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Danville Boyle County
African American Historical Society
108 North Second Street, Danville, KY  40422
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Other Records

Bate School

City Directories

Doric Lodge

Military Records

Danville and Boyle County "Colored" Schools

Boyle County Wills listing slaves

Roster of "Colored" Students at Kentucky School for the Deaf

Register of Free Blacks in Boyle County 1852
This document gives names, physical descriptions, and proof of free status 
for over 200 people living in Boyle County in 1852.

Brief history, Smith-Jackson Funeral Home, (still needs more work, but it's a start)

Advocate-Messenger articles on Shelby City African American Cemetery Veterans
9 November 2014 -- 16 November 2014

Newspaper Obituaries from the Advocate-Messenger, 1992-2015


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