DBCAAHS History Center

Danville Boyle County
African American Historical Society
108 North Second Street, Danville, KY  40422
PO Box 597, Danville, KY  40423

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The History Center

The DBCAAHS History Center is our "home".  We have been meeting here since July 2020.  Located at 108 North Second Street in Danville, we are on the first floor of the historic Henson Hotel.  Due to the cooperation, encouragement, and efforts of the Henson family, African-American history and culture will now have a public space near the historic African American business district.  We are just one block north of the original South Second Street business district.

Many people have donated material, time, money, or work to make this Center a possibility.  Visitors and researchers are able to see displays of artifacts, photographs, and other documents of Black history in and around Danville and Boyle County.  Hundreds of photographed, some newly "colorized", archaeological artifacts, books, and documents will be available for interested people to view and use.


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      Working on our book, African Americans in Boyle County
       Setting up to do oral interviews
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