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THE MOUNTAIN ECHO December 2, 1892

Henry P. Brown, Sr., made a hurried trip to Lexington
Tuesday and returned with
Mary Gregg, a fleeing witness
from our Circuit Court to London on a warrant of arrest.
Mary is a witness for the Commonwealth against her
Craig, charged with breaking into the railroad
depot at Pittsburg several months ago and it is said that
her evidence will be very damaging to her brother's case.


Mountain Echo Jan. 11, 1897

This community is greatly excited over the disappearance
Miss Polly Feltner, a young lady living about two miles
from this place across the mountain. January 2d she left
home telling her parents she was coming to town to spend
the week with the family of
Mr.J.W. Johnson and would
return last Saturday evening, but she did not return and
Sunday her father came to town to see why she had failed
to return home, when to his surprise he found that she had
not been to Mr. Johnson's at any time during last week.
Her father then became alarmed and began a search. Her
hat and dress were found in the mountain pass between her
home and this place, and her underclothing was found still
further away from the road and nearer the mountain top,
her clothing was torn as if they had been torn off her. The
general supposition is that she has been murdered and the
body hid. Large numbers of men are in the mountains now
hunting for the body, She has been missing nine days.
Excitement is at fever heat over the matter.

Mountain Echo Hyden, KY. Jan. 18.

The mystery of the disappearance of
Miss Polly Feltner
has been cleared up. She was found on the head of a creek
called Leatherwood in Perry county, forty miles from here.
She became angry at her parents because they refused to
send her to
Charlie Mutzenburg's writing school, and resolved
to leave home and friends, and on Saturday, January 2d she
left home going to the top of the mountain, where she had
previously prepared a suit of male attire, and in which she
clothed herself, then by following a torturous and unused
mountain path she avoided discovery until she had left the
immediate neighborhood. Stopping at a country store several
miles from home, she purchased a hat, pants and suspenders
and other things necessary to complete her masculine attire,
then going to the above named vicinity she found employment
under the name of
Ray Feltner. When found by the searching party
she was busily engaged in clearing ground and splitting rails. She
positively refused to return under any circumstances, preferring
to cast her lot among strangers and pass her days acting the man.
She is the daughter of
Louis Feltner, a well to do and highly respected
citizen of this county, and twenty one years of age, consequently
Mr. Feltner will not make any effort to get her to return, but let her
try the experiment of being a "farmer's boy."


Mill Creek Residents Jailed
Submitted by: Jackie Alto
[email protected]


Possee Carrying Out Edict of Judge To Arrest Clansmen
Attacks on Deputies Precipitate Drive in Kentucky Hills

Manchester, Ky., April 25-----Clay county fuedists, who a few
months ago were ready to shoot opposing clansmen on sight,
have joined with each other and with the civil athourities to
clean up MIll Creek, following the action of
Circuit Judge
Johnson who, yesterday, issued warrants
for the arrest of 200 residents of the mountain territory.
All persons Of Mill Creek territory over twelve years old will
be taken into custody, if possible, by a posse in the Judges
drive to stop lawlessness in the Kentucky mountains.
Posses are combing the hills and bringing in prisoners.

The trouble began Thursday when
John Taylor,
summoned as a witness in a land suit, was shot to death
from ambush. Five deputy sheriffs later that day were sent
into the neighborhood to serve warrants for persons
connected with the shooting and other crimes. They were
attacked by sixteen men in ambush. A deputy was shot from
his horse. Conspiracy among Mill Creek residents to thwart
the law has existed several months, officers say. Those in the
conspiracy have agreed to prevent the arrest of members by
force of arms, if necessary, to kill officers who might attempt to make arrests.



Men and Women Are Rounded Up in Mountain Region

Manchester, Kentucky, April 26-----With the county jail filled and the
home of
Jailer John Harris sheltering a large number of women prisoners, the
Mill Creek section of Clay county was quiet today. In compliance with
Circuit Judge Johnsons orders for the arrest of every person over twelve
years of age in Mill Creek territory, the jail house 135 men.
Many more are under instruction to appear before a grand jury to testify
regarding the murder of a witness and the wounding of a deputy sheriff.
Officers who visited the territory to make arrests made affidavits that
there is an organized band there to violate laws and if necessary, kill
anyone who attempted to break up lawlessness.


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