red River of 
cancer; b. Maryland; parents, Sol & Mary Steel

Lewis William age 77 yrs; widower; d. July 1852 on Nolandís Creek; 
b. in Virginia.

Lily, Elizabeth age 23 yrs. Married; d. June 7, 1852 of measles; b. 
in Estill co; parents John & Melvina Spry.

Lyle, John W. Age 28 yrs. Marrid; d. May 28, 1852 on Millerís Creek 
of apoplexy; b. in Kentucky, parents, Daniel and Ann Lyle

Mahala B. age 32 yrs; d. July 20, 1854 of croup; parent, Thomas Reed. 

Martin, Susannah age 63 yrs; married; d. Nov 16, 1854 of consumption; 
born in Virginia; parents not given

Matters, Elizabeth Ann age 33 yrs; married d. Oct 3, 1858; b. in Clark
County; parents, Thomas and Eliza B. Burrus. Cause of death not given

Moore, Lewis age 71 yrs; married,d. Sept 12, 1852 on Kentucky River; 
born in Pennsylvannia; parents John & Christeen Moore

Moore, Thomas age 56 yrs; farmer; d. May 20, 1859, of gravel; b. in 
Estill County

Moore, William P. Age 43 yrs; married; d. Oct 1855 of consumption b. 
in Estill County, parent, Nathan Moore

Mounts, Elizabeth age 16 yrs; married; d. Oct. 26, 1852 on Hardwick 
Creek; fever; b. Clark County; parents, John & Jeuett Wills.

McKinney, Paulina age 24, yrs married; d. Oct 24, 1854 of consumption; 
parent, Peggy Horn

McKinney, Wilda age 66 yrs; married; d. Jan 7, 1852 of gravel on Mill 
Sect Creek in Estill county; parents John & Elizabeth McKinney

McQueen, Polly age 24 yrs; d. June 12, 1854 of bold hives; parents 
Wm. & Ann McQueen

Noland, Frances A. Age not given; d. Sept 1, 1854 of fever b. Estill 
County; parent H. P. Noland

Park, Rebecca age 38 yrs; single; d. June 1, 1854 of fits; b. Estill 
County, parent, Asa Park

Park, Susannah age 77 yrs, married d. June 12, 1856 of accident; b. 
North Carolina; parents----Dodd

Patrick, William age 48 yrs; d. Nov. 17, 1859 of pneumonia; b. Estill 
County, parents. Samuel & Jonah Patrick, farmer

Pigg, John A. Age 15; single; d. Oct 17, 1852 of Flux on Cow Creek; 
b. Estill County; parents, Johnson & Nancy Pigg

Poore Liza age 47 yrs; d. Jan 20, 1857 of scrofula; born in Estill 
Co. Parents, Thomas Stone

Puckett, John age 58 yrs; married; farmer; d. Jan. 27, 1858 of dysentery; 
b. Virginia; parents, Samuel & Mary Puckett.

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