Marriages By GroomLetter R


Marriages By Groom
Letter R



Groom Bride

Marriage Date

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Ramey, Isaac Minian, Sarah 13 Jun 1812  
Ray, Mattison Bishop, Lucinda 13, Feb 1887  
Reader, George Ambrose, Polly 13 Sep 1822  
Reed, John Hollingsworth, Nancy 09 Mar 1818  
Reed, Randolph Holingsworth, Rody 05 Feb 1825  
Reed, Richard Collins, Kissy 06, Jan 1827  
Reed, Richard Hubbard, Polly 08 Mar 1823  
Reed, William Collins, Letitia? 29, March 1888  
Reed, William Collins, Nan 07, June 1906  
Reid, Henry Roberts, Isabella 24 Jan 1808  
Rice, David Sweeten, Nancy 09 Mar 1819  
Richardson, Redford Cobb, Betsy 12 Aug 1822  
Richy, Gabriel Falkner, Nancy 11 Sep 1815  
Riley, James Gibson, Delilah 23, May 1816 Petra Gibson 
Riley, John Johnston, Gene 08 May 1820  
Riley, John Williams, Elizabeth 19 Aug 1816  
Riley, William Smith, Susannah 08 May 1819  
Riley, Zachariah Gibson, May 22 Feb 1812  
Riley, Zachariah Gibson, May 06, March 1812 Petra Gibson 
Riley, Zachariah Sweeten, Sally 20, Oct 1822 Petra Gibson 
Roark, James Carter, Phoeby 15 Mar 1814  
Roberts, Faris Asher, Ory 08 May 1815  
Roberts, James Bowman, Ann 03 Oct 1825  
Roberts, Jesse Bowling, Rebecca 24 Nov 1822  
Roberts, Messenger Gibson, Malinda 13, Jan 1841 Petra Gibson 
Robins, David Robins, Sabra 08 Dec 1810  
Robinson, P.B. Collins, Martha 16, Jan 1902  
Rodgers, David Alcorn, Franky 19 Feb 1824  
Rodgers, Juliue? Acorn, Katty? 19 Aug 1823  
Rodgers, Robert Alcorn, Syntha 19 Feb 1824  
Rogers, Andy T. Gibson, Elizabeth 25, Feb 1869 Petra Gibson 
Rogers, Buttery Sandlin, Mary 15, Sept 1879  
Rogers, George Wild, Caty 07 Feb 1818  
Rogers, Julius Williford, Anny 23 Sep 1820  
Rose, Robert Moore, Esther 19 Nov 1816  
Ross, Garrard Collins, Fannie 14, Nov 1907  
Ross, Humphrey Skidmore, Ebby 04 Nov 1813  
Russell, Joshua Hicks, Sarah 03 Nov 1818  



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