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African American Historical Society
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PO Box 597, Danville, KY  40423

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Presentations (PowerPoint, listed as "PPT" and PDF)

These presentations are listed here "as is, where is".  
Some have been presented in public, some are working documents, to be completed at some future date.

African Americans on US Stamps (PPT)

And Miles To Go Before We Sleep -- The Struggle To Rescue The Records of Hilldale Cemetery (PPT)

The Buster Story (PPT)

Documenting Your Collections (PPT)

Horses, Owners and Trainer (PDF)

Kentucky in Africa (PPT)

Meadow Lane (PPT)

National Civil Rights Museum (PPT)

National Civil Rights Museum - Short (PPT)

Oral History Interviews (PPT)

Researching African American Genealogy (PDF)

Researching African American Genealogy (PPT)

Shelby City Cemetery (1) (PPT)

Shelby City Cemetery (2) (PPT)

The Barbers of D'Ville (PDF)

The Barbers of D'Ville (PPT)

The Doram Family (PDF)

The Doram Family (PPT)

Urban Renewal (PDF)

Urban Renewal (PPT)

Urban Renewal - Answers (PPT)

We Were Here (PDF)

We Were Here (PPT)

Where We've Come From (PPT)



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