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Here are some things that I thought might be useful to you. If you don't know any HTML don't let it worry you any. All of these items are free to use to the public and most do not require any HTML at all. So go ahead and use these to build your own beautiful website!
Della Goodin

First you will need a FTP program, one of these free ones will work. This item allows you to easily upload pages/images/files/ to your website.

Core FTP
(My personal favorite)



Seagull FTP

Second, you may need to have a page builder that does not require any HTML. There are many places to get this program here are just a few. If you do not like these just go to your browser and type in free front page express and find one you do like.

Frontpage Express

Frontpage Express

Frontpage Express

Frontpage Express

This is an item you can use in addition with your frontpage express. It will also help you to learn HTML if you so desire. Once again many places to get this software for free, but be sure you get the ENGLISH VERSION

Stones Webwriter

Stones Webwriter

A do it all website builder for beginners! This item has a built in pagebuilder, graphics, and just about anything you might need. Not as fancy as the others but servicable until you gain more confidence in your work and it provides free webspace!


WANT MORE WEBSITE HELP? GO TO BOTTOM OF PAGE AND CLICK ON NEXT for graphics and many other things.

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