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About Us

Michael Hughes speaks Wednesday (Dec 18) at St. James AME Church in Danville during the first meeting of the Danville African-American Historical Society. Hughes and others want to preserve and educate people about the past of  Danville’s vibrant African-American community.

African-American Historical Society
organizes in Boyle

The first Danville African-American Historical Society meeting was held Wednesday [18 December] at St. James AME Church.

The meeting was led by Michael Hughes and Charles DeRoy Grey, and dozens of Danville residents gathered to hear information about the organization and to offer support.

“This all began with an interview with a 92-year-old woman who said she used to work at a place on Second Street called Green Pasture,” said Hughes. “I had never heard of it, so after we left her, I noticed in an old photo I found on a website the words ‘Green Pasture’ on a store window. That really kicked me into saying I have to do something.”

The area around Second Street was a thriving African-American business district that was razed in 1974 for urban renewal. It was there that African-Americans from Boyle County and surrounding areas would come to shop, socialize and enjoy the nightlife.

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President - Michael Hughes

Vice President - Charles Grey

Secretary - Michael Denis

Treasurer - Betty White

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Mission Statement

The Danville-Boyle County African American Historical Society is committed to the collection, preservation, accessibility, promotion, and communication of the history of the Danville-Boyle County African American community.  

We believe our responsibility is to ensure that our presence, existence, and contributions provide the public knowledge that is essential for future generations to understand and appreciate the African American heritage in this community.

We welcome everyone to support our mission, use our resources, participate in our programs, and become a member. 

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