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Note: These papers are unknown at this time
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DECEMBER 15, 1893

In a fight on Red Bird, Clay county, on Wednesday of last
week, Mr. George C. Begley formerly of this county, was
shot and instantly killed and Felix Bowling was shot in the neck.
Lee Wages is thought to have been the man who did the killing.

Submitted By: Debbie Mauelshagen


London, KY Dec 10..The Philpot-Griffin feud broke out afresh near
Bengetown, in Clay county. Sam and James Philpot and others on one side and Edward Rogers, henry Hampton and others on the other, engaged in a desperate pistol fight in the public road. Rogers fell at the first volley fired by the Philpots. He was picked up dead an hour later, with half a dozen bullet holes through the body. One of the Philpot faction was wounded seriously.



Winchester Emptied by Both Sides
Richmond, KY Dec 19..The Clay county feudal war has been temporarily transferred to Madison county. Saturday near College Hill, Ada Howard and Sim Detarm, both exresidents of Clay, the former a member of the fight Howards, emptied their Winchesters at each other without however either being hurt. Saturday night the engagement was renewed, but with what reseults is not known

Reprinted with permission of the Laurel County Historical Society


May 22, 1896

Bige Baker, of Clay county, has been arrested
and lodged in jail upon the charges of killing Levi
Bowling, and George Sizemore several years ago.
He is also said to have shot and killed Squire John E. Bowling.


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