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Sadly, I have removed the Down Home website ....
But watch for it to come back. It will be announced on the
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The new URL is Hope to see you there.

The cemeteries that were on this site are still accessible from
The McCreary County site - which has also moved.
McCreary County, Kentucky Genweb

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"He alone deserves to be remembered
by his children who treasures up and
preserves the memory of his fathers"
......Edmund Burke


This site is lovingly dedicated to the history and genealogy of our ancestors who settled in the hills along the Cumberland River in southeastern Kentucky. They came from many places but the majority came through Virginia and/or North Carolina. They were strong, God-fearing people. Most of them came with very few material possessions. They were veterans of wars and rebellions. They were young and old. They were fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters. They suffered hardships we cannot even imagine. They lived, loved, and died in these hills and valleys, and here found their final resting places. They were "our people" and they gave us all a place that many of us have come to fondly call "down home."  ....Margy (Ball) Miles

This is the official website of The Cumberland River Region (CRR) Genealogy & History Discussion List [On-line Newsletter], which covers the
counties of Knox, McCreary, Pulaski, Wayne, and Whitley.
CRR also welcomes researchers of Bell and Harlan Counties.
We would be very happy to have you join us.

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