Some of these listing was compiled from"Cemetery Records of Estill County, Kentucky, 1808 - 1976" by Ellen Rogers & Diane Rogers and "More Cemeteries of Estill County, Kentucky" by Tracy R. Patrick, James Crowe, Ellen & Diane Rogers and others. These are excellent listings if you've got lots of folks buried in Estill County. There are several unknown cemeteries and unmarked graves in Estill County.

If you have anything you would like to add or if you have any questions, please contact Harlan.

There are also a few headstone photos listed in the family info pages.

Cemeteries sorted by Area


Cobhill & Fitchburg

  • Arthur Cemetery
  • Baker's Point Cemetery
  • Caldwell Cemetery
  • Caldwell Cemetery
  • Caldwell Cemetery
  • Childers Cemetery
  • Cob Hill Cemetery
  • Cole Cemetery
  • Crawford Cemetery
  • Creech Cemetery
  • Dickerson Cemetery
  • Dripping Springs Cemetery
  • Flinchum Cemetery
  • Gillespie Cemetery
  • Gross Cemetery
  • Howell Cemetery
  • Knox Cemetery
  • McClure Cemetery
  • McCoy Cemetery
  • McQuin Cemetery
  • Mackey Cemetery
  • Mount Chapel Cemetery
  • Norton Cemetery
  • Oakes Cemetery
  • Smith Cemetery
  • Smythe Cemetery
  • Sparks Cemetery
  • Stamper Cemetery
  • Townsend Cemetery
  • Whisman Cemetery


Crooked Creek

  • Allen Cemetery
  • Boian Cemetery
  • Gum Cemetery
  • Lunsford Cemetery
  • Oglesby Cemetery
  • Rice Cemetery
  • Riddell Cemetery
  • Wagers (Campbell) Cemetery
  • Walton Cem. -- Submitted by Jennifer Fish (Digital images posted on her website. Not a complete listing)
  • William Witt Cemetery
  • Winkler Cemetery
  • Winkler Cemetery
  • Wiseman Cemetery
  • Witt Cemetery

Doe Creek & Barnes Mtn.

Dry Ridge & White Oak





Millers Creek & Pryse

  • Barnes Cemetery
  • Crawford Cemetery
  • Cox Cemetery
  • Donnelly Cemetery
  • Howell Cemetery
  • McIntosh Cem.
  • Moberly Cemetery
  • Mount Tabor Cemetery
  • Neal Cemetery
  • Pryse Cemetery
  • Samples Cemetery
  • Tipton Cemetery
  • Unnamed Cemetery - (across road from Mount Tabor) 
  • Williams Cemetery


Sand Hill & Opossum Run

Spout Springs

Station Camp & Red Lick

Tickey Fork

  • Alexander Cem.  

  • Arthur Cemetery

  • Barnes Cemetery

  • Brinegar Cemetery

  • Centers Cemetery

  • Cow Creek Church Cem.

  • Fielder Cemetery

  • Pleas B. McIntosh Cem.

  • Sparks Cemetery

  • Tipton Cemetery

  • Tipton Cemetery

  • Tipton Cemetery

  • Tipton Cemetery

  • Walling Cemetery

  • Watkins Cemetery


Winston & Pea Ridge

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