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What's New
Clay County KY

I have added this page to the site so we can track what is happening in Clay County. As I add new information to the site, it will be listed here. This is as much for me as it is for you. It helps me to track what I have completed and lets you know that your submission has been added. If you don't see something here that you have sent me after 30 days, please contact me. If there is no name in the submitted by column, it is a file done by me personally.  Nothing stays here over a year, and sometimes I delete it after six months. 

You might have to hit your refresh.

File Date Added Submitted By
Wright, Gladys obit added 21, July 2008 Connie Baker Newton
WW 2 info added for Clyde Campbell 21, May 2008 Dodie Campbell
Corrections to Joseph Clark Cemetery 09, Sep. 2007 Diane R. Wallace
Clay County, Ky. Narrows News Article 09, Sep. 2007 Jim Philpot
Philpots/Eli Bowling Feud (Newspaper Clipping 1899) 09, Sep. 2007 Jim Philpot
10 New Tombstones 07, Sep. 2007 Dawn Anderson
2 Johnson Obits 02, Sep. 2007 Shawn Byrd Johnson
Correction to South Saddler Cemetery 26, July 2007 Ella Gibson
James Wiley Hunter Pension Added (Civil War) 26, July 2007 [email protected]  
WW 2 info added for Frank Baker 26, July 2007 Connie Baker Newton
Sizemore obit added 18, May 2007 Phyllis Hefelfinger
6 New Middleton and Madden photos added 18, May 2007 Jim Middleton
Pleasant and Granville Philpot added to Civil War 17, May 2007 Jim Philpot
4 New Philpot Pics 17, May 2007 Jim Philpot
Robert Lee Price Photo 17, May 2007 Sue Rydberg Canavan
Wayne Gregory Obit 17, May 2007 Jim Philpot
New Book Listing 17, May 2007 Charles House


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